AI Driven Threat Mitigation and RoT Help DC Operators Defend Against Bad Actors

The rise of sophisticated ransomware threats has transformed the cybersecurity landscape, posing ever-increasing threats to governments and organizations around the world. In 2022, for example, a major ransomware attack evaded detection for 324 days. The daily occurrence of an estimated 4,000 attack (...)

Join us for a FREE tutorial session on Building the Chiplet Economy at the upcoming Chiplet Summit in Santa Clara!

The Open Chiplet Economy Takes Shape Tuesday, February 6, 2024, 1-5PM Organizers: Cliff Grossner, Chief Innovation Officer, Open Compute Project Bapi Vinnakota, Engineer, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; Head Open Domain-Specific Architecture Project (ODSA); Open Compute Project Moderator: C (...)

Computing's Hidden Menace: The OCP Takes Action Against Silent Data Corruption (SDC)

In the realm of computing systems, there lurks an insidious threat - Silent Data Corruption (SDC). A hardware-induced SDC is an error that occurs when data is corrupted within a computing system, often without any indication from the built-in error detection mechanisms. This can happen due to manufa (...)