OCP Tech Talk Series: Hardware Management


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Presenter (Company) Title Slides

HW Management Project Leadership

Hemal Shah (Broadcom), Bob Stevens (Dell), John Leung (Intel), Han Wang (Inspur), Qian Wang (Intel), Eric Shobe (Dropbox)

Intro to Hardware Management
-Why is this project important to OCP?
-Focust areas (sub-projects/workstreams)
--Device Manager
--HW Fault Mgmt
--HW Mgmt Modules
John Leung (Intel) OCP Profiles - Progress Report
-Profile Conformance
-Approved OCP profiles (baseline, server, rack)
-Current proposed changes
Michael Jones (Vertiv) HW Management for Liquid Cooling - overview of progress in the workstream withing the Cooling Environments Project Slides
Richelle Ahlvers (Intel) Profiles for Managing Storage Slides
Hemal Shah (Broadcom), Bob Stevens  (Dell), Patrick Corporale (Lenovo) BMC Requirements for Internal Component Communications Slides
Ed Tanous (Google), Gunner Mills (IBM) OpenBMC and OCP Collaboration - support for profiles/validation Slides
John Leung (Intel) Prescribing Manageability for OCP Platforms
-Unprescribed parts of the Redfish Model
-Fabrics, SmartNIC, Certificates
Ravi Bingi (AMD) Hawaii DC-SCM 1.0 Reference Design Contribution Slides
Hemal Shah (Broadcom), Bob Stevens (Dell) What can Hardware Management do better?
-What communities should we collaborate with?
-What areas should we focus on?
Call to Action
-How to get involved (mailing lists)
-Next Project call information