OCP Tech Talk Series: Cooling Environments (CE) Session 1 of 2

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Presenter (Company) Title Slides

Volunteer Leads:

Don Mitchell (Victaulic), Sean Sivapalan (Intel), Steve Mills (Meta)

John Fernandes (Meta), Cosimo Pecchioli (Alfa Laval), Jaime Comella (Cloud and Heat)

Intro to Cooling Environments
Highlight of Sub-Projects and Progress
Cold Plate Overview

Intro to upcoming discussions

John Gross (Gross Engineering) Advanced Cooling Facilities (ACF) - Reference design example review Slides
John Menoche (Vertiv) ACF - Pipe connections white paper review Slides
Jaime Comella (Cloud and Heat) HeatReuse - Intro to Heat Reuse sub project. (launched 1/22).  Heat host use case highlights for ITE heat Slides
Jabari George (Meta), Juan Carlos Cacho Alonso (Rittal) Door HX - White paper on Door HX applications and facility impact Slides
John Fernandes (Meta), Ken Kiernan (Boyd Corp) Door HX - Specification for Open Rack V3 Slides