OCP EU Regional Community Online Meetup - Edgecore Networks: Transforming the Way the World Connects

Hosted by 2CRSI & Edgecore Networks

July 11

Panelists Webinar

Lesya Dymyd, 2CRSI

Lukasz Lukoski, Edgecore

Steve Helvie, OCP


OCP Rack & Power / ACS / DCF Workshop - hosted by Flex

Milpitas, CA

July 10

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Topic Speaker Affiliation Slides
Welcome   Flex  
Overview of Rack & Power Project Status Caleb Lusk Rittal Slides
ACS: Immersion Project Status Rolf Brink Asperitas Slides
ACS: Cold Plate Project Status Jessica Gullbrand Intel Slides
ACS: Hx Door Status John Fernandes Facebook Slides
DCF Project Status Brevan Reyher Rackspace Slides
ORV3 Update Steve Mills Facebook Slides
ACS/DCF Harmonization ACS/DCF Leads   Slides
Flex Rack Presentation Mike Pollano Flex Slides
ACS Manifold Specification Discussion with DCF Input John Fernandes & Glenn Charest Facebook Slides
Cold Plate Requirements Document - with DCF Input Jessica Gullbrand Intel Slides
Future Focus on Roadmap with DCF input Jessica Gullbrand Intel Slides
Door Heat Exchanger Specification with DCF input John Fernandes Facebook Slides
Future focus on Hx Roadmap John Fernandes Facebook Slides
IT Gear Specification Requirements Document Rolf Brink Asperitas Slides


OCP Japan Meet-up Summer 2019 - hosted by NTT Communications

Tokyo, Japan

June 27

Topic Speaker Affiliation Slides Video
Opening and Welcome Ryutaro Fujita Net One Systems   Video
OCP Background and Projects  Michael Schill OCP Slides Video
Deep Dive on OCP Software Projects Rajeev Sharma OCP Slides Video
How OCP Solutions Quickly Deploy at Data Centers Alfred Chao MiTAC Slides  
Open-Disaggregated Network George Tchaparian Edgecore Networks Slides  
SONiC – Innovating the Cloud Network Xin Liu Microsoft Slides Video
OCP Introduction Guidebook Masato Kato, Eriko Toyozawa, Takahiro Minakawa, Thakur Sachin KDDI, NTT, Murata, ITOCHU Slides Video
About Development of “Nexcenter Lab” to create Open Innovation in Data Center Tomoki Morita, Kosuke Tsumura NTT   Video
Approach to DC server and OCP Tomikazu Ichinose NTT Slides Video
Journey of OCP Kazuhide Fujimi Yahoo! Japan Slides  
Lightning Talks   Marvell, Delta, MiTAC, CREDO Penguin Computing Slides Video

OCP China Day - hosted by Inspur

Beijing, PRC

June 25

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Roundtable Interviews:

Topic Speaker Affiliation Slides Video
Welcome & Introduction

Rhonda Liao

Steve Helvie

Inspur, OCP   Video
OCP Introduction

Bill Carter

Zaid Ali Kahn

Jiajun Zhang

OCP, LinkedIn, Baidu  

OCP Video

LinkedIn Video

Baidu Video

Keynote Delivered by Inspur & Intel

Wilson Guo

Mohan Kumar


Inspur, Intel

Inspur Slides

Intel Slides

Inspur Video

Intel Video

Keynote Delivered by Baidu Guangjun Xie Baidu Slides Video
Keynote Delivered by Microsoft

Lintao Zhang

Microsoft  Slides Video
Keynote Delivered by Tencent Kewen Cai Tencent  Slides Video
Collaboration Story on SONiC

Xin Liu, Yongfeng Liu

Microsoft, Alibaba


Microsoft Video

Alibaba Video

OCP Rack Architecture

Bill Carter, Zaid Ali Kahn, Jie Zhao, Steve Mills

OCP, LinkedIn, Baidu, Facebook 

Baidu Slides 

OCP Slides

LinkedIn Slides

Facebook Slides

OCP Video

Baidu Video

LinkedIn Video

Facebook Video


Collaboration Story on OAI

Whitney Zhao, Richard Ding, Song Kok Hang

Facebook, Baidu, Intel Slides

Facebook Video

Baidu Video

OCP Open Edge Initiative

Tomi Männikkö, Gary Chen, Huabin Tang, William Chen

Nokia, Baidu, China Mobile, Inspur

Nokia Slides

Baidu Slides

China Mobile Slides

Inspur Slides

Nokia Video

Baidu Video

China Mobile Video

Inspur Video

OCP SW Projects Update Rajeev Sharma, Edmund Song, Wilson Guo OCP, Intel, Inspur

OCP Slides

Intel Slides

Inspur Slides

OCP Video

Intel Video

Inspur Video

OCP EU 2CRSi Online Meetup: The Rittal Experience

Hosted by 2CRSI & Rittal

June 17


Panelists Webinar

Lesya Dymyd, 2CRSI

Resul Antinkilic, Rittal

Steve Helvie, OCP


OCP Tech Day India - hosted by Flipkart

Bengaluru, India

June 15

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Topic Speaker Affiliation Slides Video
Overview of the OCP Projects and How to Get Involved Archna Haylock,  Steve Helvie OCP

Slides pt.1

Slides pt.2

Video pt.1

Video pt.2

OCP Software Rajeev Sharma, OCP Slides Video
Open Networking and OCP NIC 3.0 Gopan Vijayan Nair Mellanox Slides Video
Open Composable Architechure & OpenFlex™ Sridhar Sabesan Western Digital Slides Video
Taking OCP to the Next Level - Workload Optimization Krishna Paul Intel Slides Video
Compute & Storage Solutions for OCP Alfred Chao MiTAC Slides Video
Open Networking in OCP Palash Bose Sterlite Slides Video
Flipkart's Infrastructure Journey Jain Jonny, Giridhar Yasa, Raghdip Singh Panesar Flipkart Slides

Video pt.1

Video pt.2

Video pt.3


OCP ODSA Project Workshop - hosted by Intel

Santa Clara, CA

June 10

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Click here to see the video from this event.

Topic Speaker Affiliation Slides
Welcome/Logistics Bapi Vinnakota/Amish Mishra Netronome/Intel Slides
Intel Welcome Ahmad Zaidi Intel Slides
The Path to a Chiplet Ecosystem Ramune Nagisetti and Ravi Mahajan Intel Slides
Virtual Chiplet Platform Animish Mishra/Robbie Adler Intel Slides
ODSA Technical Intro Bapi Vinnakota Netronome Slides
PHY Review/BoM Interface Update Ramin Farjadrad/Mark Kuemerle Aquantia/Avera Semi Slides
AIB/Link Layer/Call to Action David Kehlet Intel Slides
Advanced Packaging for Chiplets Surya Bhattacharya IME Singapore Slides
Chiplet Design Experience Panel Intel/AMD/Cisco/eSilicon/Xilinx Slides
CDX - Chiplet Design Exchange Jawad Nasrullah/Alex zGlue/Ayar Labs Slides
Chiplet Microassembly Printer & Microsprings Eugene Chow Xerox PARC Slides
POC Update JP/Quinn/Manish/Jawad/Mark Cisco/Achronix/Samtec/zGlue Slides
Chiplet Workflow Experience Panel NXP/Avera Semi/Ayar Labs/Facebook/ Granite RIver Labs/Kandou Slides

OCP Taiwan Day @ Computex 2019

Taipei, Taiwan

May 30

Opening and Welcome

Archna Haylock, OCP Community Director & Emily Hong, Wiwynn & OCP-T Lead

Slides Video

OCP Overview & Deep Dive on OCP OAM, OSF, RMC and Open Edge projects

Rajeev Sharma, OCP Director of Software & Technologies

Slides Video

AI Edge Computing

Dr. Tzi-cker Chiueh,


CIAT Secretary General

Slides Video

Open Source Innovation to Enable Intelligent Cloud

Danny Ting, CTO of Microsoft Taiwan

Slides Video

OCP Adoption in Datacenter, Legacy Facility, and Telco

Hancock Chang, MiTAC OCP Technical and System Lead

Slides Video

Building a Smarter Greener Data Center in the IoT Era

Richard Chan, Delta Technical Director

Slides Video

Enabling Telco Edge Cloud with Open Source Software and Disaggregated Hardware

Dr. Charles Chan, ONF Member of Technical Staff

Slides Video

Community Involvement and Cross Pollination in Open Networking

George Tchaparian, Edgecore President and CEO

Slides Video

Cloud Innovations

Murugasamy Nachimuthu, Intel Senior Principal Engineer

Slides Video

IT Gears for Modern Data Center Efficiency

Dr. Sunlai Chang,

Senior VP and CTO of Wiwynn

Slides Video

What's OCP Impact in Yahoo! JAPAN's Infrastructure?

Kazuhide Fujimi, Yahoo! Japan Server Infrastructure & Commodity Architect

Slides Video
Closing Remarks & Giveaways

Archna Haylock, OCP Community Director.

George Tchaparian, Edgecore & OCP-T Co-Lead.

Alfred Chao, MiTAC & OCP-T Co-Lead.


Big5G Open Source Workshop, hosted by OCP/LF/ONF - “Transforming 5G networks through open source and disaggregation”

Denver, CO

May 6

Click here to view the video recording of the AM sessions, which include:

"Intro/Welcome" Workshop MC: Tom Anschutz, AT&T  
"OCP openEDGE Enclosure" Mike Moore, Nokia Slides
"Mobile Core - OMEC, presented by Sprint and Intel" Christian Maciocco, Intel Slides
"The Open Source Provider Edge, presented by Bell Canada" Troy Saulnier, Bell Canada  

Click here to view the video recording of the PM sessions, which include:

"OpenEdge for servers, switches, and access devices - both wireless and wireline. What does convergence look like in a SDN/NFV/Cloud ecosystem?" Tom Anschutz, AT&T Slides
"The Virtual Central Office, A Cross-Project Open Source Approach" Heather Kirksey, The Linux Foundation Slides
"ORAN - How Open Source Software and Standards Will Transform Radio Access" Phil Robb, Linux Foundation Slides
"Mobile Backhaul - SEBA" Saurav Das, ONF Slides
"Converged Mobile/Broadband Access & Core (COMAC)" Oguz Sunay, ONF Slides
"Open dialogue and Q&A, a 5G Town Hall" Roz Roseboro, Principal Analyst, Heavy Reading  
"Workshop Wrap-Up" Tom Anschutz, AT&T  


OCP ODSA Project Workshop - hosted by Samsung

San Jose, CA

March 28

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Topic Speaker Affiliation Slides
Welcome/Logistics Bapi Vinnakota/Jim Finnegan Netronome Slides
Welcome/Samsung Overview Craig Orr Samsung Slides
Accelerators Whitney Zhao Facebook Slides
ODSA technical introduction Bapi Vinnakota Netronome Slides
PHY Layer Review Greg Taylor zGlue Slides
BoW: Basic, Fast, Turbo Die-to-Die Open Interface Solutions Mark Kuemerle/Ramin Farjad Avera Semi/Aquantia Slides
Power distribution Ali Husain ON Semiconductor Slides
PIPE Adapter Brian Holden Kandou Slides
Design tools for muti-chip Jawad Nasrullah zGlue Slides
Speedster221 FPGA for POC Quinn Jacobson Achronix Slides
Firefly DirectConnect Options for ODSA Proof of Concept Marc, Sam, Quinn, Bapi   Slides
Design Tools for Chiplet-Based Design Jawad Nasrullah zGlue Slides
Business models Sam Fuller/Jeff McGuire/Jim Finnegan NXP/Kandou/Netronome Slides
Working w/ OCP, PoC JDA, Closing Archna Haylock, Bill Carter OCP Slides


OCP SONiC/SAI Pre-Summit Workshop and Hackathon - hosted by LinkedIn

Sunnyvale, CA

March 12


Engineering Workshop
Topic Speaker Affiliation Slides
Opening and Welcome Sadaf Fardeen LinkedIn Slides
Keynote Zaid Kahn LinkedIn Slides
SONiC OS Virtualization and Data Plane Emulation Work Yongfeng Liu Alibaba Slides
SONiC in Microsoft Azure: Enabling Mission Critical Applications Alberto Gonzalez Prieto and Weixi Chen Microsoft Slides
SONIC Extension Infrastructure Matty Kadosh Mellanox Slides
Using programmable dataplanes to transform network system high availability Kumaresh Perumal Barefoot Networks Slides
Developer`s Overview of Sonic Praveen Chaudhary LinkedIn Slides
Opportunities and Obstacles for Open Source Networking Alley Hasan and Sandeep Madhavan Dell Slides
Cloud-grade Routing as a Micro service for Open Networking Platforms Vinay Nallamothu Juniper Networks Slides
SONiC unit test and function test enhancement Larry Ho Edgecore Slides



Team Members Slides
Virtual Switch
  • Guohan Lu
  • Shuotian Cheng
  • Padmanabhan Narayanan
  • Harish Venkatraman
  • Joe LeVeque
  • Mohit Jain
SONiC Workshop Cape-Tain Johan Slides
Weekend Warrior
  • Kannan KVS
  • Senthil Kumar
  • Ganesan Sudharsan
  • Gopalarathnam Sandeep Madhavan
Soniers - Config Validation
  • Xianglong Qin
  • Vasudev Rajan
  • Jayganesh Murugan
  • Sudhakara
SONiC Robustness Monitor(RM)
  • Ashwini Udupa
  • Wilson Lo
  • Saritha Y.
  • Vishal S.
  • Phil L.
  • Chida P
  • Wataru Ishida (NTT)
  • Qi Luo (Microsoft)
  • Zhenggen Xu (LinkedIn)
  • Ze Gan (Microsoft)



OCP openEDGE Workshop - hosted by Nokia

Mountain View, CA

February 11

Click here to view the recording for this workshop.

Welcome & Introductions
Overview of openEDGE
Review of openEDGE Chassis Specification & Working Lunch (provided by Intel)
Review of openEDGE Server Design
Closing and Next Steps


OCP Storage Workshop - hosted by Seagate

Fremont, CA

January 24

Click here to view the recording for this workshop.

Title Presenter  
HDD Connector considerations for PCIe/NVMe  (Seagate) Seagate Slides
Ethernet & RDMA tape drive connectivity Spectra Logic Slides
Goose Lake Inspur Slides
Fast Fail Read Cloud HDD Subgroup Slides
Fast Fail Read - T10 updates Western Digital Slides
Tape Health Monitoring IBM Slides
High Performance HDDs Seagate Slides

OCP Technology Day - hosted by Tencent Cloud

Schenzen, PRC

January 15

Click here to view pictures from this event

Title Presenter Slides Video
OCP Intro Archna Haylock, OCP Community Director Slides Video
OCP Marketplace Steve Helvie, OCP VP of Channel Slides Video
OCP Project Update Bill Carter Slides Video
OCP SW Projects Rajeev Sharma, OCP Director of Software and Technologies Slides Video
Powering the Open Data Center Revolution Chris Chang - Inspur Slides Video
Tencent DCOS Xios Ying Yang Slides Video
Tencent Open DCN Networking Andrew Qu Slides Video
Edgecore Open Revolution from Web Operator to Telco Youngcor Shueh Slides Video
Tencent DWDM Optical System Ming Gang Chen Slides Video
Microsoft SONiC and Open Network Emulator (ONE) Wei Bai Slides Video
Tencent  NorthBound IDC API - Terry Yan Terry Yan Slides Video
Tencent TMDC and TBlock -  Enso Li Enso Li Slides Video
OpenStack Overview - Horace Li Horace Li Slides Video
Tencent TFlex 2.0 Platform - Kewen Cai Kewen Cai Slides Video


OCP Taiwan Workshop


November 13

Click here to view the slides and pictures from this workshop

OCP Storage and Archival Workshop

Milpitas, CA

October 29

Click here to view the recording of this workshop.
Click here to access the slides.

OCP Telco Workshop - hosted by AT&T

Dallas, TX

October 29

Click here to view the recording for this workshop.

OCP Tech Day hosted by Inpur

Mountain View, CA

October 26

Click here to view the agenda and all presentations from this event.

2018 OCP Regional Summit

Amsterdam, Netherlands

October 1

To view the slides and recordings for all 2019 OCP Regional Summit presentations, click here

OCP Networking Workshop - hosted by Flex

Milpitas, CA

August 30

Introduction to OCP - Archna Haylock (OCP), Community Director - video

Introduction to Networking Workshop & Status of Current Project Workstreams - OCP Project Co-Leads: Omar Baldonado (Facebook) & Scott Emery (Cumulus) - video, slides

ONIE Overview - Curt Brune (Cumulus) - video, slides

ONL Overview - Jeff Townsend (Big Switch Networks) - video

SAI/SONiC Overview - Xin Liu (Microsoft) - video, slides

CBW Overview - Omar Baldonado (Facebook) - video

Breakout Track - SAI PTF Test - video, slides

Breakout SONiC Platform - video , slides

SONiC and Programmable ASICs - video

SONiC Software Architecture - video, slides

SONiC Networking Telemetry - video, slides

2018 OCP Rack & Power Workshop

Delta HQ - Fremont, CA

July 24

OCP Introduction - Bill Carter (CTO) & Archna Haylock (Community Director) - video , slides 

Rack & Power Project Update - Steve Mills (Facebook, OCP R&P Project Lead) - video , slides (start on slide 20)

Preferred Rack Level Power SKUS for Open Rack - Alex Lin (Penguin) - video , slides (start on slide 33)

A Word from Our Sponsor, Delta - video 

Power Shelf Interoperability Specification Update - Harry Soin (Artesyn) - video

ABB Power Shelf Contribution Update - Paul Smith (ABB) - video , slides (start on slide 43)

Schneider V2 Rack Contribution - Rob Bunger (Schneider Electric) - video , slides (start on slide 51)

Advanced Cooling Sub-Project Roadmap Discussion - Bill Carter & Steve Mills - video , slides (start on slide 58)


OCP Telecom Workshop at BCE

Austin, TX

May 14


OCP 101 - Video
OCP Community Director - Archna Haylock

CORD Overview - Video
ONF - Tim Sloan

AT&T Open Fiber Distribution Hub - Video, Slides
AT&T - Earl Pope

XGS PON FPGA Design - Video, Slides
AT&T - Sumithra Bhojan

G.fast DPU Design - Video
AT&T - Sumithra Bhojan

Open OSP Cell Site Gateway Router - Video, Slides
AT&T - Tuan Dong

Rack and Open Operations - Video
ADLink - Jeff Sharpe

Data Centre Forum 2018

Helsinki, Finland

April 26

Open Innovation: The Road to Success
Swedish Modules - Roberto Soderhall, Business Development Officer
-Open Compute Model for an Open Compute Module
Click here for the recording.

A Novel Way of Looking at Waste
OCP Foundation - John Laban, European Representative
-Datacenter Waste - How Hyperscale Open Compute Technologies are Reducing Waste in Enterprise Datacenters
Click here for the recording.

Cumulus Webinar


April 10

The Open Compute Project: driving innovation in and around the data center
Click here for the recording.

2018 OCP U.S. Summit

San Jose, CA

March 20

Click here to access the slides & videos for all sessions.


OCP Webinar: Getting the Most from Your OCP Marketing Investment


December 13

As a member of OCP your company has access to marketing and PR resources which can help drive awareness and demand for your OCP solutions. In this session we will cover:

  1. Overview of OCP marketing & PR resources available to members
  2. How to get the most out of the OCP brand and logo's
  3. Social Media and Website Analytics (Marketplace)
  4. 2018 Summit Update
  5. Marketing Calendar for 2018

Presented by Archna Haylock, Dirk Van Slyke, Kali Burdette & Steve Helvie

Click here to view the webinar recording.

Wiwynn TechDay 2017

Palo Alto, California

December 1

Coming Soon!

Live Webinar: Paving the Way for an Open Approach to the Cloud Data Center


November 29

In this one-hour webinar, learn how Nokia utilizes and supports the OCP community-driven design, and how your organization can benefit from high-performing, efficient, secure, automated and scalable datacenters and the most efficient hardware foundations of the cloud.

OCP's Chief Technology Officer, Bill Carter, was a presenter. Click here to view a recording of the webinar.

SC17 (SuperComputing)

Denver, Colorado

November 12

Click here to view a video of Bill Carter introducing the Inspur San Jose Motherboard.

TIP Summit 2017

Santa Clara, California

November 9

Videos Coming Soon!

Engineering Workshop (Datacenter Project)

London, UK

November 8


Engineering Workshop (Datacenter, Hardware Management, Rack & Power, Server, Storage & Telco Projects)

Dallas, TX

September 27


Engineering Workshop (Networking Project)

Mountain View, CA

August 29

Engineering Workshop (Networking Project)

San Jose, CA

March 9



Engineering Workshop

Durham, NH

August 10


Engineering Workshop

San Jose, CA

June 2


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