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Colocation data center operators participating in the OCP Ready™ data center recognition program perform a detailed OCP Ready™ v2 for Hyperscale self assessment of their facilities to ensure they meet the rigorous standards and requirements set forth by hyperscalers. From logistics, site access, security, and base building infrastructure, to network connectivity, the critical aspects of the data center are assessed to ensure alignment with hyperscale companies' facility constraints and are compatible with OCP and industry best practices.


There are two self-certifications for OCP Ready™

  1. OCP Ready™ v2 for Hyperscale
  2. OCP Ready™ v1

There is a self-assessment required for each certification

  1. OCP Ready™ v2 for Hyperscale Data Center Site Assessment (Google Sheet Version) (Excel Version)
  2. OCP Ready™ v1 Data Center Site Assessment (Google Sheet Version) (Excel Version)

Upon successful completion of the site assessment and approvals from the Data Center Facilities (DCF) Project Team and OCP Foundation, colocation data center operators receive the designation as an OCP OCP Ready™ v2 for Hyperscale data center or OCP Ready™ v1 data center, a testament to their commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. 

OCP Ready™ data centers are listed on the OCP Marketplace and promoted through various OCP marketing activities. The OCP Ready™ certifications not only enhances the credibility and marketability of their facilities but also opens doors to new opportunities and partnerships within the hyperscale and enterprise ecosystems.

How to have a data center certified as OCP Ready™

OCP Ready certification process diagram

  1. Review the relevant site assessment for the desired certification and select the assessment that aligns with your data center specification and target market:
  2. Please reach out to ( to review your assessment and discuss the additional steps for certification
  3. Sign the relevant agreements (OCP Membership Agreement and OCP Solution Provider agreement).
  4. Present your data center site assessment to the DCF Project community
  5. Once the assessment has been approved, sign the OCP READY™ Certification Mark License Agreement
  6. The OCP Foundation will then request artifacts to be provided for the listing  to be added to the OCP Marketplace
  7. OCP Foundation issue the appropriate OCP Ready™ certificate

Please do not complete the assessment documents prior to having a discussion with the Foundation.

If approved, your data center will receive OCP Ready recognition and logos. If the contributor is an OCP Solution Provider they will be listed on the OCP Marketplace.

A brief 20 minute overview of the OCP Ready™ v2 for Hyperscale program

OCP Ready™ Hyperscale v2: Aligning the Industry on data center requirements for hyperscaler deployments Mark Dansie, OCP Ready Facilities Lead, OCP Video Slides

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