2023 OCP Storage Tech Talks

The 2023 OCP Storage Tech Talks were held on May 16th, 2023. Attendees learned about the latest innovations in the OCP Storage Project. Updates included new features (e.g., Flexible Data Placement), regulatory environment (e.g., privacy), telemetry, and more. Details on the current status of the OCP storage specifications were also provided. Hyperscaler and Enterprise customers spoke about their challenges and requests for future industry solutions. 

Thank you to our sponsors Fadu, Silicon Motion, and Micron!


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  • Flexible Data Placement [pdf]
    • State of the Union
    • Supplier Panel
  • Grand Canyon and YV3 Flash Boxes Deep Dive [pdf]
  • Regulatory Environment for Storage [pdf]
  • Enhancing Fleet Health Monitoring Opportunity Leveraging OCP's Datacenter NVMe SSD Specification's Standard Telemetry [pdf]
  • Device Specification Updates [pdf]
    • OCP Datacenter SAS/SATA Specification
    • OCP Datacenter NVMe SSD Specification
  • Customer Problems and Requirements Panel  [pdf]
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