2023 SmartNICs SUMMIT


Smarter NICs Make Better Networks


Engineers and managers who are looking for ways to help meet performance challenges, handle the explosion in big data, provide the modularity and scalability today’s systems require, and develop solutions based on the latest software and interfaces. Designers of enterprise networks, telecom systems, high-performance computing, financial systems, IoT, and mil/aero applications all know that SmartNICs will play a big role in their future.


SmartNICs add intelligence and programmability to interface cards. Their use cases include handling network overhead, performing common tasks such as compression, deduplication, encryption/decryption, load balancing, or media processing, speeding up VMs and containers, virtualizing and sharing flash storage, stopping security threats, accelerating hyperconverged infrastructure, and enabling software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV).

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