OCP Tech Talk Series: Networking (Session 3 of 3)

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Presenters (Company) Title Slides
Barak Gafni (NVIDIA)
Ravindra Sunkad (Meta)
Welcome and Agenda Slides
Don Barnetson (Credo Semiconductor)
Dudy (DriveNets)
The HiWire Consortium Joins Forces with OCP to Standardize Active Electrical Cables (AECs) Slides
Jack Redpath (ArsiaLabs) OCP Gigabit Access Switch for Enterprise  - Community Spec. Review Slides
Mingxuan Li (China Unicom)
Tina Tsou (ARM/LF)
EdgeFaaS Collaborative R&D for Open Edge Scenarios Slides
Keysight Team:
Venkat Pullela
Manodipto Ghose 
Nitesh Jha
Testbed in a Box - SONiC case study Slides
Cliff Grossner (OCP Foundation) - OCP Hardware-software co-design strategy.
- How the OCP and LF will work together moving forward
Barak Gafni (NVIDIA)
Ravindra Sunkad (Meta)
- What can Networking do better?
- Which communicities should we collaborate with?
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