OCP Exhibitor Meeting @ OFC

Meeting Description: To inaugurate its plan to fill gaps in standards for modularized optical network switches and reward vendors of lowest power optical pluggable transceivers, and in cooperation with Optica, the OCP sponsored a panel session and BoF at OFC. This session focused on bringing together leaders to discuss what might be beyond silicon photonics, discussing new technologies for pluggable and co-packaged optics. 

Moving forward, the OCP is working to organize a competition with the aim to reward vendors that
develop the lowest power optical pluggable transceivers, and is planning to launch a project focused on bringing standardization to optical switching. Standardization will foster a modular approach for optical switch design and development, allowing for a standardized base board to accept different CPU and optical switching modules. This is intended to bring choice for adopters as they will be able to source models from different vendors enabling re-use and supply chain diversity.
Please stay tuned to further announcements on optical developments at the OCP.