Project Leads
Hemal Shah, Jeff Autor

Scale computing requires a small and stable set of tools to remotely manage machines. The hardware management specification incorporates a set of existing tools and best practices and leverages existing tools for remote machine management.


The activities of the Hardware Management Project will be in the following areas.

  • Manageability Interface & Capabilities
    • Standard manageability interfaces, which include the following capabilities
    • Resource discovery
    • Configuration and update
    • Telemetry
    • Control
    • Asynchronous eventing and notification
    • Composition
  • Baseline manageability capabilities across the following Open Compute projects:
    • Server
    • Storage
    • Networking
    • Telco
    • Data center facility
    • Rack and power
  • Provide guidance and feedback to other Open Compute projects extending the baseline manageability capabilities
  • Overseeing the OCP’s repository for OCP Profiles
  • Baseboard Management Controller
    • Baseboard management controller (BMC)
    • Out-of-band manageability interface to the BMC
    • In-band (system or host interface) manageability interface to the BMC
  • Rack Management Firmware
    • A rack manager manages OCP platforms installed on one or more racks, and
    • exposes that manageability to the rest of the datacenter
    • The rack manager is the combination of open-source rack management firmware executing on a contributed rack management controller
    • The rack management firmware will expose an interface which conforms to an OCP prescribed interface.
    • The activities for this area are in the purview of the Open RMC subproject
  • Management Controller Module
    • The management controller module separates the common platform management hardware and places them behind a connector.
    •  The module is specified by its connector pin-out
    • The module may have one or more form-factors
    • The activities for this area in the purview of the Hardware Management Module subproject


  • Hardware Fault Management
    • Requirements for hardware fault management
    • Standardizing system behavior under hardware failures
    • Define key baseline requirements of managing HW errors to achieve target service
    • Provide reference and guidance on system hardware failure management
    • The activities for this area are the purview of the Hardware Fault Management subproject

Regular Project Calls

This project meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 11am ET 


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