OCP Tech Talk Series: Networking (Session 1 of 3)

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Presenters (Company) Title Slides
Barak Gafni (NVIDIA)
Ravindra Sunkad (Meta)
- Welcome and Agenda
- Intro to Networking
- Mission
- Why is this project important to OCP?
- Focus areas (sub-projects/workstreams)
- Updates on projects and subprojects
Rita Hui (Microsoft)
Shri Khare (Meta
SAI Sub-Project Updates Slides
Steven Noble (Amazon) Open Network Linux (ONL) Sub-Project Updates Slides
Jack Redpath (ArsiaLabs)
Jeff Strange (Target)
Enterprise Connectivity Solutions (ECS) Sub-Project Updates Slides
Jakub Kicinski (Meta)
Willem De Bruijn (Google)
Datacenter NIC crypto offloads - progress    
David Iles (NVIDIA) Adaptive Routing For AI Clusters and Storage Fabrics (Ethernet) Slides
David Iles (NVIDIA) Data Center Fabrics need to be Smart at every Tier – not just the edge Slides
Jay Vargas (Scala Computing)
Dan Mihailescu (Keysight)
A Novel Approach For Experimentation, From Lab Testing To Large Data Center Simulations Slides
Barak Gafni (NVIDIA) What can Networking do better? See Intro Deck