Project Leads
Hemal Shah, Jugeshwar Mahto

Incubation Committee Representative John Leung

Scale computing requires a small and stable set of tools to remotely manage machines. The hardware management specification incorporates a set of existing tools and best practices and leverages existing tools for remote machine management.


The Hardware Management Project will focus on the following:

  • Standard manageability interfaces
  • Baseline manageability capabilities across the following Open Compute projects:
    • Compute
    • Storage
    • Networking
    • Telco
    • Data Center Facility
    • HPC
    • Rack & Power
  • Baseboard management controller (BMC) requirements
  • Rack management controller specifications, requirements and reference implementations
  • Interoperability and conformance to manageability specifications
  • Provide guidance and feedback to other Open Compute projects extending the baseline manageability capabilities

Regular Project Calls

This project meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 11am ET 

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