Project Leads
Don Mitchell, Sean Sivapalan

Designed to address the increasing demand for data center cooling innovations, the scope of the Cooling Environments charter is to consolidate five existing Advanced Cooling Solutions (ACS) and Advanced Cooling Facilities (ACF) Sub-Projects — ACS Immersion, ACS Cold Plate, ACS Door Heat Exchanger and Advanced Cooling Facilities and Heat Re-use. The motivation for the formation of this project stems from the increased need for synergies between data center facilities (DCF), ACS and ACF activities within OCP. 

High performance computing has used liquid cooling for many years.  These solutions have proven to be cost effective and efficient at heat extraction.  With the growth of 5G, IoT, VR, CDN, and latency sensitive applications, data centers are being constructed in regions of the globe where cooling becomes quite a challenge.  Increased power density also introduces cooling challenges.  In these cases liquid cooling, and specifically warm water cooling, becomes an effective alternative for heat extraction. 


The Cooling Environments Project will focus its efforts in 5 functional areas of the data center: