OCP Tech Talk Series - Server (Session 2 of 2)

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		OCP Tech Talks: Server -  Sessions 1 & 2 (April 26 & 27, 8:30-11:30amPT) image

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Presenters (Company) Title Slides
John Stuewe (Dell)
Mark Shaw (Microsoft): Server Project Co-leads
Mission and importance
Sub Projects and Workstreams
Shawn Dube (Dell)
Brian Aspnes (Intel)
DC-MHS Rev 1.0: Introduction and Overview
(Datacenter - Modular Hardware System)
Corey Hartman (Dell)
Brian Aspnes (Intel)
DC-MHS: FulL Width HPMs (M-FLW) Slides
Mike Gregoire (Dell)
Dirk Blevins (Intel)
DC-MHS: DeNsity Optimized HPMs (M-DNO) Slides
Cliff DuBay (Intel)
Tim Lambert (Dell)
DC-MHS: Peripheral Infrastructure Connectivity (M-PIC) Slides
Charlie Ziegler (Dell)
Javier Lasa (Intel)
DC-MHS: eXtensible I/O (M-XIO) Slides
Tim Lambert (Dell)
Javier Lasa (Intel)
DC-MHS: PEripheral Sideband Tunneling Interface (M-PESTI) Slides
Aurelio Rodriguez (Intel)
Jon Lewis (Dell)
DC-MHS: Common Redundant Power Supply (M-CRPS) Slides
Qian Wang (Intel) DC-SCM 2.0 overview
(From HW Mgmt project)
  Q&A, further discussion  
John Stuewe (Dell)
Mark Shaw (Microsoft): Server Project Co-leads
Wrap up and next steps.
- What can the Server Project do better?
- Which communities should we collaborate with?
- What areas should we focus on?
- Call to Action
- How to get involved (mailing list)
- Schedule in Project Calls Calendar