OCP Tech Talk Series: Open System Firmware (OSF)

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Presenter (Company) Title Slides
Ryan O'leary (Google)
Anjaneya “Reddy” Chagam (Intel)
Open System Firmware status and plans for this year Slides
Ron Minnich (Google) OSF CSP requirements Slides

Jonathan Zhang (Meta),  Johnny Lin (Wiwynn), Tim Chu (Quanta), Arthur Heymans (9E), Marc Jones (SysPro)

OSF for Intel Xeon-SP OCP Servers Reaching New Heights Slides
Daocheng "Amos" Bu (Intel) Enabling Xeon runtime RAS capability for Open System Firmware (coreboot) using FSP-SMM Slides
Kelly Bryant (AMI),
Brian Mullen (AMI)
Building SBoM for System Firmware Slides
Bryan Cantrill (Oxide) Towards Holistic Systems Slides
Jean-Marie Verdun (HPE)
Arun Koshy (HPE)
OSF-CI Contest status update Slides
Jeff Booher-Kaeding (ARM) Update on SystemReady LS, Linuxboot on Arm Slides
Ryan O'leary (Google)
Anjaneya “Reddy” Chagam (Intel)