2022 OCP Global Summit

Individual session slides and videos are listed below by track, in alphabetical order.

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2022 Global Summit Recap

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Title Speakers
Full Keynote Video (See below) Video N/A
A New Era of Systems Design and the Opportunities for Open Innovation Ecosystems Partha Ranganathan (Google) Video Slides
Advancing Security, Efficiency, and Innovation at Cloud Scale with the Ecosystem Zaid Kahn (Microsoft) Video Slides
Ethernet Fabric for High Performance Computing and AI/ML Workloads Ram Velaga (Broadcom) Video Slides
Infrastructure for Large Scale AI: "Empowering Open" Alexis Bjorlin (Meta) Video Slides
Memory in Action: Sustainable Memory Technologies for Data Centers Sangyeun Cho (Samsung) Video Slides
OCP Community Awards Michael Schill (OCP) Video Slides
OCP Keynote - Welcome to the 2022 OCP Global Summit George Tchaparian (OCP) Video Slides
OCP Special Announcement (Meta) Dharmesh Jani (Meta) Video Slides
OCP Special Announcement (OCP) Bijan Nowroozi (OCP) Video Slides
Reimagining the Modern Data Center Zane Ball (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
Sustainability at the Core with Cloud Native Processors Jeff Wittich (Ampere) Video Slides

OCP Adopters: IT Ecosystem

Title Speakers
Advanced Cooling Concepts for Open Edge Servers - Moving Towards Sustainable And Efficient Solutions Samuli Toivola (Nokia) Video Slides
Distributed Disaggregate Chassis Routing System Evolution: Specification of Hardware & Capabilities Kei Lee (Ufispace) | Run Almog (Drivenets) Video Slides
Green Gas to Combined Heat and Compute - OCP style Jon Summers (Research Institutes of Sweden) | Jonas Gustafsson (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden) Video Slides
Hardware Utilization Effectiveness Studies Richa Mishra (Meta) | Shuhao Chang (Meta) Video Slides
Leveraging OCP Technologies for Edge and Core Cloud Infrastructure Deployments Jason Pan (Tyan) | Philip Maher (Tyan) Video Slides
OCP Impact Study 2022 Open Computing and Data Center Sustainability Vladimir Galabov (Omdia) Video Slides
Open Compute is Synonymous with the Open Edge: the Unified Powerhouse for Digital Transformation and Innovation Hitendra Sonny Soni (Kaloom) Video Slides
Open edge use case: Cloud RAN Mika Hatanpaa (Nokia) Video Slides
Opening up the Network by adopting Open Hardware and Software Platforms Shaji Nathan (IP Infusion) Video Slides
PANEL: Keeping Cool - Leading Colo Leverages Efficient Rack Cooling Doors for High-Density Compute Lucas Beran (Dell'Oro Group) | Don Mitchell (Victaulic) | Fred Rebarber (Vertiv) | Gerard Thibault (Kao Data) | Ben Coughlin (Colovore) Video N/A
Resolving the Support Gap for SONiC Aldrin Isaac (eBay) Video Slides
SimpleRAN fully virtualized 4G/5G using OCP -open radio unit- open source OSS/BSS and open process Jean-Paul Smets (Rapid.Space) Video Slides
Using OCP Hardware to Design District Heating Networks Across Europe Clement Pellegrini (Qarnot Computing) Video Slides

OCP Foundation Track

Title Speakers
Future Technologies in OCP: Shaping the FUTURE Lesya Dymyd (OCP) | Allan Smith (Meta) Video Slides
How do I Go-to-Market with OCP? Steve Helvie (OCP) Video N/A
OCP Contribution Process - Community Consult and Implementation Update Michael Schill (OCP) | Cliff Grossner (OCP) | Siamak Tavallaei (Google) | Jeff Catlin (Celestica) Video Slides

Future Technologies Symposium

Title Speakers
2022 OCP Future Technologies Symposium Kick-Off Lesya Dymyd (Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP)) | Allan Smith (Meta) Video N/A
Advanced Packaging Platforms and Design Kits for Chiplets Integration in HPC Applications Lihong Cao (ASE Group) Video Slides
Challenges of new product innovation at the IT industry Sungwook Ryu (Samsung) Video Slides
CSM Telemetry Data Sharing Model Panos Christeas (Meta) Video N/A
CSM WG Introduction Murugasamy Nachimuthu (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
CXL-based Memory Expansion and Near Memory Processing Opportunities: A Case Study for Data Analytics Platforms Don Moon (SK hynix) Video Slides
Digital Background Calibration of Time-Interleaved ADCs Using FIR Filters Naim Ben-Hamida (Ciena) Video Slides
DSS - The Open Source [P/T]erabyte Scale Storage Engine for High Bandwidth Applications Mahsa Bayati (Samsung) Video Slides
DWDM photonics for optical compute interconnects Alan Liu (Quintessent) Video Slides
From Start Up to Sustainable Super-computing Company Leonie Banzer (Cloud&Heat) Video N/A
From water consumer to water producer: Modular - ultra-high-dense - direct hot-liquid cooled - sustainable data centers Leonie Banzer (Cloud&Heat) | Jaime Comella (Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH) | Jens Struckmeier (Cloud&Heat) Video Slides
FTI Project Update: AI HW-SW Co-design Weifeng Zhang (Alibaba) Video Slides
FTI Project Update: Cloud Service Model (CSM) Murugasamy Nachimuthu (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
FTI Project Update: Software Defined Memory (SDM) Manoj Wadekar (Meta) Video Slides
FTS & FTI Announcements Lesya Dymyd (Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP)) | Allan Smith (Meta) | Yangseok Ki (Samsung) Video Slides
Group Scope Proposal Manoj Wadekar (Meta) | Anjaneya "Reddy" Chagam (Intel Corporation) | Samir Mittal (Micron Technology) Video N/A
How HARTING Enables Critical Data Center Technologies Will Stewart (HARTING) Video Slides
Inband Management Agents (IMA) George Kola (Google) Video N/A
Low-Profile High-Efficiency 6kW 400V/48V Three-Phase LLC with Integrated Planar Magnetics Rimon Gadelrab (Virginia Tech (CPES)) | Fred Lee (CPES Virginia Tech) Video Slides
Next-generation Co-Packaged Optics for Future Disaggregated AI Systems Sajjad Moazeni (University of Washington-Seattle) Video Slides
OCP FTS and FTI as enablers of innovation in the OCP Community George Tchaparian (OCP) Video Slides
OCP SDM Project Plan/Discussion/Wrap Up Manoj Wadekar (Meta) Video N/A
Open Compute Heat Appliances Unlocking the sustainable ♻️ decentralized compute ecosystem Jeroen van Bemmel (Exergy) Video Slides
PANEL: Industry synergies on cloud scale infrastructure management challenges and opportunities Mohan Kumar (Intel Corporation) | Panos Christeas (Meta) | Balint Fleischer (Micron Technology) | Chukwunenye Nnebe (Microsoft) | Phil Shafer (Juniper Networks) Video N/A
PANEL: SDM Ecosystem Readiness Anjaneya "Reddy" Chagam (Intel Corporation) | Rekha Pitchumani (Samsung) | Puja Zalawadia (Micron) | Mahesh Wagh (AMD) | Qasim Ali (VMWare) Video N/A
PANEL: SDM Use Cases Manoj Wadekar (Meta) | Renu Raman (Vmware) | Vikrant Soman (Uber) | Samir Rajadnya (Microsoft) Video N/A
PANEL: Why Are We Talking About AI HW/SW Co-Design Again? Allan Cantle (Nallasway) | Yangseok Ki (Samsung) | Danny Moore (Rambus) | Huihuo Zheng (Argonne National Lab) | Kevin Cameron (Cirrus Logic) Video N/A
Parallel microLED-based optical links enable <1pJ/bit energy consumption Christoph Pfistner (Avicena) Video Slides
Polymorphic Architecture for Future AI/ML Applications Weifeng Zhang (Alibaba) Video Slides
Satellite Management Controller Architecture Changho Choi (Samsung) | Bumjun (BJay) Kim (Samsung) Video N/A
SDM Welcome & Kickoff Manoj Wadekar (Meta) Video N/A
Symposium Awards Presentation Lesya Dymyd (Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP)) | Allan Smith (Meta) Video N/A
Symposium Wrap Up Lesya Dymyd (Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP)) | Allan Smith (Meta) Video N/A
Thermal feasibility of the OCP HPC module Çağatay Yilmaz (Lande Rack Cabinet) | Ender Demirel (Design and Simulation Technologies Inc.) | Allan Cantle (Nallasway) Video Slides
Thrifty Workload Planning for Datacenter Sustainability and Efficiency Nik Sultana (Illinois Institute of Technology) Video Slides
TintenFisch: The Multi-brained Datacenter Machine Andres Lagar-Cavilla (Google) Video Slides
Tracking de-multiplexer for uncooled 1.6T-FR8 with backward compatibility Siamak Amiralizadeh (Meta) Video Slides
Use Cases for Software-Defined Tiered Memory and Memory Snapshots Yue Li (MemVerge) Video Slides

Executive Talks

Title Speakers
A Memory Technology Continuum to Be Enabled by CXL Yangseok Ki (Samsung) Video N/A
Ampere and HPE Partner to Deliver Open - Sustainable Cloud Native Computing Sean Varley (Ampere) | Jean-Marie Verdun (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) | Scarlet Gray (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) Video N/A
Breaking Bandwidth Barriers Bill Brennan (Credo) Video N/A
Data Center Memory Systems at Meta Manoj Wadekar (Meta) | Chris Peterson (Meta) Video N/A
Empowering a Robust Open-Source Ecosystem with Strategic Partners & Relationship Building Sanjoy Maity (AMI) | Mohan J Kumar (Intel) Video Slides
Evolved Networking: the AI/ML Challenge Rakesh Chopra (Cisco) Video Slides
High Level Benefits of Liquid Cooling Rack Howard Wu (QCT) Video N/A
Ignite the Innovation of Sustainability Harold Liu (Wiwynn Corporation) | Lentis Pai (Wiwynn Corporation) Video Slides
Intel Technology Innovations and OCP Mohan Kumar (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
Modular Chassis - Common Chassis Design for Future of Accelerators​ Gopa Parameswaran (Microsoft) Video Slides
Open Innovation Ecosystems: Leading the Industry Forward Amber Huffman (Google) Video N/A
Ragile for Open Network-Liquid Cooling- NPO&CPO- White-box with SONiC Kevin Yao (Ragile Networks Inc.) Video N/A
Software-Enabled Flash™ Has Arrived - Open source software-defined technology for flash Scott Stetzer (KIOXIA) Video Slides
Sustainability Innovations in Inspur Servers Alan Chang (Inspur Systems) Video N/A
The Next-Gen End-to-End Data Center Network John DaCosta (Marvell) Video N/A
Using High Density NAND SSDs to Improve Storage Sustainability Charles Anyimi (Solidigm) Video Slides

Expo Hall Talks

Title Speakers
Accelerate Adoption: Inspur Open GP-Enterprise Solutions John Leung (Inspur Systems) Video N/A
Cloud Infrastructure at Scale Brandon Weilbacher (Flex) Video N/A
Cloud-Optimized Silicon for NVMe and CXL Powers the Scalable Data Center Gary Kotzur (Marvell) Video N/A
Compute Express Link™ From Promise to #RealUseCases Ahmad Danesh (Astera Labs) Video N/A
Current Sharing and Interop Lam Vu (LITEON) Video N/A
Datacenter/Edge of the Future and Sustainability Stephanie Schmidt (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
Decarbonising data Sjors van de Rijt (Shell) Video N/A
Drivers for Next Generation of Optics Scott Feller (Credo) Video N/A
Empowering your Platform with Open System Firmware - Freedom to Change - Freedom to Share Kelly Bryant (AMI) Video Slides
Enhancing IT Infrastructure Efficiency JB Baker (ScaleFlux) Video Slides
Enhancing the Scalability of Memory Sub-system with SK hynix CXL Devices Thomas Won Ha Choi (SK hynix) Video N/A
Entering a New Era of Computing Resilience Robert S. Chappell (Microsoft) Video N/A
Implementing the Multi-brained Server: Industry Collaboration Opportunities Andres Lagar-Cavilla (Google) Video N/A
Industry's First Cloud Native Processor and its Platforms Jayesh Shah (Ampere) | Sean Varley (Ampere) Video N/A
Introduction of Liquid cooling rack Jack Luoh (QCT) Video N/A
Lefdal Mine: A sustainable Datacenter solution Martin Kipping (Rittal North America) Video Slides 
Maximizing Data Center Sustainability with Optimized Data Storage Solutions Shawn Brume (IBM) Video N/A
Memory-Semantic SSD: Why We Built The Industry First CXL-based NAND flash SSD? Rekha Pitchumani (Samsung) Video N/A
OCP Latency Monitoring Matthew Rozek (KIOXIA) | Sam Bhattarai (KIOXIA) Video N/A
OPEN Rack V3 - Ready to Build Steve Mills (Meta) Video N/A
Open with Tech Building Blocks Steven Hwang (Wiwynn Corporation) Video Slides
Pushing the Boundaries of Single-Phase Immersion Cooling Amy Short (Lubrizol Corporation) | Pat Aquila (Lubrizol Corporation) | Matthew Joyce (Lubrizol Corporation) Video Slides
Ragile for Open Network-Liquid Coolin -   NPO&CPO - White-box with SONiC Kevin Yao (Ragile Networks Inc.) Video N/A
SFF TA-1026 and OCP DC-MHS Bill Wilson (Molex) Video Slides
Solidigm™ Optimizing Storage for OCP Compute and Storage Servers Tahmid Rahman (Solidigm) Video Slides
SONiC on Cisco 8000 Aravind Srikumar (Cisco) | Deepti Chandra (Cisco) Video N/A
The ways to Zero Carbon emission in Datacenter Raymond Huang (ASUS) Video N/A

Experience Center Talks

Title Speakers
Enabling WCMP in SONiC using PINS and ONOS   Video N/A
Networking: 700Tb DDC Solution (1st Presentation) Don Barnetson (Credo) | Run Almog (Drivenets) Video N/A
Networking: 700Tb DDC Solution (2nd Presentation) Don Barnetson (Credo) | Run Almog (Drivenets) Video N/A
OCP Hardware Management Modules - presented by Gowin and Inspur John Leung (Inspur Systems) Video N/A
OCP Hardware Management Modules (Intel) Kasper Wszolek (Intel Corporation) | Eric Shobe (Dropbox) Video N/A
OCP Hardware Management Modules (Intel & Lattices Semiconductor Corp.) Qian Wang (Intel Corporation) | Munir Ahmad (Lattice Semiconductor Corp) Video N/A
Open System Firmware hits the Mainstream with Ampere Cloud Native Processors and HPE (1st Presentation) Peter Pouliot (Ampere) N/A N/A
Open System Firmware hits the Mainstream with Ampere Cloud Native Processors and HPE (2nd Presentation) Peter Pouliot (Ampere) N/A N/A
P4 Integrated Network Stack (PINS) Reshma Sudarshan (Intel Corporation) | Brian O'Connor (Intel Corporation) Video N/A
The Delivery of Precise Time in Data Centers (1st Presentation)   Video N/A
The Delivery of Precise Time in Data Centers (2nd Presentation)   Video N/A

Cooling Environments

Title Speakers
Closing Remarks Sean Sivapalan (Meta) | Don Mitchell (Victaulic) Video Slides
Cold Plate Cooling Loop Requirements Document - Rev 2 Cam Turner (CoolIT Systems) | Elizabeth Langer (CPC) Video Slides
Consideration for Standards and Test Methods of Immersion Cooling Fluids Ettore Parente (UL Solutions) Video Slides
Discussion on Immersion Cooling Compliance Needs and Issues Michael Sakamoto (UL Solutions) Video Slides
Door Heat Exchanger Specification for Open Rack V3 John Fernandes (Meta) Video Slides
Driving OCP next-level thermal performance and sustainability Raffaele Luca Amalfi (Seguente- LLC) | Tommaso Ferrarese (Alfa Laval) Video Slides
Evaluating Limits of Door Heat Exchanger Solutions in Different Applications Juan Carlos Cacho Alonso (Rittal North America) | Jabari George (J.M. Gross Engineering) Video Slides
Fluid Serviceability and Maintenance Workstream for Cold Plate-Based Liquid Cooling Philip Yu (NALCO Water- An Ecolab Company) | Sean Barlett (Meta) Video Slides
Hardware Management for Liquid Cooling & Cold Plate Michael Jones (Vertiv) Video Slides
Immersion and OAI: Potential- Challenge- and Path Forward Cheng Chen (Meta) | Rolf Brink (Asperitas) Video Slides
Immersion cooling for edge applications in all climates Ray Beaver (Bios-IT) | Rolf Brink (Asperitas) Video Slides
Immersion Project Community update Rolf Brink (Asperitas) | John Bean (Green Revolution Cooling (GRC)) Video Slides
Large Dripless Quick Connectors Noman Mithani (Meta) Video Slides
Managing Fluid in a Data Center using a Liquid Cooling Cart Jaret Wyatt (Meta) | Saurabh Kulkarni (Meta) Video Slides
Material Compatibility in Immersion Punith Shivaprasad (Shell) | John Bean (Green Revolution Cooling (GRC)) Video Slides
ORV3 Blind Mate Liquid Cooling Interfaces - Overview & Update Glenn Charest (Meta) Video Slides
ORv3 Blind Mate Valves and Liquid Cooling Chassis Concept Updates Timothy Marquis (Parker Hannifin) | Darryl Daniel (Meta) Video Slides
PANEL: Data Center Heat- An Underused Opportunity for the Community- Operator and Environment Cosimo Pecchioli (Alfa Laval) | David Sickinger (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) | Angela Taylor (Intel Corporation) | Robert Bunger (Schneider Electric) | Jaime Comella (Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH) Video Slides
Project Leads Overview Don Mitchell (Victaulic) | Sean Sivapalan (Meta) | Steve Mills (META) Video Slides
Server Level Leak Detection and Mitigation Berhanu Wondimu (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
Wyoming Hyperscale - A Sustainable Data Center Ecosystem John Gross (J. M. Gross Engineering LCC) | Trenton Thornock (Wyoming Hypescale White Box- LLC) | Sam Allen (Burns & McDonnell) Video Slides

CXL Forum

Title Speakers
A Platform for CXL Memory Services Bernie Wu (MemVerge) Videos Slides
At-Scale Device Management Solutions for CXL Memory Device Jonathan Zhang (Meta) | Hiral Patel (Meta) Videos Slides
CXL 3.0: Novel Device Types- Capabilities- and Interconnects Danny Moore (Rambus) Videos Slides
CXL coming to OCP Siamak Tavallaei (Google) | Jeff Dodson (Broadcom) Video Slides
CXL Consortium Update Siamak Tavallaei (Google) Video Slides
CXL Market Outlook and Key Use Cases Ryan Baxter (Micron Technology) Video Slides
CXL readiness with vSphere virtualization Arvind Jagannath (VMware) Video Slides
Enabling CXL within the Data Center with Arm Solutions Parag Beeraka (ARM) Video Slides
Foundations of Composable Memory Systems Mahesh Wagh (AMD) Video Slides
Introduction to CXL Multi-Headed Devices Vincent Haché (Rambus) | Jerome Glisse (Google) Video Slides
Landscaping the Future for Robust CXL Memory Development Thomas Won Ha Choi (SK hynix) Video Slides
Meeting Petabyte-scale Memory Systems Challenges with CXL Memory Pooling KC Ryoo (Samsung) | Gerry Fan (Xconn Technologies) Video Slides
Memory pooling and emerging architectures for efficient memory utilization using CXL™ Ahmad Danesh (Astera Labs) | Dan Ernst (Microsoft) | Siamak Tavallaei (Google) Video Slides
Montages CXL Memory Expander Controller enables Optimized Bandwidth, Capacity and TCO Roland Knaack (Montage Semiconductor Inc) Video Slides
Moving compute near data - CXL based Computational-Memory Pekon Gupta (SMART Modular Technologies) Video Slides
PANEL: Tech Field Day at CXL Forum Stephen Foskett (Gestalt IT) | Enrico Signoretti Juku.it) | Joey D'Antoni (DCAC) | Girard Kavelines (TechHouse570) | Craig Rodgers (Camlin Group) Video Slides
Preview of CXL at OCP Summit Siamak Tavallaei (Google) | Frank Berry (MemVerge) Video N/A
Software defined Memory at UBER - Past, Present & Future Navneeth Kankani (UBER) | Karim Mattar (Uber) Video Slides
Transforming Cloud Data Centers with CXL Howard Borchew (Marvell) Video Slides
Understanding memory usage in datacenters and enabling SW for CXL-Memory Abhishek Dhanotia (Meta) | Hao Wang (Meta) Video Slides
Using Pools of Shared Resources to Lower Latency and Improve System Performance George Apostol (Elastics.cloud) Video Slides

Data Center Facility (DCF)

Title Speakers
Autonomous Solutions for Data Center (DC) Operation Curt Meyers (Meta) | Georgios Papadopoulos (Meta) Video Slides
Compliance Criteria for Modular Data Center Dejan Gakovic (UL Solutions) Video Slides
Data Center Facility Security Framework for Monitoring and Logging Todd LeBlanc (Schneider Electric) | Eehern Wong (Google) | Joey Arvato (Meta) Video Slides
Developing and standardizing new metrics to complement and modernize PUE Eric Dahlen (Intel Corporation) | Dharmesh Jani (Meta) Video Slides
ECO-Qube: building integration model for edge computing systems Çağatay YILMAZ (Lande Rack Cabinet) | Ender Demirel (Design and Simulation Technologies Inc.) Video Slides
How the use of CLT is solving your Carbon problem Karl Rabe (WoodenDataCenter) Video Slides
Intro to DCF Madhusudan Iyengar (Google) | Bret Lehman (PCX Corp) Video N/A
Key Focus Areas for Data Center Facility Sustainability Priya Chhiba (Google) Video Slides
NFPA 70/70E/75 National Electric Codes and Data Center Applications Dejan Gakovic (UL Solutions) Video Slides
OCP Ready Data Centers - Program Mission- Methodology- and Case Studies Mark Dansie (Open Compute Project) Video Slides
OCP-optimized Modular Data Centers Bret Lehman (PCX Corp) | Karl Rabe (WoodenDataCenter) | Brandon Gries (Cupertino Electric) Video Slides
PANEL: Innovation and Sustainability Priya Chhiba (Google) | Julius Kusuma (Meta) | Robert Bunger (Schneider Electric) Video Slides

Hardware Management

Title Speakers
A Technical Overview of Hardware Management Project Hemal Shah (Broadcom) Video Slides
Adding a Redfish interface to Device Manager John Leung (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
Arm servers and OCP HW Management Peter Pouliot (Ampere) | Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud (ARM) Video Slides
DC-SCM 2.0 and Beyond Qian Wang (Intel Corporation) | Glen Hanna (Lenovo) | Tim Lambert (Dell Inc.) Video Slides
DC-SCM 2.0 LTPI v1.0 Specification Updates Kasper Wszolek (Intel Corporation) | Munir Ahmad (Lattice Semiconductor Corp) Video Slides
DC-SCM and GXP Asic bridging the gap Jean-Marie Verdun (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) Video Slides
Expanding the FRU Data for Higher Quality of Cloud Service Mark Ashley (Microsoft) Video Slides
Hyperscaler System Error Reporting (HSER) Introduction Minfan Wang (Bytedance) Video Slides
Implementation of multi-partition Boot in CPUs with DC-SCM Clement Lee (Wiwynn Corporation) | Eric Huang (Wiwynn Corporation) Video Slides
New Features of Multi-Node Server Management Bonnie Lo (Wiwynn Corporation) Video Slides
OCP Hardware Fault Management Infrastructure Requirements Proposal Drew Walton (Google) | Yogesh Varma (Intel Corporation) | Vilas Sridharan (AMD) Video Slides
OCP Hardware Fault Management Sub-project - Status and Future Direction Yogesh Varma (Intel Corporation) | Drew Walton (Google) Video Slides
OCP Hardware Management Meets PMCI Hemal Shah (Broadcom) | Patrick Caporale (Lenovo) Video Slides
PANEL: Hardware Fault Management Implementation Challenges Anil Agrawal (Meta) | Drew Walton (Google) | Rama Bhimanadhuni (Microsoft) | Vilas Sridharan (AMD) | Scott Ramsey (Dell) Video Slides
Protecting Open-Source Firmware via HRoT- FPGAs- and DC-SCM Zachary Bobroff (AMI) | Munir Ahmad (Lattice Semiconductor Corp) Video Slides
RunBMC v1.5 Specification Updates Kasper Wszolek (Intel Corporation) | Amal Tariq (Meta) Video Slides


Title Speakers
51.2T NPO Switch Practice and Challenge Ivan Kong (Ragile Networks Inc.) Video Slides
Active Electrical Cables (AECs) - Longer Reach & Greater Flexibility at Lower Cost Chris Kapuscinski (Molex) Video Slides
Adaptive Routing in AI/ML Workloads Jai Kumar (Broadcom) | Guohan Lu (Microsoft) Video Slides
Bridging Gaps: Interoperability between SONiC and OEM LAN Solutions Craig Janssen (Target Corporation) Video Slides
Collaboration with The Open Programmable Infrastructure Project at 30-000 ft level John F. Kim (NVIDIA) | Venkat Pullela (Keysight) | Manoj Roge (Marvell) Video Slides
DNX based DDC Mehak Mahajan (Broadcom) | Golan Schuzkin (Broadcom) Video Slides
Extending Open Networking from DC to Campus Edge – FHTW Case Study Michael Hummel (UAS Technikum Wien) | Markus Kittenberger (FHTW) | Hasan Siraj (Broadcom) Video Slides
External PHY Support for SONiC Jiahua Wang (Broadcom Inc.) | Sidharaj Ukidve (Broadcom) | Geans Pin (Broadcom) Video Slides
High Performance Congestion Control (HPCC++) for RoCEv2 Networks Leveraging SAI TAM Bhaskar Chinni (Broadcom) | Rui Miao (Alibaba Group) | Surendra Anubolu (Broadcom Inc) Video Slides
Hyperscale NICs: performance and features Willem de Bruijn (Google) Video Slides
Intro to OCP Networking Project Ravindra Sunkad (Meta) | Jason Forrester (Target) | Barak Gafni (NVIDIA) Video Slides
MACsec SAI Deployment Experience in Meta Data Centers Rajan Kumar (Meta) | Sandeep Shah (Credo) | Clement Cheung (Meta) Video Slides
Microsecond flow aware congestion measurement of real-world traffic at scale Surendra Anubolu (Broadcom Inc) | Greg Steinbrecher (Meta) Video Slides
MPLS use case with SAI in Meta's Datacenter Network Parvez Shaikh (Meta) | Midhun Somasundaran (Meta) Video Slides
Network Performance Anomaly Detection using In-band Telemetry Ding Ma (Alibaba) | Bhaskar Chinni (Broadcom) Video Slides
OCP Networking Interconnects Project - Creating a Plug & Play Ecosystem of Active Electrical Cables (AECs) Don Barnetson (Credo) | Run Almog (Drivenets) Video Slides
Open Networking at the Enterprise edge Jeff Catlin (Celestica) | Jeff Strande (Target) Video Slides
PINS - Generic Extension Architecture & Use Cases Bhagat Janarthanan (Google) | Reshma Sudarshan (Intel Corporation) | Brian O'Connor (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
SAI Architecture Enhancements for distributed resources Jai Kumar (Broadcom) Video Slides
SAI for Linux Networking Across Software- DPUs- IPUs & Switches Rob Sherwood (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
SAI testing catch-up – SAI Challenger's new functionality and use cases Taras Chornyi (PLVision) | Andriy Kokhan (PLVision) | Ankur Sheth (Keysight Technologies) Video Slides
Scalable optics & external phy testing for CI/CD Jasmeet Bagga (Meta) | Harshit Gulati (Meta Inc) Video Slides
SONiC Community 2022 Update and Beyond Xin Liu (Microsoft) | Yanzhao Zhang (Microsoft) Video Slides
SONiC Disaggregated Chassis Update Rita Hui (Microsoft) | Arvindsrinivasan Lakshmi (Microsoft) Video Slides
System Path to 51.2T Wei-Jen Huang (Cisco) | Jane Lim (Cisco) | Anthony Torza (Cisco) Video Slides
The case for Standardization of RoCE Congestion Control Wei-Jen Huang (Cisco) | David Nicholson (SiliconAngle) | Karen Schramm (Broadcom) | Arvind Srinivasan (Meta) | Idan Burstein (NVIDIA) Video Slides

Open System Firmware (OSF)

Title Speakers
Arm firmware standards and OSF enablement on Ampere servers Peter Pouliot (Ampere) | Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud (ARM) Video Slides
Bytedance Cloud Firmware (coreboot+LinuxBoot) Sharing Nill Ge (ByteDance) | Minfan Wang (Bytedance) | Yiwei Tang (Bytedance) Video Slides
Cloud Downtime Reduction via Firmware Update Innovation Murugasamy Nachimuthu (Intel Corporation) | Chengen Yang (Tencent) Video Slides
FSP v2.4 OSF Refinements and MinPlatform Update Nate DeSimone (Intel Corporation) | Isaac Oram (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
Open System Firmware Status Update on OCP Crater Lake Johnny LIN (Wiwynn Corporation) Video Slides
OSF Kickoff - Status Plans  Anjaneya "Reddy" Chagam (Intel Corporation) | Dong Wei (ARM) | Jonathan Zhang (Meta) Video N/A
OSF production readiness for Intel Xeon OCP Servers Jonathan Zhang (Meta) | Anjaneya "Reddy" Chagam (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
OSF-CI Workshop Jean-Marie Verdun (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) | Arun Darlie Koshy (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) Video Slides
PART 2: Speed up development and ease maintenance through Open System Firmware Christian Walter (9elements GmbH) N/A Slides
Platform Boot Time Reduction Enhancements Murugasamy Nachimuthu (Intel Corporation) | Vishal Soni (Microsoft) Video Slides
Speed up development and ease maintenance through Open System Firmware Christian Walter (9elements GmbH) Video Slides
The OSF on Supermicro's platform Hancock Chang (Supermicro Inc) | Simon Chou (Super Micro Computer- Inc.) Video Slides

Rack & Power

Title Speakers
Closing Remarks & Future R&P Topics Colin Dupre (Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation)) | Steven Moore (Rittal North America) | Ted Tang (Meta) Video N/A
Efficiency Improvements and Other Developments in ORv3 Power Solutions Harry Soin (Advanced Energy) | Ralf Pieper (Delta Energy Systems) | Lam Vu (LITEON) Video Slides
Google Implementation of Open Rack V3 Loren Vorreiter (Google) | Ayan Majumdar (Google) Video Slides
Intro to OCP Rack & Power Project Colin Dupre (Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation)) | Steven Moore (Rittal North America) | Ted Tang (Meta) Video Slides
OCP ORv3 Liquid Cooled Busbar Brian Costello (TE Connectivity) Video Slides
ORV3 48V system power architecture & HSC design consideration Andy Tai (Wiwynn Corporation) Video Slides
ORV3 AC WHIP Power Cable Development Natesh Gopalakrishnan (Amphenol) | Dmitriy Shapiro (Meta) Video Slides
ORV3 Project Update Steven Moore (Rittal North America) | Darryl Daniel (Meta) Video Slides
Overview of Open Rack V3 Base Specification Steve Mills (META) | Loren Vorreiter (Google) Video Slides


Title Speakers
Achieving Platform Security with Hardware Root of Trust (HRoT) Jeanne Guillory (Intel Corporation) | Madhan Santharam (AMI) Video Slides
Caliptra - Progress and Status Andres Lagar-Cavilla (Google) | Bryan Kelly (Microsoft) | Piotr Kwidzinski (AMD) Video Slides
DC-SCM threats and mitigations Andres Lagar-Cavilla (Google) Video Slides
Due Diligence or Differentiation - Security Requirements in OCP specifications Elaine Palmer (IBM) | Eric Hibbard (Samsung) Video Slides
Hydra Architecture - A BMC with an integrated PA-RoT subsystem- RTU and RTRec Dan Morav (Nuvoton Technology Corporation) | Bryan Kelly (Microsoft) | Uri Trichter (Nuvoton Technology Corporation) Video Slides
OCP Attestation in NVIDIA Silicon Varun Sampath (NVIDIA) | Dhawal Kumar (NVIDIA) Video Slides
OCP Attestation using SPDM and DICE Eric Spada (Broadcom Inc.) | Brett Henning (Broadcom Inc.) Video Slides
Secure Device Recovery Using OCP Recovery Eric Spada (Broadcom Inc.) | Varun Sampath (NVIDIA) Video Slides
Third party reviews and supply chain Bharat Pillili (Microsoft) | Jeff Andersen (Google) Video Slides
TPM Transport Security: Defeating Active Interposers with DICE Jeff Andersen (Google) | Ahmad Abdullateef (Microsoft) | Jordan Hand (Google) Video Slides


Title Speakers
Advanced thermal testing and characterization for pluggable IO Hasan Ali (Molex) | Andras Vass-Varnai (Siemens Digital Industries Software) Video Slides
Ampere Altra Max - Compelling Performance for a Carbon Neutral Future Jayesh Shah (Ampere) | Sean Varley (Ampere) Video Slides
Ampere Mt. Mitchell Server Motherboard Specification Jayesh Shah (Ampere) | Alan Chang (Inspur Systems) | Leigh Chen (Ampere) Video Slides
CDXML - Chiplet Data Exchange Markup Language James Wong (Palo Alto Electron) | David Ratchkov (Anemoi Software Inc) Video Slides
Challenges of Deploying Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Servers into Hyperscale Datacenters Mark A Shaw (Microsoft) | Siamak Tavallaei (Google) Video Slides
Channel loss challenge in complicated OAMv1.0 system Bryan Wu (Wiwynn Corporation) Video Slides
Chiplet Innovation Ecosystem Amber Huffman (Google) | peter onufryk (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
Contribution Process for Server Project Siamak Tavallaei (Google) | John Stuewe (Dell Technologies) | Mark A Shaw (Microsoft) Video Slides
DC-SCM into 2U & Wide Chassis Siamak Tavallaei (Google) | Paul Artman (AMD) Video Slides
DC-SCM Next Siamak Tavallaei (Google) | Chad Yoshikawa (Google) | Jean-Marie Verdun (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) Video Slides
DC-Stack over DC-MHS Nickolas Fotopoulos (Google) | Sivagar Natarajan (Google) Video Slides
Designed to Be Most Efficient Recommendation Inference Engine for OCP Youn-Long Lin (NEUCHIPS Inc.) Video Slides
Exploring the new features in CXL 3.0: Expanded capabilities for increased scale and optimized resource utilization Ishwar Agarwal (CXL Consortium) Video Slides
Glacier point V3 (carrier card for accelerator modules) Soumya Padmanabha (Meta) | Lauren Seibert (Meta) | Pavan Shetty (Meta) Video Slides
Heterogeneous Integration for HPC George Michelogiannakis (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Video Slides
Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap: Paving the way for Semiconductor & Electronics Resurgence William Chen (ASE Group) Video Slides
HPC/ML Benchmarks and Extensions for OCP Servers Hemal Shah (Broadcom) Video Slides
Innovating Storage Performance with Key-Value Accelerators Edward Bortnikov (Pliops) Video Slides
Leveraging Existing OCP NIC Interconnect for PCIe Gen 6 Architectures. Kyle Sammon (TE Connectivity) Video Slides
Method to characterize electrical Rx characterization of PCIe server and storage ecosystem Mike Mamo (Solidigm) | Pradeep Kumar Mishra (Solidigm) | Frank Voqui (Solidigm) Video Slides
Multi-host Modular Systems Siamak Tavallaei (Google) | Dirk Blevins (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
OAI Cooling Progress Update Cheng Chen (Meta) | Jaylen Cheng (Wiwynn Corporation) Video Slides
OCP NIC 3.0: Design Specification Update Hemal Shah (Broadcom) | Jon Lewis (Dell Technologies) Video Slides
OCP NIC 3.0: Present and The Future Damien Chong (Meta) Video Slides
ODSA: 2021-2022 Review Bapi Vinnakota (Open Compute Project) Video Slides
ODSA's Bunch of Wires (BoW) PHY for Die Disaggregation Applications Elad Alon (Blue Cheetah) | Shahab Ardalan (Ayar Labs) | Jayaprakash Balachandran (Cisco) Video Slides
ODSA's Lightweight BoW Link Layer for Die Disaggregation Applications David Kruckemyer (Ventana Micro Systems- Inc.) | Elad Alon (Blue Cheetah) Video Slides
Open Accelerator Infrastructure (OAI) and how it may intersect Modular Hardware System (DC-MHS) Siamak Tavallaei (Google) | Song Kok Hang (Meta) | Ahmed Abou-Alfotouh (Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)) Video Slides
Open Accelerator Infrastructure Project Overview and Workstreams Updates Song Kok Hang (Meta) | Anthony Chan (Meta) | Bichen Chen (Meta) | Ahmed Abou-Alfotouh (Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)) Video Slides
OpenBMC Firmware Reliability and Resilience Justin Thaler (Jabil) | Todd Rosedahl (IBM) Video Slides
PANEL: BoW Implementations Update Mark Kuemerle (Marvell) | Elad Alon (Blue Cheetah) | Anu Ramamurthy (Microchip) | Sid Sheth (D-Matrix) Video Slides
PANEL: DC-MHS R1 report-out and timeline Michael Leung (Google) | Aurelio Rodriguez Echevarria (Intel Corporation) | Corey Hartman (Dell) | Tim Lambert (Dell Inc.) | Eduardo Estrada (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
PANEL: Datacenter Modular Hardware System (DC-MHS) Siamak Tavallaei (Google) | Brian Aspnes (Intel Corporation) | Shawn Dube (Dell) | Jean-Marie Verdun (HPE) | Dharmesh Jani (Meta) Video Slides
PANEL: Silent Data Corruption - Need for Broader Academic and Industry Engagement Rama Govindaraju (Google) | Sriram Sankar (Meta) | Zane Ball (Intel Corporation) | Vilas Sridharan (AMD) | Subhasish Mitra (Stanford University) Video Slides
Practical Usage of DC-MHS M-DNO Concepts Dirk Blevins (Intel Corporation) | Todd Westhauser (Meta) | Vincent Nguyen (HPE) Video Slides
Server Project Panel Siamak Tavallaei (Google) | John Stuewe (Dell Technologies) | Mark A Shaw (Microsoft) Video Slides
SmartNIC & OCP NIC-3 in Modular Hardware Systems (DC-MHS) Siamak Tavallaei (Google) | Damien Chong (Meta) Video Slides
Supporting OCP Accepted Badging with Arm SystemReady Systems Dong Wei (ARM) | Sung Park (Cloudflare) Video Slides
Thermal Efficiency and Platform Cost Optimization Opportunities When Designing with EDSFF SSDs Timothy Rothman (Solidigm) | Hardeep Singh (Solidigm) Video Slides

SONiC Workshop

Title Speakers
A Test Framework to Roll out SONiC at Scale in an Open Networking environment Guru Harakere (Broadcom) | Nabeel Syed (eBay) Video Slides
High Performance Linux Packet Path Optimization using XDP in SONiC Kalimuthu Velappan (Broadcom Inc) | Babu Rajaram (Broadcom) | Guru Harakere (Broadcom) Video Slides
How LINE Corporation uses Open-Networking to unlock the power of Open Source! Ikuo Nakajima (LINE Corp) | Precy Lee (Broadcom) | Sandeep Balani (Broadcom) Video Slides
Kubernetes as a Management Plane for OCP Network Fabrics running SONIC Mike Dvorkin (Hedgehog) Video Slides
P4 Orchestration in SONiC Runming Wu (Google) | Stephen Wang (Google) Video Slides
Ragile's applications and innovation on using SONiC pytest (testing) framework Stephen Gao (Ragile Networks Inc.) | Nick Jiang (Ragile Networks Inc.) Video Slides
Scale Out SONiC Test Infra Ying Xie (Microsoft) Video Slides
SONiC configuration by GCU and gNMI Arvindsrinivasan Lakshmi (Microsoft) | Judy Joseph (Microsoft) Video Slides
SONiC in SDN Environment - Challenges & Solutions Bhagat Janarthanan (Google) | Srikishen Pondicherry Shanmugam (Google) | Steffen Smolka (Google) Video Slides
SONiC VxLAN Overlay with ECMP and BFD in Datacenters Prince Sunny (Microsoft) | Abhishek Dosi (Microsoft) | Tejaswini Chadaga (Microsoft) Video Slides
SONiC Workshop Introduction Rita Hui (Microsoft) | Ritu Mehta (Google) Video N/A
TWAMP apps on top of SONiC Angelo Virgilio (E.C.I. NETWORKS INC.) | Hassan Khanafer (E.C.I. NETWORKS INC.) Video Slides

Special Focus: Optics

Title Speakers
2.5D Heterogeneous Integration for Silicon Photonics Optical Engines Radha Nagarajan (Marvell) Video Slides
200G and 400G FR4 OCP Optics Using Silicon Photonics - From Design to Deployment Scott Schube (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
Enable Optical Interconnect for Future Heterogeneous Computing Weiming Zhao (Alibaba) Video Slides
Evolving Optics Use Cases in Microsoft Azure Moray McLaren (Microsoft) Video Slides
Hyperscale Data Center Switching Market Overview and Forecast Sameh Boujelbene (Delloro Group) Video Slides
Intra-Rack Resource Disaggregation Using Emerging Photonics George Michelogiannakis (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Video Slides
Making Connections Count with SCiP Rebecca Schaevitz (Broadcom) Video Slides
NVIDIA Optics Deployment and Directions in AI/ML Craig Thompson (NVIDIA) Video Slides
Optical Interconnects for AI/ML Andrew Alduino (Meta) | Rob Stone (Meta) Video Slides
PANEL: Optics Industry at the Crossroads Once Again Vlad Koslov (Light Counting) | Andy Bechtolsheim (Arista) | Rob Stone (Meta) | Craig Thompson (NVIDIA) | Alan Liu (Quintessent) Video Slides
Path to 1.6T Pluggable Anthony Torza (Cisco) | Wei-Jen Huang (Cisco) Video Slides
Scaling optical connectivity with DWDM silicon photonics Alan Liu (Quintessent) Video Slides
Special Focus: Optics Intro Andy Bechtolsheim (Arista) Video Slides


Title Speakers
Advancing Storage Manageability Myron Loewen (Solidigm) Video Slides
Closure of OCP Storage Session Amber Huffman (Google) | Jason Adrian (Microsoft) | Ross Stenfort (Meta) Video Slides
Customer Perspective of Future Needs Paul Kaler (HPE) | Chris Sabol (Google) | Lee Prewitt (Microsoft) | Ross Stenfort (Meta) | William Lynn (Dell) Video Slides
Datacenter SAS/SATA Device Specification Update Paul Kaler (HPE) | Yong Jiang (Meta) Video Slides
EDSFF SSD use cases and benefits for compute and storage servers Michael Smullen (Solidigm) Video Slides
EDSFF Storage Solution Poseidon: Current Status and Future Challenges Jungsoo Kim (Samsung) | Duckho Bae (Samsung) Video Slides
Flash Innovation: Flexible Data Placement Ross Stenfort (Meta) | Chris Sabol (Google) Video Slides
Flexible Data Placement using NVM Express® - Specification Perspective Michael Allison (Samsung) Video Slides
Form Factors: Specification State of the Union Anthony Constantine (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
Grand Canyon - Meta's next-gen HDD Storage Server and JBOD Jeff Puglis (Meta) Video Slides
Green Computing with Computational Storage Drive Changho Choi (Samsung) | Yangwook Kang (Samsung) Video Slides
HDD Dynamics: Combined Acoustical & Vibration Measurement Surrogate Zakir Ahmad Quabili (Western Digital Company) Video Slides
HyperScale Boot Drive Karthik Shivaram (Meta) | Charles Kunzman (Google) Video Slides
Key SSD Features for Datacenter Deployments Ross Stenfort (Meta) | Vineet Parekh (Meta) | Venkat Ramesh (Meta) Video Slides
Next Horizon for NVMe Storage Disaggregation Gary Kotzur (Marvell) Video Slides
NVMe HDD MCTP over PCIe VDM "out-of-band" attestation Mohamad El-Batal (Seagate) Video Slides
PANEL: Flexible Data Placement using NVM Express® - Implementation Perspective Ross Stenfort (Meta) | David Landsman (Western Digital) | Dan Helmick (Samsung) | David Wang (Silicon Motion Inc.) | John Rudelic (Solidigm) Video Slides
Storage Project Leadership Intro Amber Huffman (Google) | Jason Adrian (Microsoft) | Ross Stenfort (Meta) Video Slides

Strategic Initiatives

Title Speakers
Building a sustainable Open Source Cloud with Open Compute Project platforms Christoph Streit (ScaleUp Technologies) Video Slides
Data Bearing Device Security. How Data Sanitization Contributes to a Circular Economy Jonmichael Hands (Chia Network) | Arie van der Hoeven (Seagate) Video Slides
Designing Datacenter Hardware for Environmental Sustainability William Lin (Wiwynn Corporation) Video Slides
Fault Coverage and Isolation in Hyperscale Data Centers using OCP Diagnostics Dan Frame (Google) | Yuanlin Wen (Google) | Richa Mishra (Meta) Video Slides
Guide to Scope 3 GHG emissions for data centers Robert Bunger (Schneider Electric) Video Slides
Implementing Platform Telemetry to Improve Data center Efficiency Chuan Song (Intel Corporation) | Mohan Kumar (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
Intro to Strategic Initiatives Track Dharmesh Jani (Meta) | Jessica Gullbrand (Intel Corporation) | Jeff Catlin (Celestica) Video Slides
Liquid Immersion Cooling Helps Datacenter Sustainability Meenakshisundaram "Sundaram" Chinthamani (Intel Corporation) | Jessica Gullbrand (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
OCP Diag. Specification and its Importance to the Community Dan Frame (Google) | Arun Darlie Koshy (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) | Daniel Alvarez Wise (Meta) Video Slides
PANEL: Sustainability in Action & Future Direction for the Community Rob Coyle (Distech Controls) | Jordan Tse (Meta) | Alex Rakow (Schneider Electric) | Gerard Thibault (Kao Data) Video Slides

Time Appliances Project (TAP)

Title Speakers
3GPP derived timing solutions for data center use Wim Rouwet (NXP semiconductors) Video Slides
A Specification of Reference oscillator supporting many packet clocks Ullas Kumar (Rakon) Video Slides
Advanced Time Card and Sync Module for Datacenter Synchronization Kenneth Hann (Oscilloquartz) Video Slides
Clocking the Telco Cloud Anand Ram (Calnex) Video Slides
High Port Density Timing Card for Next Gen Networks Ahmad Byagowi (Meta) | Amit Oren (Broadcom) | Eric Spada (Broadcom Inc.) | Bhaskar Chinni (Broadcom) Video Slides
Implantation Considerations for Holdover Functionality in Oscillators Xiaochun Liu (Rakon America) Video Slides
New Oscillator Classes Simplify Adoption for Synchronizing Traffic in Data Centers Gary Giust (SiTime) Video Slides
Precision Time in the Last Few Centimeters Kevin Stanton (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
Simulations - the Data Center PTP Prequel Ariel Hendel (Scala Computing) Video Slides
Squared: Scalable PTP clock Synchronization Mesh Method for Data Centers Lasse Johnsen (TimeBeat.app) Video Slides