2018 OCP Global Summit

Engineering Workshop: Advanced Cooling

  • Best Practice of Alibaba Datacenter-Immersion Cooling Escorts Cloud Computing, Fangzhi Wen - video, slides
  • Two Phase Rack Level Cooling Solution, Lentis Pai - video, slides
  • An Innovative Immersion Cooling Approach for Shrinking OCP Data Center Size, Complexity, and Costs, Gary Testa; Darwin Kauffman - video, slides
  • Solving the Energy Challenge through Innovations in Data Center Cooling, John Gross; Kar-Wing Lau; Charles Benge; Phillip Tuma; Michael E. Garceau - video, slides
  • Data Analysis of Manufacturing Test Results for DRAM Module, Ted Pang - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: C&I

  • Networking Interoperability Testing Convergence, Ray Paik - video, slides
  • Interop Challenge: Wedge100 vs the World, David Woolf - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: Data Center Facility

  • Open Compute Colocation Facility Assessment, Robert Bunger - video, slides
  • Flexible POD Based Designs for OCP and Mixed IT Deployments, Richard Symons - video, slides
  • Efficiency Beyond the AC Based Datacenter Designs; 400VDC Power Feed Solution, Juha Klemola - video, slides
  • Micro Modular Datacenters, Roberto Söderhäll - video, slides
  • OCP Data Center Sustainability Standard Initiative, Aryn Bergman - video, slides
  • New Topics for Data Center Facility Project, Robert Bunger; Brevan Reyher - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: HPC

  • Recommended Profiles for Next Generation of OCP Racks (Joint Session with Rack & Power), Alex Lin - video, slides
  • Gen-Z High-Performance Interconnect for the Data-Centric Future, Greg Casey - video, slides
  • Standardizing Power Supply Modules for Use of AC Equipment in Open Rack (Joint Session with Power), John Nguyen - video, slides
  • High Performance/Scalability Machine Learning Platform w/ Latest PCIe Gen4 Technology, Jacky Hung - video
  • Accelerating Flash Memory with the High-Performance, Low-Latency OpenCAPI Interface, Allan Cantle; Marcy Byers - video, slides
  • OCP Server Platform for Deep Learning, Jordan Plawner - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: HW Management

  • DMTF Standards for OCP Platforms Management, Hemal Shah - video, slides
  • Redfish API and Interoperability Profiles, Jeff Autor - video, slides
  • Redfish OCP Profile for Server Platforms, John Leung - video, slides
  • Standards Based Multi-Host NIC Management, Yuval Itkin; Hemal Shah; Sai Dasari - video, slides
  • BMC Mezzanine Card + Development Board, Eric Shobe; Jared Mednick - video, slides
  • OpenBMC and HW Management Collaboration, Bill Carter - video, slides
  • Power Capping and Scheduling on Racks with Flexible Power Supply, Justin Song; Nishi Ahuja - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: New Servers & GPUs

  • Networking Project Welcome & Introduction by Project Leads, Scott Emery & Omar Baldonado - video, slides
  • Technical Review of Twin Lakes Intel Architecture Server for Yosemite V2, Damien Chong; John Bryan - video, slides
  • Quanta QCT Project Olympus, Alvin Ni - video, slides
  • Denali: The Next-Generation High-Density Storage Interface, Laura Caulfield; Arie van der Hoeven - video, slides
  • Project Olympus Expansion Chassis, Mark A. Shaw; Siamak Tavallaei - video
  • Project Olympus - Open Source Systems Available Today, Mark Shaw - video
  • Technical Review of Next Generation Intel Architecture 2 Socket Server (Tioga Pass): Performance and Power Optimization, Terry Trausch; Whitney Zhao - video, slides
  • Facebook Flexible GPU Expander Big Basin Refresh, Whitney Zhao; Xiaodong Wang - video, slides
  • Facebook OCP 2S Server Tioga Pass Refresh, Whitney Zhao - video, slides
  • Yosemite V2: Modular 1S Platform, Damien Chong; Anthony Chan - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: NW: Case Studies & Roundtable

  • FBOSS Operational Update, Nina Schiff; Pablo Lucena - video, slides
  • Walk the Talk : OCP WiFi at 2018 U.S. Summit, Sudhan Kayarkar; Rajat Ghai - video, slides
  • BoF Discussion - NW: Case Studies & Roundtable, - video
  • Open Networking Roundtable, Scott Emery; Omar Baldonado - video
  • Open Networking 2.0 - Disaggagated Software, Clifford Wichmann - video, slides
  • Surveying the Open Networking Communities Landscape, Arpit Joshipura - video, slides
  • Network Transformation (Data/Telecom) and Whitebox, Dhiman Deb Chowdhury - video. slides

Engineering Workshop: NW: Demo & Telemetry BoF

  • SONiC Development and Deployment at Alibaba, Haiyong Wang - video, slides
  • BoF Discussion - NW: Demo & Telemetry BoF, - video
  • InBand Network Telemetry - A Powerful Analytics Framework for Your Data Center, Roberto Mari - video, slides
  • OCP Network Stack: Common Components for Three Very Different Use-Cases, Rob Sherwood, Kyle Forster, Vivek Shah - video, slides
  • An Evolution of Network Telemetry, Tal Mizrahi - video, slides
  • Network Telemetry and Analytics in the Age of Big Data, Raj Pathak - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: NW: Lessons & SONiC BoF

  • Scalable Designs for Data Center Network: Fabric Aggregator, João Ferreira; Naader Hasani - video, slides
  • Yahoo! JAPAN's Networks and Recent Efforts, Kenya Murakoshi - video, slides
  • ONIE and Securing the Install Process, Curt Brune - video, slides
  • BoF: Alibaba Fast Data Center Network Evolution with Open SONiC and Programmable HW Chip, Dennis Cai - video, slides
  • BoF Discussion - NW: Lessons & SONiC, - video
  • BoF: SONiC Deployments Powered by Programmable Dataplane, Arkadiy Shapiro - video, slides
  • BoF: SONIC Softswitch, Matty Kadosh - video, slides
  • SONiC: Programmability, Extensibility and Beyond, Dave Maltz - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: NW: Optics BoF

  • Open Optical Packet Transponder Leveraging OCP Networking Technology, Michael Long - video
  • 100G CWDM4-OCP Update, Vincent Zeng; Abhijit Chakravarty; Heidi Daniels - video, slides
  • Managing Optics Using Open Standard Software, Don Bollinger - video, slides
  • 400G CWDM8 Optics for Next Generation Data Center Networks, Scott Schube - video, slides
  • Own the Link -- Performance and Cost Optimization, Mike Connaughton - video, slides
  • Failure Prediction Mechanism for Pluggable Optical Interconnect at Facebook Data Centers, Vincent Zeng; Abhijit Chakravarty - video, slides
  • BoF Discussion - NW: Optics, - video

Engineering Workshop: NW: SAI Programmability BoF

  • Accelerating Load Balancing Programs Using HW-based Hints in the eXpress Data Path, Peter Waskiewicz; Neerav Parikh - video, slides
  • SAI Update and Looking Forward, Xin Liu; Guohan Lu - video, slides
  • BoF Discussion - NW: SAI & Programmability, - video
  • Programmable Silicon Use-Cases in the Disaggregated Network, Arkadiy Shapiro - video, slides
  • Switchgear Innovations Using Programmable Hardware, Albert Fishman; Zubin Shah - video, slides
  • Switch ASIC Programmability with SAI, Matty Kadosh - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: OPEN. FOR BUSINESS. - Adoption Stats and Stories

  • Adoption Stories: Hyperscale at Very Small Scale, Oyvind Bakksjo - video, slides
  • Project Greenfield – Building the Nextgen Datacenter at Adobe, Stegen Smith - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: OpenBMC

  • OpenBMC Hardware Platform Development Guideline, Robert Feng - video, slides
  • Google's Work on OpenBMC, Nancy Yuen - video, slides
  • OpenBMC on Project Olympus, Ali Larijani - video, slides
  • Facebook OpenBMC Updates, Sai Dasari; Christopher Covington - video, slides
  • OpenBMC End User Features and Function, Andrew Geissler - video, slides
  • State of OpenBMC Development, Brad Bishop - video, slides
  • Intel’s Journey with OpenBMC, James Mihm - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: Power

  • Updating the Open Compute Voltage Step Response Requirement, John Nguyen - video, slides
  • Standardizing Power Supply Modules for Use of AC Equipment in Open Rack (Joint Session With HPC), John Nguyen - video, slides
  • True Three Phase 380-480 Vac to 48 Vdc Power Shelf, Paul Smith - video, slides
  • OCP 48VDC Power System Implementation – High Efficiency Power and Lithium BBU Units, Pedro Fernandez - video, slides
  • Project Gemini – Flexible 12VDC Power Shelf Design with Software Defined Power, Damir Klikic - video, slides
  • Efficiency Improvement by Two-Stage 48V Solution, John WC Lin - video

Engineering Workshop: Rack and Power

  • Recommended Profiles for Next Generation of OCP Racks (Joint Session with HPC), Alex Lin - video, slides
  • NEBS Seismic Zone-4 Kit for Open Rack v2” Specification Introduction and Test Results, Juha Klemola - video, slides
  • How Optimisation of the OCP Rack Through a DMFA Lens Helps Scale Roll Out, Derek Winsor - video, slides
  • Google 48V Update: Flatbed and STC, Scott McCauley; Shuai Jiang - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: Security & System Firmware

  • Project Cerberus, Bryan Kelly - video
  • Firmware, The Final Frontier: Achieving the Promise of OCP by Making OCP Nodes Truly Open, Ron Minnich; Gundrala "Devender" Goud - video, slides
  • Security Team Work Session, Bryan Kelly; Nate Klein - video

Engineering Workshop: Server

  • PCI Express: Delivering Bandwidth for OCP, Al Yanes - video, slides
  • Expanding Servers Lifecycle, Jean-Marie Verdun - video
  • Telco NFV Optimized Nokia AirFrame Server, Samuli Toivola - video, slides
  • HW Solution for Distributed Edge Data Centers, Mikko Ohvo - video, slides
  • Indicator Specification Proposal, Michael Haken - video, slides
  • Using SmartNICs to Improve Multihost Server Latency, Nic Viljoen - video, slides
  • OCP NIC 3.0 Collaboration- An Open Hardware Development Story (Joint session with Telco), Jia Ning; Yueming Li; Joshua Held - video. slides
  • OCP NIC 3.0 Card Design and Interoperability Testing, Jon Lewis; Samit Ashdhir; Rick Eads - video, slides
  • Accelerator Eco-System on Google / Rackspace - Zaius / Barreleye G2 Server, Adi Gangidi - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: Storage

  • Tri-mode (SAS / SATA / NVMe) Storage Solution on Rackspace OCP Barreleye G2 Server, Adi Gangidi - video, slides
  • Hybrid SMR Disks, Theodore Ts'o - video, slides
  • Linux Kernel Support for Hybrid SMR Devices, Damien Le Moal - video, slides
  • Health Chain Management - Sub-Group Update, Jun Liu; Naman Nair - video, slides
  • Introduction to HDD Field Accessible Reliability Metrics, Jun Liu - video, slides
  • Bryce Canyon System Improvements, Madhavan Ravi; Yong Jiang; Saket Karajgikar; CK Kho - video, slides
  • Intel Innovations. Re-Imagining Data Center Storage and Memory, Greg Matson - video, slides
  • Storing and Protecting Data at Cloud Scale Using Project Olympus Hardware, Michael McGrath - video
  • CINABRO: A Software Driven, Open Flash Array Architecture for Scalable Cloud Storage Services, Sungjoon Ahn - video, slides
  • SK Telecom: Shareable DAS Pool with All NVMe Array, Eric H. Chang - video, slides
  • Datacenter Initiatives and Programs for Storage, Mark Carlson - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: Telco

  • Universal CPE - Specs and Software, John Gibbons - video, slides
  • Open Access, Sumithra Bhojan - video, slides
  • OCP uCPE Solution Using Marvell CPU, PHY and Switch Devices, Jeffrey Ho; Maen Suleiman - video, slides
  • Experiences from OCP Gear Deployments with Telcos, Mika Hatanpää - video, slides
  • Hardware Monitoring and Management System for Telco Data Center, Jungsoo Kim - video, slides
  • OCP-CG and Edge Computing, Jeff Sharpe - video, slides
  • Industry Collaboration for Open Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) APIs, Dan Pitt - video, slides
  • Advancing Open Architectures to Build Your Server Room, Jeff Sharpe - video, slides
  • Building the Foundation: How to Deploy CORD Architectures with OCP-Based Hardware, Matt St. Peter - video, slides
  • OCP NIC 3.0 Collaboration- An Open Hardware Development Story (Joint session with Server), Jia Ning; Yueming Li; Joshua Held - video, slides

Executive Track

  • Satisfying Future Data Center Needs with the Latest Technologies – Power, High Speed, Thermal and Diagnosis - Presented by Wiwynn, Sunlai Chang - video
  • Project Olympus: Fulfilling the Promise of Open Hardware - Presented by Microsoft, Badriddine Khessib - video
  • Designing for Cloud Workloads - Presented by Ampere Computing, Atiq Bajwa - video , slides
  • New Arrivals: Open Systems Firmware Comes to OCP - Presented by Facebook, Badriddine Khessib; Ron Minnich; Brad Bishop; Nancy Yuen; Mohan Kumar; Tian Fang - video
  • New Workloads & The Evolving Network - Presented by Intel, Uri Cummings - video, slides
  • NVMe Over Fabrics - High performance SSDs Networked for Composable Infrastructure - Presented by Mellanox, Rob Davis - video, slides
  • OCP Design for EIA Adoptions - Presented by QCT, Alan Chang - video, slides
  • Beyond Capacity - Presented by Seagate, Jason Feist; Ted Deffenbaugh - video, slides
  • OCP Product Overview - Presented by Inspur, Matthew Thauberger - video, slides
  • Using “Open” Building Blocks to Enable Emerging SSD Form Factors - Presented by Marvell, Nigel Alvares - video, slides
  • Adoption of OCP - Presented by Hyve, Doug Bone; Amir Michaels; Mohan Kumar; Charles Ingalz; Mike Moore - video, (panel discussion - no slides)
  • Building OCP Server Solutions with Project Olympus Building Blocks - Presented by ZT Systems, Raymond Miles - video, slides
  • Democratizing AI - Presented by Intel, Carlos Morales - video, slides
  • OCP Initiatives and Intel Implementations - Presented by Intel, Mohan Kumar - video, slides
  • A Programmable Network - Presented by Delta, Nasser Noei - video, slides

Expo Hall Session

  • Next-Generation Cloud Infrastructure in the Age of AI: Wiwynn OCP, Project Olympus, and 19” Solutions - Presented by Wiwynn, Ethan SL Yang - video, slides
  • Addressing Diversity in Data Center Networks - Presented by Marvell, Yaniv Kopelman - video, slides
  • QCT’s New Gen Offering for OCP and Olympus - Presented by QCT , Alan Chang - video, slides
  • The Edge Computing Trend and How That’s Causing Switch Form Factors to Diverge - Presented by Mellanox, David Iles - video, slides
  • Project Olympus Top Ten Questions Answered - Presented by Microsoft, Mark Shaw - video
  • AI Hardware Infrastructure at Facebook - Presented by Facebook, Kevin Lee; Xiaodong Wang - video. slides
  • Open Hardware Trends and Use Cases in the Hyperscale Datacenter - Presented by Inspur, Dolly Wu - video, slides
  • Ampere eMAG Processor: Optimized for the Cloud - Presented by Ampere Computing, Kumar Sankaran - video, slides
  • Exabyte-scale Flash Storage with OCP Architecture - Presented by Nimbus Data, Thomas Isakovich - video, slides
  • HPE Cloudline: Open Infrastructure for the Cloud Age - Presented by HPE, Kara Long - video
  • Open, Efficient & Intelligent: Smart Infrastructure Solutions - Presented by Delta, Dhiman Deb Chowdhury - video, slides
  • Film: Data Driven. Advancing a Sustainable Future. - Presented by 3M, Michael E. Garceau - video
  • Next Generation OLT - Presented by Cambridge Industries USA, Ali Taslimi - video, slides
  • Flash Forward with NVRAM/SSD Hybrid Solutions - Presented by Lite-On Storage, Jeffery Chang - video, slides
  • Ridesharing Your Cloud Data Center - Realize Better Resource Utilization with NVMe-oF - Presented by Toshiba, Jeremy Werner - video, slides
  • Accelerate IT Deployments with Rack-Ready Pod Based Designs - Presented by Schneider Electric, Richard Symons; Aaron Cotter - video, slides
  • Disruption at the Edge: An update on the Central Office CORD on OCP - Presented by Flex, Dharmesh Jani - video, slides
  • Innovative Next Gen NVMe Features - Presented by Seagate, David Allen - video, slides
  • ServiceEngine™ Accelerating Commercialization of Open Telecom Solutions - Presented by Radisys, Matt St. Peter - video, slides

IHS Market Results

  • OCP Market Impact Assessment, Clifford Grossner, Ph.D. - video, slides


  • Opening Remarks & Welcome, Rocky Bullock - video, slides
  • The Future for OCP: "OPEN. For Business.", Mark Roenigk - video, slides
  • Cloud-Scale Innovations for a Secure Trusted Infrastructure - Presented by Microsoft, Kushagra Vaid - video, slides
  • Open Source Software on Open Hardware - Linux Foundation & OCP, Arpit Joshipura; Rocky Bullock - video, slides
  • Google, Facebook and Big Switch Demo Next Generation Network Operating Systems Based on Open Network Linux, Rob Sherwood; Vivek Shah; Kyle Forster - video, slides
  • Moving Faster and Innovating as a Community - Presented by Facebook, Sree Sankar; Omar Baldonado - video, slides
  • Cloud Network Optics, Andreas “Andy” von Bechtolsheim - video, slides
  • Innovative State: Growth Opportunities in an Era of Digital Public/Private Collaboration, Aneesh Chopra - video, slides
  • Architecting for the Future of Hyperscale Datacenters - Presented by Intel, Jason Waxman - video, slides
  • New OCP Project Announcements, Bill Carter - video, slides
  • Closing Remarks, Bill Carter; Archna Haylock - video, slides
  • Community, Archna Haylock - video, slides

OCP Solution Providers at the 2018 OCP U.S. Summit

  • See what Solution Providers had to share - video