OCP Taipei Workshop - sponsored by ARM, Organizers: OCPT and CIAT

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Steve Helvie - OCP VP of Channel Development: Slides

Topic  Speaker  Affiliation   Slides 
OCP Project and Market Update Steve Helvie  OCP  Slides 
OpenEdge on Arm Tina Tsou  ARM  Slides
The evolution of open networking from data center to service providers and enterprise deployment
- solutions and contribution to OCP from Edgecore Networks
George Tchaparian  Edgecore   Slides
Need for RunBMC Rajeev Sharma  OCP  Slides
OpenEdge Product plans from Asus Nelson Wang  ASUS  Slides
The Benefits of Open-Source Firmware in Production Systems Ryan O'Leary  OCP  Slides
Wiwynn experiences with ARM CPU Steven Lu  Wiwynn  Slides
Datacenter-ready Secure Control Module (DC-SCM/DC-SCI) Rajeev Sharma OCP  Slides
From Bare Metal toward OCP Solutions Hancock Chang  MiTAC  Slides
Ampere for openEDGE Jeff Wittich  Ampere  Slides
Closing Remarks Alfred Chao  OCPT,   MiTAC