OCP Tech Talk Series: Networking (Session 2 of 3)

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Presenters (Company) Title Slides
Barak Gafni (NVIDIA)
Ravindra Sunkad (Meta)
Welcome and Agenda Slides
Qing Wang (Meta) 
Thang Pham (Meta)
Abhijit Chakravarty (Meta)
Arun Mohan (Meta)
200G/400G FR4 Large-scale Deployment in Meta’s Data Center Slides
Chris Berry (Meta)
Chet Powers (Meta)
Automating Triaging of Network Circuit Flaps and Port Failures Slides
Absar Ulhassan (Meta) Multi-Path Interference Detection for intra-DC links Slides
Xu Wang (Meta) OCP driven standardization to deliver high volume NPO switch systems for the future Slides
Ivan Kong (Ragile Networks) 51.2Tbps NPO Switch Practice and Challenges Slides
Barak Gafni (NVIDIA),
Ravindra Sunkad (Meta)
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