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Kaoru Yamaguchi

OCP Projects are discussed as applicable across this region. These regional meetings will occur in correlation to local Japanese time zones, in the Japanese language and will modify requirements as suitable.

What is the Open Compute Project? (Japanese Version)


2023 OCP Japan Community Meetup

Overview of the event

DATE AND TIME Friday, June 23, 2023 13:00-16:10
VENUE ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation Kamiyacho Office 16F Park
CAPACITY 100 people
ORGANIZER Open Compute Project Japan (OCPJ)


Agenda and materials


Opening remarks (video) OCPJ Deputy Chair Toshiharu Koizumi
OCP Initiatives and Latest Trends (Video)


We will introduce the latest trends in OCP initiatives such as water cooling / liquid immersion cooling and ORv3 solution.

CTC Takaaki Niijima
Information about OCPJ activities (video)
OCPJ Chair Ryutaro Fujita
Data Center Market Outlook and IIJ Initiatives


We will introduce IIJ's efforts as a data center operator in a rapidly changing market environment, such as the construction rush of hyperscale data centers, the spread of 5G, AI, IoT and edge computing, and social demands for decarbonization.

Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
Cloud Headquarters Technology Development Office


Director Mari Kimura

DC Server & DC Microgrid (Video)


We will introduce a DC Server with a 19-inch rack, and introduce the DC Micro Grid concept that connects renewable energy, storage batteries, EV chargers, etc. with high efficiency as direct current.

DC Power Vil.


Fumio Mura, President and Representative Director

Large immersion data center verification report (video) materials


We will introduce the implementation details and verification results of the "immersion data center PoC" that utilizes liquid immersion cooling technology that has achieved a PUE of 1.05 and a 94% reduction in cooling equipment power consumption.
We will also talk about how we tackled the challenges in commercializing liquid immersion cooling technology, which we found during the verification process.

KDDI Core Staff


Koki Tanioka

Data center energy management solution (video) materials focused on by OT (Operational Technology) network companies
Moxa Japan LLC


Product Marketing Department

General Manager Norikazu Nagasawa

Lightning Talk 5 companies x 5 minutes


OCP Japan 2020 Community Update Webinar

December 2, 2020 - Virtual

This webinar provided the OCP Japan Community an opportunity to connect virtually and engage with other members. OCP Japan Community leads and members shared the latest local information and use cases. We will also highlight the most important announcements and project updates from the recent Worldwide OCP TECH WEEK.

View the Webinar

OCP Japan Meet-up Summer 2019 - hosted by NTT Communications

June 26, 2019 - Tokyo, Japan

Topic Speaker Affiliation Slides Video
Opening and Welcome Ryutaro Fujita Net One Systems   Video
OCP Background and Projects  Michael Schill OCP Slides Video
Deep Dive on OCP Software Projects Rajeev Sharma OCP Slides Video
How OCP Solutions Quickly Deploy at Data Centers Alfred Chao MiTAC Slides  
Open-Disaggregated Network George Tchaparian Edgecore Networks Slides  
SONiC – Innovating the Cloud Network Xin Liu Microsoft Slides Video
OCP Introduction Guidebook Masato Kato, Eriko Toyozawa, Takahiro Minakawa, Thakur Sachin KDDI, NTT, Murata, ITOCHU Slides Video
About Development of “Nexcenter Lab” to create Open Innovation in Data Center Tomoki Morita, Kosuke Tsumura NTT   Video
Approach to DC server and OCP Tomikazu Ichinose NTT Slides Video
Journey of OCP Kazuhide Fujimi Yahoo! Japan Slides  
Lightning Talks   Marvell, Delta, MiTAC, CREDO Penguin Computing Slides Video

OCP OCP Japan Community Calendar

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As long as the scope of these projects stays in line with the OCP Tenets and Respective Project Charters, these regions have a lot of flexibility to collaborate on OCP requirements and provide unique solutions to local adopters