Membership Levels & Overview

  Startup Community Silver Gold Platinum
  OCP Startup level membership logo OCP Community level membership logo OCP Silver level membership logo OCP Gold level membership logo OCP Platinum level membership logo
Cost Available on demand $5K $25K $40k $50K
Exclusive Leadership Plenary Seat - - - -
Exclusive Media/Analyst access at Summits - - -
Communication amplification -
Global & Regional Summt Sponsorship Discounts Available on demand - 7% Discount 10% Discount 15% Discount
Steering Committee or Project Leadership Eligibility (1) full Project Lead position (1) full Project Lead position Eligible for all volunteer lead positions, no more than 15% per type Eligible for all volunteer lead positions, no more than 20% per type Eligible for all volunteer lead positions, no more than 25% per type
Eligible to Vote for OCP Steering Committee Members 0 Votes 0 Votes 1 Votes 2 Votes 3 Votes
Eligible for the Solution Provider Program (i.e. Marketplace Listings, OCP Accepted, OCP Inspired, OCP Ready, OCP Experience Center, OCP S.A.F.E.) Available on demand $5K
Eligible to receive OCP Certification Marks and OCP Programs
(Members must be enrolled in the OCP Solution Provider Program to be eligible for all marks, except OCP Accepted & OCP Inspired)
OCP Solution Provider (SP) / Reseller Program
OCP Marketplace
OCP Accepted
OCP Inspired
OCP Ready
OCP Experience Center

Why Participate in the Open Compute Project?

Connect and collaborate with industry leaders
Access cutting-edge engineering and R&D
Accelerate innovation and adoptable open standards in emerging technologies
Accelerate time-to-market and mitigate supply chain risks
Build brand recognition and trust through technology through leadership
Ensure circular economy and sustainability
Gain access to the best industry talent pool

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