5 Easy Steps to Join

Step 1 · Pick a Membership Level
Step 2 · Join a Project Group

Step 3 · Sign a Membership Agreement and Promote OCP

  • Go to the OCP Projects Page
  • Select a Project that meets your interests
  • Subscribe to the Project Mailing List
  • Add the Project Meeting Calendar
  • Join the Conversation

Step 4 · Make a Contribution
Step 5 · Adopt OCP Ecosystem

For questions about OCP Membership please contact membership@opencompute.org.

How to Join infographic


  • Become a member
  • Get involved in a project
  • Share your expertise


  • Make a contribution
  • Become a volunteer leader
  • Submit a product for OCP's Product Recognition Program
  • Become a solution provider


  • Adopt an OCP Accepted™ or OCP Inspired™ product
  • Promote the OCP brand
  • Improve/modify an existing spec or design


OCP Basics