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Why Participate in the Open Compute Project?

Connect and collaborate with industry leaders
Access cutting-edge engineering and R&D
Accelerate innovation and adoptable open standards in emerging technologies
Accelerate time-to-market and mitigate supply chain risks
Build brand recognition and trust through technology through leadership
Ensure circular economy and sustainability
Gain access to the best industry talent pool

As a member of the OCP Community, you can take part in:

Membership Benefits

Promotion in the OCP Membership Directory & eligible for OCP membership logos
Ability to serve in leadership positions in OCP projects, sub-projects & workstream groups
Eligible for the OCP Marketplace and Solution Provider Program
Discounts on OCP Global and Regional Summit Sponsorships
Features Community Silver Gold Platinum
Sponsorship Not Required 1 event 2 events 3 events
Summit sponsorship discount None 10% 15% 20%
Speaking engagements   1 2 3
PL or IC position eligibility 1 Project Lead position* 1 Project Lead or Incubation Committee position 2 Project Lead or Incubation Committee positions 3 Project Lead or Incubation Committee positions
Eligible to Vote for OCP Steering Committee Members 0 Votes 1 Votes 2 Votes 3 Votes
Eligible for OCP Solution Provider program?** Yes Yes Yes Yes
Eligible for OCP Accepted product recognition? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Eligible for OCP Inspired product recognition? No Yes Yes Yes
Eligible for OCP Ready™ facility recognition?** Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contributions None None 1 2

* Community members are eligible for a Project Lead position after making 1 contribution in their current term.

** There are additional fees for enrolling in the OCP Solution Provider or Colo Solution Provider Programs.

How to Join

Sign an OCP Membership Agreement:

OCP Membership Agreements

Pay the annual membership fee $2,500 - $60,000
Several membership levels exist for companies of all size, including startups.

Reach out to membership@opencompute.org with any questions or to get recommendations.