2018 OCP Regional Summit

Amsterdam, Netherlands

October 1



(see below)

Welcome Address Mark Roenigk Video Slides
Introduction John Laban Video Slides
Keynote presented by Microsoft Marc Tremblay Video Slides
Distributed Compute - Presented by Facebook Hans-Juergen  Schmidtke Video Slides
Summit Highlights Bill Carter Video Slides
OCP/OPNFV Running a Central Office on OCP Gear Heather Kirksey; Attilla de Groot; Rajeev Sharma Video Slides
Introduction of 2019 OCP Global Summit Bill Carter; Steve Helvie Video Slides
Closing Remarks Steve Helvie Video Slides
Learning from Hyperscale To Help You Get Started in Open Source - presented by Facebook Aaron Sullivan Video Slides
Panel Discussion of Facebook’s ‘Learning from Hyperscale To Help You Get Started in Open Source’ Presentation Scott Constable; Aaron Sullivan; Lasse Jensen; Ami Badani, Mariano Cunietti
Moderator:  Liz Cruz
Building OCP Server Solutions with Project Olympus Building Blocks - presented by ZT Systems Raymond Miles Video Slides
Differentiated Data Center Servers using Reconfigurable Logic - presented by Microsoft Derek Chiou Video Slides
Powering The Next Generation Open Data Center Revolution – New OCP Standard AI & Storage Computing Platform At A Glance - presented by Inpur John Hu Video Slides
Next Generation Storage Solution Using NVMeoF & NF1 Form Factor SSDs - presented by Samsung Kristian Vättö Video Slides
HPE Cloudline Autonomous Driving Solutions - presented by HPE Kara Long Video Slides
Wiwynn Achievements in OCP - presented by Wiwynn Min Chao Video Slides
OCP Primer Archna Haylock Video Slides
OCP Next Gen Revamped Website Rajeev Sharma Video Slides
OCP Use Case: Path to Adoption Juliano Martinez Video Slides
OCP Use Case: Oceinde Nerim with Celeris Etienne Dupin de Saint Cyr Video Slides
OCP Use Case: KPN Experiences First OCP Deployment Michel Geensen Video Slides
OCP Use Case: How OCP Helps ING Bank Slaski to Reduce TCO and Improve User Experience Jaroslaw Sobel; Mikołaj Kujawa Video Slides
A Study of Energy Efficiency in European Data Centers Liz Cruz; Richard Petrie Video Slides
OCP Solution Provider and Supply Chain Overview Steve Helvie Video Slides
RISE and Open Source Monitoring of Legacy OCP Systems funded by H2020 Jon Summers; Tor Minde Video Slides
Energy Efficiency and EU Policy affecting Data Centres Rabih Bashroush; Davide Polverini; Svetoslav Mihaylov Video Slides
SONiC: Software for Open Networking in the Cloud Lihua Yuan Video Slides
OCP Networking Use- Cases Attilla de Groot Video Slides
Things We Can Learn from Simulating DC Networks Ariel Hendel; Mark Griswold Video Slides
Disaggregation at an Internet Exchange Richard Petrie Video Slides
Journey to the West: Integrating Cisco IOS-XR with OCP Technologies Akshat Sharma Video Slides
Open-only Data Center Network Alex Saroyan Video Slides
Modular Architecture – Enabled by Flyover Twin-Ax Jignesh Shah Video Slides
Project Cerberus Hardware Security Bryan Kelly; Yigal Edery Video Slides
Open Rack Specification 2.1 Update Steve Mills Video Slides
Standardisation of the Rack to Busbar Interface Resul Altinkilic; Steven Moore Video Slides
Dynamic Behavior and Current Sharing Challenges in Multi Vendor Interop Harry Soin Video Slides
Efficiency Analysis of Open Hardware Rack Power Architectures Liang Zhang Video Slides
Unified Network Fabric for Open Rack Vertical Expansion Dr. Michael Manansala Video Slides
AirFrame Transport Optimized 36OU ORv2 Rack Variant Samuli Toivola Video Slides
Face to Face with Octave Klaba Octave Klaba Video Slides
Advanced Cooling Solutions Working Session Steve Mills; Archna Haylock; Caleb Lusk Video  
EuroEXA: OCP Inspired HPC in the EU Peter Hopton Video Slides
Immersed Computing®, Optimizing Server Design for Liquid Rolf Brink Video Slides
Project Discussion: Enabling Liquid Cooling in OpenRack Steve Mills Video Slides
Adoption of OCP Solutions in Yahoo! JAPAN's Infrastructure Kazuhide Fujimi Video Slides
AirFrame Open Rack Server with Integrated HW Acceleration Samuli Toivola Video Slides
Facebook Latest Server/ML Hardware Overview Whitney Zhao Video Slides
OCP NIC 3.0 Collaboration - An Open Hardware Development Story Joshua Held Video Slides
How to Design an ORv2 OCP Based Rack-Scale Solution Menno Kortekaas Video Slides
Achieving Deterministic IO with Lightning JBOF Wei Zhang; Alexei Naberezhnov Video Slides
Bryce Canyon - Facebook's Flexible Hard Drive Storage Architecture Austin Cousineau Video Slides
Telco Project Overview Craig White, Sumithra Bhojan Video Slides
The Open GPON OLT: A Contribution of Deutsche Telekom to the Open Compute Project Paul Wagner Video Slides
Telco Aggregation Routers - Edgecore OCP Contributions Jeff Catlin Video Slides
Edge Data Center Solution: The Need and the Promise Antti Romppanen Video Slides
Open Edge Ecosystem Development Mika Hatanpää Video Slides
Edge Server and Chassis Tomi Männikkö Video Slides
An Open Approach: Virtualizing the CO for Mobile Services Heather Kirksey Video Slides
Cell Site Gateway Router Janet Peng Video Slides
Open MDC 1.0: Modular Dara Center Optimized for OCP Hardware Roberto Söderhäll Video Slides
Four Principles to Realize the Benefits of OCP for the Data Centre Facility Stijn de Kruijf Video Slides
Analysis of Data Center Electrical Architectures Supporting Open Compute Project Robert Bunger Video Slides
Data Center Server Agnostic Power Management Bryan Kelly Video Slides
OCP Ready Colocation Facility Pilot Program Mark Dansie; Brevan Reyher; Gerard Thibault Video Slides
#TheNaturalChoice - presented by Green Mountain Tor Kristian Gyland Video Slides
OCP Profiles for Platform Hardware Management John Leung Video Slides
OpenBMC Status Update James Mihm; Sai Dasari Video Slides
OCP/ Open System Firmware (OSF) Intro and Progress Update Devender Goud Video Slides
UEFI Implementation Intel® Xeon Based OCP Platform Sarathy Jayakumar Video Slides
Turning Linux Engineers into Firmware Engineers David Hendricks; Andrea Barberio Video Slides
Linuxboot Continuous Integration Jean-Marie Verdun; Guillaume Giamarchi Video Slides
Linuxboot: Linux as Firmware Chris Koch Video Slides

OCP Networking Workshop - hosted by Flex

Milpitas, CA

August 30

Introduction to OCP - Archna Haylock (OCP), Community Director - video

Introduction to Networking Workshop & Status of Current Project Workstreams - OCP Project Co-Leads: Omar Baldonado (Facebook) & Scott Emery (Cumulus) - video, slides

ONIE Overview - Curt Brune (Cumulus) - video, slides

ONL Overview - Jeff Townsend (Big Switch Networks) - video

SAI/SONiC Overview - Xin Liu (Microsoft) - video, slides

CBW Overview - Omar Baldonado (Facebook) - video

Breakout Track - SAI PTF Test - video, slides

Breakout SONiC Platform - video , slides

SONiC and Programmable ASICs - video

SONiC Software Architecture - video, slides

SONiC Networking Telemetry - video, slides

2018 OCP Rack & Power Workshop

Delta HQ - Fremont, CA

July 24

OCP Introduction - Bill Carter (CTO) & Archna Haylock (Community Director) - video , slides 

Rack & Power Project Update - Steve Mills (Facebook, OCP R&P Project Lead) - video , slides (start on slide 20)

Preferred Rack Level Power SKUS for Open Rack - Alex Lin (Penguin) - video , slides (start on slide 33)

A Word from Our Sponsor, Delta - video 

Power Shelf Interoperability Specification Update - Harry Soin (Artesyn) - video

ABB Power Shelf Contribution Update - Paul Smith (ABB) - video , slides (start on slide 43)

Schneider V2 Rack Contribution - Rob Bunger (Schneider Electric) - video , slides (start on slide 51)

Advanced Cooling Sub-Project Roadmap Discussion - Bill Carter & Steve Mills - video , slides (start on slide 58)


OCP Telecom Workshop at BCE

Austin, TX

May 14


OCP 101 - Video
OCP Community Director - Archna Haylock

CORD Overview - Video
ONF - Tim Sloan

AT&T Open Fiber Distribution Hub - Video, Slides
AT&T - Earl Pope

XGS PON FPGA Design - Video, Slides
AT&T - Sumithra Bhojan

G.fast DPU Design - Video
AT&T - Sumithra Bhojan

Open OSP Cell Site Gateway Router - Video, Slides
AT&T - Tuan Dong

Rack and Open Operations - Video
ADLink - Jeff Sharpe

Data Centre Forum 2018

Helsinki, Finland

April 26

Open Innovation: The Road to Success
Swedish Modules - Roberto Soderhall, Business Development Officer
-Open Compute Model for an Open Compute Module
Click here for the recording.

A Novel Way of Looking at Waste
OCP Foundation - John Laban, European Representative
-Datacenter Waste - How Hyperscale Open Compute Technologies are Reducing Waste in Enterprise Datacenters
Click here for the recording.

Cumulus Webinar


April 10

The Open Compute Project: driving innovation in and around the data center
Click here for the recording.

2018 OCP U.S. Summit

San Jose, CA

March 20

Click here to access the slides & videos for all sessions.


OCP Webinar: Getting the Most from Your OCP Marketing Investment


December 13

As a member of OCP your company has access to marketing and PR resources which can help drive awareness and demand for your OCP solutions. In this session we will cover:

  1. Overview of OCP marketing & PR resources available to members
  2. How to get the most out of the OCP brand and logo's
  3. Social Media and Website Analytics (Marketplace)
  4. 2018 Summit Update
  5. Marketing Calendar for 2018

Presented by Archna Haylock, Dirk Van Slyke, Kali Burdette & Steve Helvie

Click here to view the webinar recording.

Wiwynn TechDay 2017

Palo Alto, California

December 1

Coming Soon!

Live Webinar: Paving the Way for an Open Approach to the Cloud Data Center


November 29

In this one-hour webinar, learn how Nokia utilizes and supports the OCP community-driven design, and how your organization can benefit from high-performing, efficient, secure, automated and scalable datacenters and the most efficient hardware foundations of the cloud.

OCP's Chief Technology Officer, Bill Carter, was a presenter. Click here to view a recording of the webinar.

SC17 (SuperComputing)

Denver, Colorado

November 12

Click here to view a video of Bill Carter introducing the Inspur San Jose Motherboard.

TIP Summit 2017

Santa Clara, California

November 9

Videos Coming Soon!

Engineering Workshop (Datacenter Project)

London, UK

November 8


Engineering Workshop (Datacenter, Hardware Management, Rack & Power, Server, Storage & Telco Projects)

Dallas, TX

September 27


Engineering Workshop (Networking Project)

Mountain View, CA

August 29

Engineering Workshop (Networking Project)

San Jose, CA

March 9



Engineering Workshop

Durham, NH

August 10


Engineering Workshop

San Jose, CA

June 2


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