2021 OCP Global Summit

2021 OCP Global Summit Highlight Video

Slides and on-demand sessions can be seen in the FNVirtual Platform (registration is complimentary but required).

Video recordings of all sessions can also be found below:

Session Recording
PANEL One Year of Two Phase (2P) Immersion Cooling in the Cloud Lessons Learned https://youtu.be/SSfZAzRjvOM
Immersion Requirements Rev2 https://youtu.be/3C9_lQyGlPg
Material Compatibility Project update https://youtu.be/hv2ijEq6k2Y
Immersion Community Update https://youtu.be/cHGm5Zz46-4
Liquid Cooling Integration & Logistics https://youtu.be/_XkaDwCG8G8
The circular economy meets immersion cooling an integrated OCP solution https://youtu.be/teYvf0Au-F8
Developing a Mobile Cart for Datacenter Fluid Servicing https://youtu.be/XS8fk-bpUb4
Universal Quick Disconnect Blind-Mate Fluid Connector Development, Testing and Specification https://youtu.be/Gi7qXxZ94hM
ACS Door Heat Exchanger Sub-Project Updates - Requirements, Community Studies & Harmonization https://youtu.be/FtvjQunUKA4
Liquid Cooling Drivers, timelines and a case for industrial convergence on coolant temperatures https://youtu.be/97sYRvwhyI0
Risk and Reward How to Mitigate Liquid Cooling Concerns in Advanced Computing Centers https://youtu.be/jqr30UZx490
Introducing advanced cooling solutions into existing data centers Design considerations and, operational and performance learnings https://youtu.be/_-spe6dpIIQ
Immersion Cooling- Equipment Certification approach and Safety Compliance https://youtu.be/Rqu66-gVTDY
Intro to Cooling Environments https://youtu.be/95NuNA89qGk
Cold Plate Project Overview https://youtu.be/JYKGWlR-q8E
Cooling Environments Open Discussion https://youtu.be/C-g00XNZHOs
OCP Solution Providers The rise of Open OEMs https://youtu.be/TqaMAqqLlj0
OCP Impact Study 2021 Open Computing and Data Center Sustainability https://youtu.be/damrGsOKUrw
Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Cloud-Native Workloads https://youtu.be/ZRmbtpnoD6M
PANEL OCP ACF - Guidelines for Connection of Liquid Cooled ITE https://youtu.be/KzXyjNRoBoA
PANEL Data Center Liquid Distribution Guidance & Reference Designs https://youtu.be/pmfoI--qL40
OCP Ready Guidelines for Deploying Modular Data Centers https://youtu.be/CRmw-Xbbqn0
Nautilus Joins OCP with a Focus on Sustainable High-Performance Compute https://youtu.be/rR4S9lvZtnY
Hyperscale Datacenter Architecture https://youtu.be/9Tpz1PFhonA
Data Center Integrator Qualification Program https://youtu.be/tHR2KZjRb5w
Intro to DCF https://youtu.be/QIQNI28cNqU
Preparing Meta For Growing Power Demand Thermal Perspective https://youtu.be/fSzQyybedTs
Executive Talk - Benefits of Utilizing OCP Ingredients in Developing Industry-Leading Server Solutions - Presented by ZT Systems https://youtu.be/mZkKY_zFc5E
Executive Talk - The Myths of Renewable Infrastructure Banishing Misconceptions to accelerate OCP adoption - Presented by ITRenew https://youtu.be/HURATDHC8vk
Executive Talk - Open compute hardware innovation for a sustainable future - Presented by Microsoft https://youtu.be/WCBvRvp2HKg
Executive Talk - QCT and OCP The First Decade - Presented by QCT https://youtu.be/IA4t59JXLQA
Executive Talk - Accelerating Ampere Cloud Native Processor Adoption Through Open-Source Initiatives - Presented by Ampere https://youtu.be/65Z5Aa9EHTM
Executive Talk - Inspurs Next Generation Open Rack Offering - Presented by Inspur https://youtu.be/40rD8ecpdl4
Executive Talk - Intel Cloud Innovations – A Review - Presented by Intel Corporation https://youtu.be/7sJLfQtne1E
Executive Talk - SmartNIC Network Offloads for Enterprise Data Centers - Presented by Xilinx https://youtu.be/xnGIAaCzZ9Y
Executive Talk - AI-ML Metaverse - Presented by Samsung https://youtu.be/4D--zoGY5c8
Executive Talk - Challenges and Opportunities in DC-scale AI Cluster Design Meta case study - Presented by Meta https://youtu.be/jpNCuY-jkt8
Executive Talk -Googles Open-source Activities at OCP such as Hyperstack for Datacenter-ready Integrated System (DC-Stack) - Presented by Google https://youtu.be/hE-R6OmL-rQ
The Path to 5B Cores - Presented by Intel https://youtu.be/hjACtH29iHo
Expo Hall Talk - The Next Frontiers in Infrastructure Automation - Presented by Meta https://youtu.be/aVsGYPHT7tk
Expo Hall Talk - Solutions Showcase - Increasing Compute and Storage Density with OCP Designs - Presented by ITRenew https://youtu.be/v4z3NlNHnzo
Expo Hall Talk - Intel® Intelligent Fabric utilizing OCP Standards and P4 Programmability - Presented by Intel Corporation https://youtu.be/YfiPY8z4Q7g
Expo Hall Talk - Building The ZNS Ecosystem A Community Effort - Presented by Samsung https://youtu.be/Pk3ARYxNNxw
Executive Talk - Open from Cloud to Edge, Building Our Solutions with Modular Design - Presented by Wiwynn https://youtu.be/uIbThXs15dk
Expo Hall Talk - General Enterprise Server – Growing OCP Adoption - Presented by Inspur https://youtu.be/NQF21-_c4-k
Expo Hall Talk - Microsofts approach to a sustainable cloud - Presented by Microsoft https://youtu.be/SLTyjQEs6bk
Expo Hall Talk - Worlds First Cloud Native Processor, now with 128 Cores and Platforms - Presented by Ampere https://youtu.be/VKlhsBzZhAE
Expo Hall Talk - Hardware adaptable, software programmable SmartNICs - Presented by Xilinx https://youtu.be/MrOma_rlEH4
Expo Hall Talk - Open from Cloud to Edge 2.0 - Presented by Wiwynn Corporation https://youtu.be/_cH4TGHnjD8
Expo Hall Talk - Revolutionary Breakthrough for Extreme Scale High-Performance Storage - Presented by QCT https://youtu.be/BfKqWbr4vCU
Expo Hall Talk - Flex for Cloud Speed, Scale, Resiliency, and Growth - Presented by Flex https://youtu.be/Ahyd4qJ3KO8
Expo Hall Talk - Retail Technology Transformation with Arrcus Connected Edge (ACE) Platform - Presented by Arrcus https://youtu.be/RgZaJaYbP4g
Expo Hall Talk - Power Up, Stay On, Run Secure with Open-source Platform Firmware - Presented by AMI https://youtu.be/lJalRX7aeIc
Expo Hall Talk - Spotlight Data Center Sustainability - Presented by Vertiv https://youtu.be/F24luZ29Xus
Expo Hall Talk - Presented by Google https://youtu.be/r7R7syteoqg
Expo Hall Talk - Presented by Rittal https://youtu.be/pyM3b8hiX04
Expo Hall Talk - The DAC Tax Why 800G & 112G-lane is the end of the road for passive copper - Presented by Credo https://youtu.be/TkeHHTJZvmc
Expo Hall Talk - Memory Forest Initiative Creating ESG Values in the Data Era - Presented by SK Hynix https://youtu.be/-z5gyL2UI94
Expo Hall Talk - TRIM performance optimizations and Metrics used on KIOXIA Data Center SSDs enabled through the OCP Datacenter NVMe SSD Specification - Presented by KIOXIA https://youtu.be/dMZUXOE290U
Expo Hall Talk - How Hardware-Accelerated Data Shaping and Placement Can Transform Your Cloud Infrastructure - Presented by Pliops https://youtu.be/ro1rD2P8nGg
Expo Hall Talk - PFC designed to address problem of leading PF, THD and DC content of PSU current in large scale system - Presented by LITEON https://youtu.be/-e8uQlB2pa4
Expo Hall Talk - Shell Immersion Cooling Fluid for Data Centers - Presented by Shell https://youtu.be/s7Gsqz3KCwY
Expo Hall Talk - How to go Carbon Negative in your DataCenter - Presented by Green Mountain https://youtu.be/0LoqwD7t4rQ
Memory Corrected Error profiling (via Linux EDAC Driver) within large-scale cloud infrastructure https://youtu.be/1g2dQ1xG_fc
Design Challenges of a BBU Module and Shelf Solution https://youtu.be/F9hkaLCLgJA
Intel CycloneV-Based RunBMC Solution Update https://youtu.be/nY8u3bnSPlM
Hardware Management Project Update https://youtu.be/wuGxIqsX350
Redfish for Data Center Facilities https://youtu.be/b3DZs27VRfQ
Bringing OpenBMC to HPE Servers at Criteo A Collaborative Model https://youtu.be/WZ57nMOFNp4
OCP Hardware Fault Management Sub-project Update https://youtu.be/15yhpo2r7u8
LibreBMC -- A soft processor on an FPGA based solution for running the OpenBMC software stack https://youtu.be/pKT03jfpDNs
Rack Monitoring, Redfish, and OpenBMC https://youtu.be/cmilwRTh2i0
Conformance to OCP Hardware Management Profiles https://youtu.be/ab-LQiJTbMM
PANEL OCP HW Operation at Scale - Reliability to Address Silent Data Corruptions https://youtu.be/3yhg4Gt8M_E
Open Innovation The Next Step in Memory Evolution - presented by Samsung https://youtu.be/8U_4irlg2vA
Platform Integrity Attestation at Scale https://youtu.be/OcnoPC-ELxo
Targets journey to open hardware https://youtu.be/bl_WuvfAkPI
Easy Edge Its Open and Its Everything - presented by ITRenew https://youtu.be/9248mSkv7gg
The Era of Cloud Native platforms is here - presenting the Ampere Mt. Jade reference platform running Ampere Altra Max CPUs https://youtu.be/GOmtdasiWUY
Board Chair Address - OCP, The Future of Computing https://youtu.be/_e546i1rtag
Welcome to the 2021 OCP Global Summit https://youtu.be/tTAMGZSiyRw
OCP - The Next Ten Years


OCP Global Summit Keynote https://youtu.be/aIn0jUkNqCc
Introducing Cloud-Native Supercomputing Bare-Metal, Secured Supercomputing Architecture https://youtu.be/MxUZi_xXJFM
SONiC Automation Large Scale Deployments Made Easy https://youtu.be/ES7sRlJhlHE
ONIE Status Update 2021 https://youtu.be/8H4S7eSZWJ4
Wedge400 -- Metas New Generation ToR Switch https://youtu.be/FbOZl8L4T7I
Why Youre Not Running More System Experiments (And What You Can Do About It) https://youtu.be/QpuYNVfMJCc
SAI Challenger The SONiC-Based Framework for SAI Testing and Integration https://youtu.be/Wji_PVEbRUA
Relaunching the Open Network Linux project https://youtu.be/RQbY0GG-cuk
Networking and New Data Center Challenges - presented by Meta https://youtu.be/z29MQ8KAm9c
Meta Next-Generation Network Switch https://youtu.be/eIA_0GnwVBo
Stateful & Stateless Telemetry https://youtu.be/bc12t5iUmNY
FBOSS Experience of Migrating Massive Scale Networking Systems to SAI https://youtu.be/Yq5_g5H7vbg
Migration to SONiC from 3-tiered legacy network – EPFL Case Study https://youtu.be/s9ZhkcujyWs
Next Generation Optics in Meta Data Centers- 200G and 400G pluggable optics https://youtu.be/pzwl-nlfrOE
An Auto generated test framework for improving SAI interoperability https://youtu.be/qbAxohubyBk
Empowering Network Operations Teams with Pervasive Kubernetes Observability https://youtu.be/lVTnyNMUBPc
FBOSS Experience in Onboarding a Second Silicon Vendor https://youtu.be/deaIp4PbFPc
SAI pipeline enhancements with Pre-Ingress ACL and MyMAC Station Stages and Enhanced FEC Modes for High Speed, 200G and Above Ports https://youtu.be/F_Q8aw2fUSI
OCP Enterprise Connectivity Solutions bringing together OCP projects and external communities https://youtu.be/Jy8CA-6L62Q
P4 Integrated Network Stack (PINS) https://youtu.be/QOASuHSn7z8
SONiC 2021 Update and Beyond https://youtu.be/t54Tqf13UFs
SAI For DPU https://youtu.be/aazPBL9JfnA
Automated Telemetry for Data Center Physical Fiber Layer Analysis https://youtu.be/TyY-yX03tC0
Wide and parallel LED-based optical links using multi-core fiber for chip-to-chip communications https://youtu.be/rXiEIkPTbS4
Enabling Runtime RAS on Xeon OCP Platforms Using Intel FSP and Coreboot https://youtu.be/7gE-SMt78wc
Open System Firmware in practice Experiences deploying LinuxBoot and coreboot at Google https://youtu.be/xsikf8JzQyU
OSF on Intel Xeon Server Processors -- from Blueprint to Production Quality https://youtu.be/ylI6Kp_dJZo
Arm and Ampere Support for Standards-Based Open System Firmware https://youtu.be/2S-iHdD9kdk
OCP Server DeltaLake OSF RAS Features https://youtu.be/0Rw1WtJ0ad4
Aptio OpenEdition Holistic UEFI Solutions for the Open-source Ecosystem https://youtu.be/SeiigV8PJPE
FSP and MinPlatform for Sapphire Rapids Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors https://youtu.be/qsXrnDp6-J4
Intro to Open System Firmware (OSF) at OCP https://youtu.be/x3JmDyXnkKo
NEW requirements for OSF for Suppliers https://youtu.be/qTXlk9QFYgo
Open Rack V3 Busbar and Connector Update https://youtu.be/xdtU3YsqqFg
Open Rack V3 Design Development https://youtu.be/-nGNe56eXLc
ORv3 Power Shelf Development Update https://youtu.be/ppzJZAH1eV4
Rack Management Solution by Wiwynn https://youtu.be/YvzTXCxa15g
ORv3 Open Forum Q&A https://youtu.be/8SpGBGVwWz8
Hybrid and Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converters Achieving Ultra-Efficient and Compact 48 V Datacenter Power Delivery https://youtu.be/7ZUZuWvmkFw
Vertical Stacked 48V-1V Voltage Regulator for Ultra High Current Microprocessors https://youtu.be/E2TkzLJKoQY
ORv3 Blind Mate Liquid Cooling Lightning Talks https://youtu.be/O8l5bdKq3Oo
Intro to Rack & Power Track https://youtu.be/JPl_oaXnCNw
MACsec - Securing Data in Motion Without Performance Penalty https://youtu.be/Gv20JBOLFqA
Securing Private Keys in Edge Datacenters https://youtu.be/EBFgf3Zsdsk
Confidential Compute solutions in Arm ecosystem https://youtu.be/NPeWsIk2QCQ
Whats in the OCP 2021 security checklist and why? https://youtu.be/qalIi5hkVR0
Composable Security Architectures https://youtu.be/iZw0xhNgyYQ
Application Constraints on Chiplets and interfaces https://youtu.be/T8MJ7TzjEDY
Intel Ponte Vecchio Compute Accelerator OAM Product and Systems https://youtu.be/s-nEjtIA9hU
Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap https://youtu.be/_BsmW5sWXJU
Modular Hardware System around DC-SCM for Hyperstack and DC-Stack https://youtu.be/bd0aToWpOiM
Hyperstack for Datacenter-ready Integrated System Stack (DC-Stack) https://youtu.be/b9-MrNwjoCw
OpenChiplet An Open Source Specification for Chiplet Marketplace https://youtu.be/4CI_vCBVsr8
NICs for Hyperscale Deployments https://youtu.be/dFCdl0-7_ps
Introducing Microchip Technology https://youtu.be/iqNpvqV1Pv0
PANEL ODSA Update Panel https://youtu.be/Hr0EtWdDjCk
Accelerating DLRM on an OCP M.2 Accelerator https://youtu.be/qBtzcFUE0fo
DC-XPI https://youtu.be/7gcYNPuhg84
OCP Server DeltaLake OSF How-tos and Security https://youtu.be/BA-n81W0-vg
Intro to the ODSA Community https://youtu.be/OpSJCAuwVZo
ODSA Wrap Up https://youtu.be/zpWFqWSPPZU
DC-SCM 1.0 Update https://youtu.be/ECMKomGihxE
Radio Cloud OpenEdge Server Design https://youtu.be/oA9dccE3beA
Yosemite V3 The Next Generation of Modular Servers https://youtu.be/DVw9b6uCP-g
OAM Power Delivery Design Challenges and Recommendations https://youtu.be/2Y-taqhnV-Y
DPU Management https://youtu.be/I_LST-1001A
Reimagining Memory Expansion for Single Socket Servers with CXL https://youtu.be/SIumdt2vLyo
DC-SCM2.0 Specification Update https://youtu.be/ANgrfAuJhyU
Yosemite V3 SW Management Introduction https://youtu.be/4y8vO1uMMyk
Meta AMD 1-socket CPU server Scaling Performance Efficiency https://youtu.be/98jPSFcH018
Introduction to the OCP HPC SubProjects HPCM (High Performance Computing Module) https://youtu.be/doYYZzWvZ-Q
OCP NIC 3.0 Thermal Considerations https://youtu.be/nwMxpAAJo8I
Introduction of DC-SCM 2.0 LVDS Tunneling Protocol & Interface (LTPI) https://youtu.be/escIuPtXfsA
Dual TOR use case for Single NIC servers https://youtu.be/5bS6mie276E
PANEL Open and Interoperable AI Training Clusters https://youtu.be/8XOaZh7L3dM
Pros and Cons of integrating a modular BMC design (DC-SCM card) into a server https://youtu.be/Rc88NgRb37M
OCP NIC 3.0 Management with NC-SI 1.2 https://youtu.be/voiXBU4XPo4
Open Accelerator Infrastructure Project Overview https://youtu.be/6Z9YD90trDo
Zion Modular Platform Architecture Overview https://youtu.be/kc0I8vRpqBc
OAI Workstreams Update High Speed, System and Power https://youtu.be/Dd7G4AZgdSA
Throughput Improvements of Hyperscaled Distributed Databases based on Precision Timing https://youtu.be/gp8lgaNbp_I
OCP NIC Whats now and the future? https://youtu.be/r-MtoEA_pvo
Known-Good-Die is at the Heart of a Sustainable Open Chiplet Business Model https://youtu.be/EIijtej4Di0
ODSA Optical I-O Chiplet for Heterogeneous Computing https://youtu.be/pGoUUJChU_8
Yosemite v1 Mono Lake Platform Enablement - “Open All The Way Down https://youtu.be/3uvfaeghUho
Cost Modeling Analysis for Heterogeneous Integration of Chiplets https://youtu.be/FMp0uRjN4rA
OAI Cooling and OAMTool update https://youtu.be/wDk3-PQ5zpE
Optimizing Performance and Reliability of Datacenter Infrastructure with Alternative Memory Failure Protection Solutions https://youtu.be/_gotxY7Ib-o
OCP NVMe HDD Specification https://youtu.be/VSLOdbdPn8g
Hyperscale and the Future Of Flash Storage https://youtu.be/vLkgWC_-ra4
Managing Ethernet-Attached Drives Using Swordfish https://youtu.be/eo9O-Qjnvog
OMI, The Path to High Bandwidth, High Capacity Near Memory https://youtu.be/Zr-L1cWCkD8
A New Era with Efficient Cloud-Native Processors Open Collaboration for Rapid Innovation - presented by Ampere Computing https://youtu.be/2avvl2Hzsls
Challenges and Opportunities of EDSFF based Storage Solution https://youtu.be/mzFCiO-UyKA
Attenuating Acoustic Effects on HDD Performance https://youtu.be/CMD7r4TKN3c
Thermal Comparison between Monolithic and Chiplet ASIC Design https://youtu.be/uRmiUM_GESE
SmartFTL Architecture for SSDs https://youtu.be/3O3zDrpt3uM
Storage Project Overview and Intros https://youtu.be/vHvjGdDZy2k
Reliability of Cloud Scale Hardware Through Performance and Health Monitoring Using on-chip Telemetry https://youtu.be/BQ63UVUCjsU
DSS High I-O Bandwidth Disaggregated Object Storage System for AI Applications https://youtu.be/XaNyJ1Y3BJc
Accelerating Data Analytics with Computational Storage Drives https://youtu.be/yDOh0sbxUcs
A path for 224Gb-s Solution for Intra Data Center Interconnect https://youtu.be/gZtxaF_DWOE
NVMe HDD Demo https://youtu.be/Bdu1SAlTlW0
Hardware Utilization Effectiveness (HUE) https://youtu.be/MOVgYIm9YQs
Testing Hardware at Hyperscale https://youtu.be/-5ZNdMFvRrw
OCP 2021 Strategic Initiatives Community Update https://youtu.be/wMBwlnaegFA
Moving Carbon Action and Accounting Upstream https://youtu.be/OgCXvuMn4Jw
Data Center and Sustainability, the Future is Now. https://youtu.be/6-LilfmkmbA
Extending Network Sustainability via True Distributed Disaggregated Architecture https://youtu.be/lmXyv4tffIg
Life Cycle Assessments for Cloud Hardware Lessons Learned https://youtu.be/RvGGhpMf7XE
PANEL Transformational Improvements in Data Center Power Efficiency and Sustainability https://youtu.be/46eqKdHS0ns
PANEL Gearing Up for Sustainability Circularity & Metrics https://youtu.be/t-fzWe8UwII
Circularity at the Center https://youtu.be/eyLceF_g_kw
Qarnot and ITRenew collaboration on OCP ready heat recovery system solution https://youtu.be/Al0QBrEoVaA
Data Center Lifecycle Management A Holistic Proposal on Physical Security https://youtu.be/kVRuiKaT-nw
Creating the Sustainable Datasphere https://youtu.be/J_NyMfOZMHo
Using Open Interfaces to Advance AI-ML for Networking https://youtu.be/yoacZtdEamY
Circularity - Planning for Carbon Reduction https://youtu.be/FXRCQPwrSGg
PANEL Datacenters Demanding Future Sustainability https://youtu.be/hbev0b119Xg
OCP Design for Circularity Guide https://youtu.be/E1L-5xm1cSU
Developing tools and methods to quantify carbon emissions over hardware life-cycles https://youtu.be/3HJ5ShToLjI
Super-conductive Data-Center https://youtu.be/96QuJJPEsX4
Pushing the boundary conditions of data centers facilitates innovative circular economy approaches https://youtu.be/_Jqrm1fMsFs
2021 OCP Future Technologies Symposium Kickoff


Cloud Service Model (CSM)


Software Defined Memory (SDM) Update


AI Co-Design Opportunities in OCP


Workload Diversity, Computational Geo-distribution and Sustainability Top Market Forces Driving Data Center Innovation https://youtu.be/0s-_GMRCwBk
Sustainablility-as-a-Service A New IT Hardware Business Model for the 21st Century https://youtu.be/UGG9zz-F8NQ
Samsungs Open Innovation Strategy with OCP https://youtu.be/y77gPausY-s
bp Reimagining Energy for People and Our Planet https://youtu.be/PphbRXbo96g
OCP Future Technologies Symposium Wrap Up https://youtu.be/f4eNDkmmHz4
AI HW-SW Co-Design Breakout Session https://youtu.be/duDX6tQKVSw
Cloud Service Model WG Overview https://youtu.be/8NvjFEh_h58
Telemetry-Diagnostics Remote Service Model https://youtu.be/0PNUB311qiA
Inband-Management Agent (IMA) https://youtu.be/o8XoW8u-qVI
Device Management Control (DMC) - Effective Out-Of-Band Device Management System Architecture https://youtu.be/V7QevTiNDgM
Route to Open Infrastructure Management https://youtu.be/77SzEu1P6UM
Hierarchical-tiered Memory Trends for Hyperscale Use Cases https://youtu.be/LD51ZfMcIpw
Software Defined Memory A Meta Perspective https://youtu.be/BaUVJLK3z3k
Software Defined Memory Initiative at Vmware https://youtu.be/Tng1RawhfeY
Multi-tiered Memory in Windows and Azure https://youtu.be/58t_c39bMo4
SDM Open Discussion - Q&A (Part 1) https://youtu.be/aivM6_QJCL4
Runtime Management of the Composable Memory https://youtu.be/__g2KRznzfM
Innovations in Memory System Architecture PIM and CXL- Memory https://youtu.be/kK8PZz8ouX0
Evolving Software Defined Memory for CXL Usages https://youtu.be/zUBw7ZPvVZE
CXL Device Design for Application Transparent Two Tier Memory Orchestration https://youtu.be/MqS5u-888jE
SDM Open Discussion - Q&A (Part 2) https://youtu.be/BBbdEmP616g
SDM Wrap-Up Session https://youtu.be/6uDi8xxh1Hw
OCP Future Technologies Initiative


Reference Clocks in 5G and Time Sensitive Applications https://youtu.be/786sUNOZ9oQ
Cloud Firmware in ByteDance https://youtu.be/XS1F4ZVpxKM
Specifying Oscillator Holdover for Data Centers https://youtu.be/AiydlRHpBX4
Autonomous Drive Regeneration https://youtu.be/kZmiMnosklk
PTP @ Scale - Learning from FBs Journey https://youtu.be/nCltHEIIwkE
Introducing Open Time Server https://youtu.be/6P2g8RW-iok
Boundary Clocks vs Transparent Clocks in Hyperscale Network https://youtu.be/v9_Ra7Re2z8
Fault-tolerance for PTP https://youtu.be/8k_N07OYcz4
Challenges and Solutions in PTP Based Time Sync in Hyper-Scale Data Centers A Study from the Networks Point of View https://youtu.be/j0aPGSyxH3A
Precision Time Protocol Profile for Data Center Applications & Related Network Requirements https://youtu.be/T2oRS2p7u3Y
NG OpenEdge Server design https://youtu.be/yfLj8t0PXWo
Open Aggregation Router for a Converged Mobile Network https://youtu.be/maSN92UtYBY
Adoption Of Open Hardware at East Africas Largest Telco Company https://youtu.be/V1KEMdkd0Ic
Hardware Error Reporting Standardization for Cloud-scale and Edge Infrastructure https://youtu.be/ligTtmvczfc
DDC-Distributed Disaggregated Chassis Evolution (V2) Implementation and Update https://youtu.be/hr2fdeWL8Ek
A Framework For Upgrading Whitebox Firmware in a Distributed Disaggregated Chassis Implementation from a Service Provider Perspective https://youtu.be/Ap0QWKwbEYk
Telco-Edge Project Overview https://youtu.be/ohOo9Ujian4
PANEL Challenges Facing 5G vRAN Providers and Open-Source Solutions https://youtu.be/WU6th-0yZOo
Introduction of DC-SCM 2.0 LVDS Tunneling Protocol & Interface (LTPI) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1LAjt_JFN8