Project Leads
Maciej Mis, Han Wang


Mailing Lists

The OpenRMC-DM Sub-Project is under the direction of the OCP Hardware Management Project Group. Please reach out to the Sub-project lead if you would like to get involved.


The OpenRMC-DM Sub-project creates designs and specifications to enable interoperable manageability for Open Compute rack managers. Deliverables from this project will include:

  • Specification for the interface exposed by the rack manager to the rest of the datacenter
  • Requirements on the interface between the rack manager and the on-platform components
  • An open-source implementation of the rack manager controller software 


The OpenRMC shall specify manageability capability of the rack management controller (RMC). The sub-project’s activities include:

  • Specifying the northbound interface for the RMC
  • Specifying the southbound interface requirements for the RMC
  • Overseeing the OCP’s Rack-Manager source repository

Device Manager - Incubation provides a unified method to:

  • Identify and Query devices for Asset Management
  • Monitor early warning signs to help with Fault Isolation, and take Preventive Actions
  • Manage SW and FW   

This enables the entire network of connected devices (including networking, storage, and server) to be monitored and managed remotely, thus, ensuring their High Availability.

Regular Project Calls

This sub-project meets twice a month of the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 8:00 am PT (12:00 pm ET).

Call Calendar

These meeting  are recorded via audio and video. By participating you consent that these recordings may be made publicly available. Any presentation materials, proposals and meeting minutes are published on th respective project's wiki page and are open to the public in accordance to OCP's Bylaws and IP Policy. This can be found at If you have any questions please contact OCP. 

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