Potential Investors

Startups Potential Investors
  • Gain Access to OCP Community for Feedback
  • New Networking Opportunitues (Partners, Customers, Investors, and Mentors)
  • Greater Visibility (Market, Analysts)
  • Reach out to a broad Talent-base
  • Remove Market Technology Barriers
  • Meet Investment Worthy Startups
  • Exposure to Emerging Technologies
  • Pre-vetting of Startups


All Start-up program participants must be OCP Startup Members.

Program Admission Based on Initial Assessment and Annual Evaluations.

Program Services

Provides Guidance to Navigate OCP Community

  • Access to Startup-sized Event Booth
  • Bi-Annual Briefing and Guidance Calls
  • Access to Lightning Talks
  • Summit Attendence Discounts
  • Participate in Mentorship Program

How to Apply

Reach out to with any questions or to get recommendations.