OCP Tech Talk Series: Foundation Overview

OCP just celebrated its 10yr anniversary last year and we are excited to share what is new and what we have been working on since our last Global Summit. We have added new Foundation Members, new Board Members, new Projects/Workstreams, new Strategic Initiatives, new contributions, new products, new partnerships, new processes, new events, and new members!!! Learn about ALL OCP activities from our leadership and our community.

Presenters (Company) Title Slides
Archna Haylock (CCO @OCP) Welcome Slides
George Tchaparian (CEO @OCP) First Look Slides
Rebecca Weekly (Board Chair @OCP) OCP 2.0 Update Slides
Dharmesh Jani (Meta), Jessica Gullbrand (Intel) Strategic Initiatives Slides
Bill Carter (CTO @OCP) Technical Outlook Slides
Steve Helvie (VP Channel @OCP) Marketplace Update Slides