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AI computational requirements require the IT infrastructure (DC Rack and IT equipment) and data center facilities to scale and evolve efficiently to enable an AI-ready data center. Current siloed efforts to build the AI data center are not holistic and are leading to solution fragmentation delaying deployments and increased costs.

Sustainable Large Scale Computation Infrastructure Tuned for AI


Using an umbrella framework of existing OCP Projects with both new and existing workstreams, the OCP Open Systems for AI Strategic Initiative will Leverage the following:

  1. an OCP hyperscale-led community,
  2. extended alliance partners, and
  3. a trusted IP model to enable open Al systems at rack-level.

These systems will be sustainable and adoptable by a broad range of users and applications. This enablement will be achieved with OCP contributions of specifications and standardizations covering IT Infrastructure, DC Physical Infrastructure, and Systems Management.

The objective of this Strategic Initiative is to deliver a resilient hyperscale supply chain for Al data centers, which can also serve other market segments.

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