Project Lead
John Kaczala

The Edge Sub-Project is under the direction of the OCP Telco Project Group.


The project will gather requirements and specifications for the Edge Computing Platforms from the adopters. This will include dimensions, power budgets, cooling requirements, and networking requirements. While the project welcomes input from all members, requirements from adopters who are either actively deploying or planning to deploy Edge Computing Solutions will be more valued than other input. Where applicable, the only specifications in scope for Chassis designs must be OCP Accepted™ (full design packages). This is to ensure that these critical dimensions are adequately specified and interoperable.

An example of this is the initial Open Edge Chassis, which was the seed contribution for the Edge Sub-Project. Device Designs, which may include acceleration, networking, and/or storage capabilities, will be specified and while OCP Accepted™ specifications are desired, OCP Inspired™ specifications for these will be allowed.

Regular Project Calls

This project meets monthly, on the second Tuesday of the Month (1pm-2pm CDT / UTC-6)


Call Calendar

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