OCP Educational Webinar: Revolutionizing Networking for AI workloads

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Revolutionizing Networking for AI workloads

Dell'Oro Group JUNIPER Networks  


The emergence of generative AI applications marks a new era for AI. Industry pioneers have compared it to the "iPhone moment of AI”. AI is not a new trend but the latest developments in the field and early results of emerging ground-breaking generative AI applications such as “ChatGPT” are potentially market disruptors. Just as Bill Gates said, we believe that the age of AI has just begun and that the new era of AI will be as revolutionary as mobile phones and the Internet. The challenge, however, is that the characteristics of AI traffic are pretty unique and quite distinct from the rest of the traffic carried by today’s data center network. AI workloads require scalable, lossless, low-latency fabric. This webinar will explore different network fabric options and network design approaches to meet these new AI driven requirements and discuss the size of the potential market opportunity for AI-tuned DC networks.

During the webinar, you'll learn:

  • AI workloads characteristics
  • Network requirements of AI workloads
  • The various options of network designs and topologies to support AI workloads
  • AI-tuned DC Networks - How big is the market opportunity?

Who Should Attend?

Switch System Vendors, Silicon Vendors, Optical  Transceiver vendors, Colocation Facilities providers, Cloud and Telecom Service Providers, IT buyers and Decision Makers, and Enterprise CIO and CTO

Meet the Speakers

Cliff Grossner, Chief Innovation Officer at OCP

Cliff Grossner

At the Open Compute Project Foundation, Dr. Grossner leads its market intelligence function and is responsible for driving new innovation programs including guiding inventors developing their early-stage company ideas, setting strategic direction and building awareness of OCP, establishing new alliances, and launching new activities in OCP’s Future Technologies Initiative. Cliff has more than 25 years of telecommunications industry experience encompassing scientific research, market analysis, corporate and product strategy, product management and marketing. Previously, Dr. Grossner was head of the Cloud and Data Center Research Practice, which he launched at Infonetics research and followed through transitions to IHS, IHS Markit and Informa Group. Prior to Infonetics, he held senior positions, including heading strategic marketing for Alcatel-Lucent's enterprise network business, tenures at Bell Labs, several startups and Nortel. He earned his Ph.D. at McGill University, and his Master of Science in Computer Science at Concordia University, winning national scholarships to support his graduate work. He holds more than 10 patents in computer networking, networking embedded security and telecommunications applications.

Sameh Boujelbene, Vice President at Dell'Oro Group

Sameh Boujelbene

Sameh Boujelbene joined Dell’Oro Group in 2011, where she currently oversees research in the areas of Ethernet Campus Switch, Ethernet Data Center Switch, and AI Networks for AI Workloads. During her tenure at the firm, Ms. Boujelbene expanded her research programs to address data center interconnect, AI/ML workloads, and digital transformation. She has published articles and been cited in various industries and trade publications, and she is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events.

James Kelly, Product Management Senior Director at Juniper Networks

James Kelly

James’s software and business experience have been applied over the last decade at Juniper Networks in the areas of engineering, marketing, business development, and product management. Prior to working at Juniper, James was a tech researcher, developer, hedge-fund founder, and executive technology consultant. Today, James is a Product Management Senior Director, leading teams responsible for Juniper’s software products and AI cluster solutions inside the Juniper data center business.