Project Leads
Shawn Dube, Brian Aspnes

The Modular Hardware System (MHS) Sub-Project is under the direction of the OCP Server Project Group.


MHS envisions interoperability between key elements of datacenter, edge and enterprise infrastructure by providing consistent interfaces and form factors among modular building blocks.

DC-MHS Scope

DC-MHS R1 standardizes a collection of HPM (Host Processor Modules) form-factors and supporting ingredients to allow interoperability of HPMs and platforms.

There are six workstreams that comprise DC-MHS. The objectives of the six workstreams are the following:

Edge-MHS scope

A collection of specifications defining a collection of Host Processors Module (HPM) form-factors targeting Edge or Telco applications,enabling interoperability of a multitude of spec-compliant HPM designs with multiple chassis designed to accept spec compliant HPMs.

A collection of specifications of ingredients, unique for Edge or Telco applications, associated with direct interfacing to HPMs in support of enabling the above objective.

Specifications shall leverage MHS specifications for the purposes of consistency with differences driven by the needs for Edge and Telco applications.

There is only one workstream that comprises Edge-MHS. Here are the contacts:

Call Calendar

The public call schedule is the 3rd Wednesday of the Month at 0800 PST.

OCP Server - MHS Calendar

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