Join us in Prague!

The second OCP Regional Summit is a wrap, and the demand for OCP in Europe is really building momentum. The open community loved the intimate setting that allowed for greater connectivity and collaboration. After two amazing years in the Netherlands, we are moving the ewvent to Prague in 2020. 

The theme for our 2019 Summits was Open.Together.

The worldwide demand for cloud computing has very large challenges ahead. The resources and investments to meet these challenges may seem overwhelming at times and too large for any one company or organization to address on their own. But people, companies and organizations have shown that working together achieves better and faster results, has a much bigger impact, and accelerates the technologies necessary to meet these global challenges. We are enhancing lives through collaboration around the globe.

 The Open Compute Project is: 

  • people collaborating on new ideas and technology through existing and new projects
  • member companies working to advance technology, security, sustainability and other social responsibilities
  • partnering with organizations in order to work more efficiently and eliminate duplication
  • creating a sustainable world through decarbonization and Circular Economy programs
  • working across geo-politic boundaries and connecting people

Our desires to enrich the technology landscape through collaboration is what makes us Open. Together.

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