2020 OCP China Day

Session Topic Speaker Video
  Opening video OCP Foundation  

Technology Track1:
Open Compute Solution Development & Application in Data Center

Open Compute Technology Development and Application in Data Center
Open Compute Technology Development and Application in Data Center Wilson Guo
Sr. Technology Director, Technology R&D Dept., Inspur Electronic Information
Open Smart Rack High-density Computing Zhao Jie
Staff System Engineer, Baidu
Open Management Components for Super Large-scale Data Center Automated Operation & Maintenance Edmund Song
Senior Architect, Datacenter Platform Group, Intel
SONiC Development, Challenges and Practice  
SONiC Development and Outlook Xin Liu
Principal PM, Microsoft
Xiong Yongqiang
Senior Principal Researcher/Research Manager Microsoft Research Asia
Open Ethernet Accelerate Modern Datat Center Dong Wang
Director Ethernet Switches, NBU, Nvidia China
Efficient Cooling Solutions for Green Open Data Center Zhong Yangfan
Server Architect, Alibaba Group

Technology Track2:
AI/Edge Technology Open Innovation & Development

OAI Overview Whitney
HW Systems Engineer, Facebook
Tianyi Gao
Staff Engineer, Baidu
Open Heterogeneous Computing Acceleration Platform--Inspur/Baidu/Enflame
OAI Reference System Gavin Wang
Director System Architect, Inspur
AI Full-stack Solution Li Shiyong
System Architect, Baidu
Open AI Chip for Training Workload Gavin Jiang
Director System Architect, Inspur Electronic Information
Trends of Open Edge Computing--Nokia/China Mobile/Inspur
Open Edge Standards and Application Tomi Mannikko
HW architect,Nokia