2023 OCP Global Summit

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Keynotes (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
OCP Global Summit - All Keynotes See individual presentation authors below Video  
Welcome to the 2023 OCP Global Summit Zaid Kahn (Microsoft) | George Tchaparian (OCP) | Cliff Grossner (OCP) Video Slides
From Edge to Cloud: System Design in the Era of AI - presented by Intel Zane Ball (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
Unleashing the Power of Collaboration: Overcoming Memory Challenges in the AI/ML Era - presented by Samsung JongGyu Park (Samsung) | Vincent Kim (Samsung) Video Slides
AI Drives Need for (more) Speed - presented by Marvell Loi Nguyen (Marvell) Video Slides
Together We Advance the Modern Data Center - presented by AMD Forrest Norrod (AMD) Video Slides
Ethernet - The Path to Singularity - presented by Broadcom Ram Velaga (Broadcom) Video Slides
Igniting Change for the Future of Data Center Cooling - presented by Promersion Rolf Brink (Promersion) Video Slides
Sustainable Secure Societal Infrastructure for the AI-driven Future - presented by Google Partha Ranganathan (Google) Video Slides
The Changing Landscape of AI in the Data Center - presented by Microsoft Reynold D'Sa (Microsoft) Video Slides
Open Infrastructure Platforms to usher in age of GenAI - presented by Meta Dan Rabinovitsj (Meta) Video Slides
Keynote Closing Remarks Kali Burdette (OCP) Video Slides

Executive Sessions  (Alphabetical order)

Title Speakers
Build, Secure, Scale, and Deliver: Unifying Open-Source Foundational Firmware for a Consistent Ecosystem - Presented by AMI Sanjoy Maity (AMI) Video Slides
CXL: A Prelude to Memory-centric Computing - presented by SK hynix Hoshik Kim (SK hynix, Inc.) Video Slides
Delta Data Center Cooling Solutions - presented by Delta (Delta Electronics) Video  
GenAI - Industry and Infrastructure Leap - presented by Google Tomm Garvens (Google) Video Slides
Intel Technology Innovations - presented by Intel Corporation Mohan J. Kumar (Intel) Video  
Memory Tiering and Persistence Enablement with CXL Memory Module - presented by Samsung David McIntyre (Samsung) Video  
Meta's evolution of network for AI - presented by Meta Omar Baldonado (Meta) Video  
Next Evolution of Flash is Software-Defined - presented by KIOXIA Scott Stetzer (KIOXIA) Video Slides
Next Steps in AI Technology Adoption - presented by KAYTUS Alan Chang (KAYTUS) Video Slides
Open the Network & Fuel the Future - presented by Micas Networks Max Simmons (Micas Networks Inc.) Video  
Pioneering High-Performance Liquid Cooling Solutions for the Future - presented by Auras Technology Chenghao "Canby" Ho (Auras) Video  
Reimagining the multi-tenant network - presented by Marvell Nick Kucharewski (Marvell) Video Slides
Reshaping the Edge with Cloud, AI, and Networking - presented by QCT Eric Levander (Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) Video  
Shaping the AI Landscape: Pioneering AI, Cooling Innovations and Influence - presented by Wiwynn Corporation Raghavan Venugopal (Wiwynn) & Lentis Pai (Wiwynn) Video Slides
Sustainable Computing for the Age of AI - presented by Ampere Computing Jeff Wittich (Ampere) Video Slides
The Rise of Chiplets in Advanced AI / ML / HPC SoC's - presented by Credo Semiconductor Jeff Twombly (Credo Semiconductor) Video Slides
Transforming the Data Center: Scaling Computing Infrastructure through Collaboration & Innovation - presented by Arm Eddie Ramirez (ARM) Video Slides
Virtual Client library for Azure - presented by Microsoft Rahul Shah (Microsoft) Video  

Experience Center Sessions  (Alphabetical order)

Title Speakers
Cross Vendor Interoperability in Server Design and M-CRPS/Test board Demonstration Speakers - presented by DC-MHS Sponsor Session Video Slides
Driving DC-SCM innovations and interoperability - presented by DC-MHS Sponsor Session Video Slides
Expand your open source strategy with OpenBMC Enablement on HE ProLiant Gen11 servers - presented by HW/SW Codesign Sponsor Session Video  
Experience Center Lightning Talk: Data Center Network Fabric Migration Sponsor Session Video  
Experience Center Lightning Talk: Data Center Rack and Network Interconnect Sponsor Session Video Slides
Experience Center Lightning Talk: ODSA Sponsor Session Video  
Experience Center Lightning Talk: Rack & Power Sponsor Session Video  
Experience Center Lightning Talk: TAP Sponsor Session Video  
Modular Edge Designs for Edge - presented by Edge & Telco Sponsor Session Video  
OCP Composable Memory Systems Overview - presented by CMS Sponsor Session Video Slides
OCP Composable Memory Systems Overview - presented by CMS Sponsor Session Video Slides
XRComm In Supporting Meta's Evenstar Contribution to OCP Sponsor Session Video  

Expo Hall Sessions  (Alphabetical order)

Title Speakers
A Reliable and Low Latency Ethernet Hardware Transport - presented by Google Nandita Dukkipati (Google) Video Slides
Adapting the Data Center to New AI Trends Yubal Bachar (EdgeCloudLink Inc.) | John Leung (Aivres Systems Inc.) Video Slides
Bridging the Quantum Divide: Innovations in Microwave Control Cabling - presented by Amphenol Stephen Cristaldi (Amphenol) Video Slides
Building the Future: Addressing the Human Capital Gap in Data Infrastructure - presented by Nomad Futurist Foundation Nabeel Mahmood (Nomad Futurist) Video  
Delivering Unprecedented Scale for AI Infrastructure and Cloud Connectivity - presented by Astera Labs Ahmad Danesh (Astera Labs) Video Slides
Deploying DPUs at Scale - presented by Arm Marc Meunier (ARM) Video Slides
Empowering OCP with Axiado’s Single-Chip DC-SCM Card - presented by Axiado Tareq Bustami (Axiado Corporation) Video Slides
Enabling AI from Edge to Cloud - presented by QCT Jack Luoh (QCT) Video  
Enhancing Hyperscale Network Observability & Operational Excellence in AI world - presented by Microsoft Rita Hui (Microsoft) | Abhishek Dosi (Microsoft) | Arvindsrinivasan Lakshmi (Microsoft) Video Slides
ExxonMobil™ Data Center Immersion Fluids - presented by ExxonMobil Alistair Westwood (ExxonMobil) Video  
Flash centric storage architecture enabled by E1.S Form Factor - presented by KIOXIA Sam Bhattarai (KIOXIA) Video Slides
Firmware's Impact on the Future of the Secure and Modular Data Center - presented by AMI Kelly Bryant (AMI) Video  
Generative AI and the Outsized Role of Serdes - presented by Credo Semiconductor Don Barnetson (Credo) Video Slides
Heterogeneous Integration in the AI Era - Presented by Applied Materials Subi Kengeri (Applied Materials) Video  
Increase Uptime through Connectivity - Presented by HARTING Will Stewart (HARTING) Video  
Intel’s Product Portfolio supporting the AI Transformation - presented by Intel Corporation Radhika Rao (Intel) Video  
Molex | AMD Mojanda Reference Design Featuring NearStack PCIe (SFF TA1026) - presented by Molex Sam Berenji (Molex) Video Slides
Optical Cesium vs. Magnetic Cesium Gil Biran (Oscilloquartz) Video  
Pioneering High-Performance Liquid Cooling Solutions for the Future - presented by Auras Technology Chenghao "Canby" Ho (Auras Technology) Video  
Power Shelf Management with Redfish - presented by Delta Arthur Krieger (Delta Electronics Inc.) Video  
Scaling Data Center Interconnect for the AI Era with 800G ZR/ZR+ Pluggable Modules - presented by Marvell Josef Berger (Marvell) Video Slides
Storage density. The key to addressing core to edge storage challenges - presented by Solidigm Tahmid Rahman (Solidigm) Video Slides
Success Stories in Cloud Native Computing - presented by Ampere Computing Sean Varley (Ampere) Video  
The Journey to Open Networking - presented by Micas Networks Jason Pan (Micas Networks Inc.) Video  
Unleashing the Power of AI and Advanced Cooling: Transforming Modularity, Diversity, and Efficiency - presented by Wiwynn Corporation Thomas Kao (Wiwynn) Video Slides
What Pegatron OCP will do for your cloud business - presented by PEGATRON Andy Lin (Pegatron) Video Slides
Zero-ETL Solution with Samsung SSD Value Kit - presented by Samsung Harsh Roogi (Samsung) Video  

Cooling Environments (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
Liquid Coolant Bazaar: Everything you always wanted to know about Immersion but were afraid to ask. Rolf Brink (Promersion) | Rich Lappenbusch (Super Micro Computer, Inc) | Allison Boen (Alcatex Data Center Services) Video  
Cooling Environments Update and Cold Plate Subproject Overview Jordan Johnson (Intel) | Steve Mills (Meta) Video Slides
Rack Manifold Requirements and Qualification Jordan Johnson (Intel) Video Slides
Cold Plate Cooling Loop Requirements Document - Rev 2 Cam Turner (CoolIT Systems) | Philip Yu (Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions) Video Slides
ORv3 Blind Mate Liquid Cooling Interfaces Overview & Update Glenn Charest (Meta) | Grace Piette (Meta) Video Slides
OCP ORv3 Blind Mate Liquid Cooling Component Update Nick Goenner (SafeWay Custom Fluid Transfer) | Chris SC Lee (Wiwynn) Video Slides
Concurrent Maintainability Considerations for Liquid-Cooled Deployments Jabari George (J.M. Gross Engineering) | Ryan Orr (Uptime Institute) Video Slides
ACS Door HX sub-project update Jabari George (J.M. Gross Engineering) | Juan Carlos Cacho Alonso (Rittal) Video Slides
Long Term Reliability Test on an AALC system - Test Setup and Operation Yin Hang (Meta) | Grace Piette (Meta) | Wenying Zhang (Meta)   Slides
Densifying modular data centers with hybrid cooling Karl Rabe (WoodenDataCenter) | John Fernandes (Meta) | David Gyulnazaryan (Impleon) Video Slides
Aluminum micro-channel coils for Door HX solutions Sankar Padhmanabhan (Danfoss) | Philippe Boisvert (Boyd Corporation) Video Slides
Frame Based Deployment of Rear Door Heat Exchanger Saket Karajgikar (Meta) | Juan Banchs (Meta) Video Slides
Advancing Immersion Cooling: Project Updates, Industry Trends and Consensus Glossary Rolf Brink (Promersion) | John Bean (Green Revolution Cooling) | Rich Lappenbusch (Super Micro) Video Slides
Signal Integrity in Immersion: Overcoming Challenges for High-Performance IT Platforms Andy Young (Asperitas) | Kai Wang (Intel) Video Slides
TCO Modeling for Immersion: Unlocking Cost Savings and Efficiency in Data Centers Allison Boen (Alcatex) | Eduard Roytman (Intel) Video Slides
Navigating Immersion Challenges: Addressing Risks and Warranty Guidelines in Immersion Cooling Raul Alvarez (Borealis Data Center) | David Gyulnazaryan (Impleon) | Michael Cordle (Seagate Technology) | Rich Lappenbusch (Super Micro) Video Slides
Unifying Immersion: Insights into Minimum Requirements and Fluids & Materials in Immersion Cooling Punith Shivaprasad (Shell) | Peter Cooper (Submer) | Rolf Brink (Promersion) Video Slides
Power Distribution in Immersion: Enabling High-Power Delivery in Immersion Cooling Oriol Chavanel (Submer) | Kevin Gero (Murata) Video Slides
Reliability and Material Compatibility Evaluation of High-power Interconnects for Single-phase Immersion Cooling Dennis Breen (Molex) Video Slides
Forging Ahead in Immersion Cooling: A Hands-On Approach to Validating Optical Interfaces Peter Liu Formerica Optoelectronics) Video Slides
Investigation of immersion cooling for data center hardware: progress, opportunities and challenges Cheng Chen (Meta) | Jayati Athavale (Meta) Video Slides
Two phase immersion cooling study for OCP Accelerator Module (OAM) Jiu Xu (Meta) | Jaylen Cheng (Wiwynn) Video Slides
Immersion Fluid Specification Sandeep Ahuja (Intel) | Jessica Gullbrand (Intel) | Je-Young Chang (Intel) Video Slides
Panel: Future of 2-Phase Immersion Cooling: Addressing the PFAS Challenge Rolf Brink (Promersion) | Sam Allen (Rahi Systems) | Mohan J Kumar (Intel) | Cheng Chen (Meta) Video Slides
Panel: Coolant Temperatures for Durable Data Center Designs Steve Mills (Meta) | Chris Malone (Meta) | Paul Artman (AMD) | David Haley (nVidia) | Kelsey Wildstone (Microsoft) | Sri Damraju (Intel) Video Slides
Hardware Management for Liquid Cooling: Enabling Efficient Operations in Immersion Solutions John Leung (Intel) | Jeff Autor (HPE) Video Slides
Redfish Practices and Learnings in Immersion Cooling Management Mohan J Kumar (Intel) | Nishi Ahuja (Intel) Video Slides
Experimental seismic performance for liquid immersion cooling system Noemi Bonessio (MetaSeismic) Video Slides
Heat Reuse Outlook Cosimo Pecchioli (Alfa Laval) | Jaime Comella (AQ Compute) | Bharath Ramakrishnan (Microsoft) Video Slides
Why Open Compute Project innovations heat the city swimming pool? David Gyulnazaryan (Impleon) Video Slides

Data Center Facility (DCF) and Rack & Power (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
ORV3 Meta Frame Specification Julia Huynh (Meta) | Indro Subramaniam (Rittal) Video Slides
Google Implementation of Open Rack V3 Johnny Yau (Google) Video Slides
Google/Microsoft 48V Onboard Power Delivery Specifications Shuai Jiang (Google) Video Slides
Requirements/Considerations of Next Generation ORv3 PSU and Power Shelves Cihan Aydin (Delta Electronics) | Harry Soin (AEI) Video Slides
Leveraging Open Rack v3 and Yosemite v3.5 for Hyperscale Storage Racks Ta-Yu Wu (Meta) | David Sun (Meta) Video Slides
OCP Ready Colo Site Assessment for Hyperscalers Overview Mark Dansie (OCP) | Scott Sharp (Google) Video Slides
Datacenter Automation and Robotics Eric Xu (Meta) | Avinash Panga (Google) | Shashank Gupta (Microsoft) Video Slides
OCP MDC Group Update Brandon Gries (Cupertino Electric) | Karl Rabe (WoodenDataCenter) Video Slides
Data Center Facility - Sustainability Metrics Robert Bunger (Schneider Electric) | Priya Chhiba (Google) Video Slides
Analyzing Building Elements Relating to Data Center Construction Emissions Stevielyn Burd (Roxtec) | Zachary Lovett (HolcimUS) | Karl Rabe (WoodenDataCenter) Video Slides

Edge (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
Telco to Data Center Network Applications using Open Aggregation Routers Kei Lee (Ufispace) | Keyur Patel (Arrcus) Video Slides
Base specification of Open Edge solutions for Telecom Infrastructure John Kaczala (Nokia) Video Slides
A new generation of Open Edge Servers John Kaczala (Nokia) | Ali Irani (ASUS) Video Slides
Edge-MHS – Bringing Modular Hardware System to the Edge Shawn Dube (Dell Technologies) | Dirk Blevins (Intel) | Vincent Nguyen (HPE) Video Slides
DDC V3 OCP specification Kei Lee (Ufispace) | Rehan Karim (AT&T) | Felipe Pastor (Intel) Video Slides
Evenstar Renuka Bhalerao (Meta) Video Slides
Open Edge servers meet liquid cooling: A feasibility study John Kaczala (Nokia) Video Slides
Open LAN : Architectural tenants and a case study on deployment at Telus Hasan Siraj (Broadcom) | Steve Martin (Shasta Cloud) Video Slides
Panel - Innovations and Use Cases driving open standard specifications through the Edge Ripin Checker | Michael Lane (Amazon) | Renuka Bhalerao (Meta) | Bijan Nowroozi (OCP) | Rehan Karim (AT&T) Video Slides

Hardware Management with DC-SCM (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
Hardware Management Project Update: New sub-projects and Workstreams Hemal Shah (Braodcom) | Jeff Autor (HPE) Video Slides
Update for Hardware Fault Management Sub-Project Drew Walton (Google) | Yogesh Varma (Intel) Video Slides
Fleet Memory Fault Mgmt WS update Yogesh Varma (Intel) | Drew Walton (Google) Video Slides
RAS API workstream - Overview and status Antonio Hasbun (Intel) | Drew Walton (Google) | Yogesh Varma (Intel) Video Slides
OCP Profiles for Interoperable Management John Leung (Intel) Video Slides
Triton: Redfish Tool Deepti Shukia (Samsung) | Sathish Kumar (Samsung) Video Slides
OCP Rack Manager - interface spec and implementation John Leung (Intel) | Han Wang (Meta) Video Slides
Grand Teton Platform RAS: A proposed solution to improve reliability by containing the impact of PCIe Uncorrected Errors. Anil Agrawal (Meta) | Gada Badeer (Meta) Video Slides
Standardizing RAS Requirements for GPU & Accelerators in Hyperscale Computing Rama Bhimanadhuni (Microsoft) Video Slides
Accelerated Deployment of GPU-Based Systems Using DMTF Industry Standards Justin York (Google) | Akkiah "Choudary" Madduku (Microsoft) | Vishal Jain (nVidia) Video Slides
A preview of next generation MCTP for OCP platform management communication infrastructure Hemal Shah (Broadcom) | Yuval Itkin (nVidia) | Patrick Caporale (Lenovo) Video Slides
Silent Data Corruption: Specification Overview and Metrics Robert S. Chappell (Microsoft) | Lidia Warnes (nVidia) | Vilas Sridharan (AMD) Video Slides
Modular Hardware Management update Qian Wang (Intel) Video Slides
DC-SCM LTPI Reference Implementation Contribution from Intel Reid McClain (Intel) Video Slides
Project Argus DC-SCM 2.0 Xiaomin Shen (Cloudflare) | Stweart Nguyen (Lenovo) | Jun Qi Lau (CLoudflare) Video Slides
DC-SCM Based Advanced Cooling Manager: Rapid leakage protection and cooling management in rack and tank level liquid cooling systems Tom Tu (Wiwynn) | Ash Liao (Wiwynn) Video Slides

Networking (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
Welcome & Kickoff to Networking Track Ravindra Sunkad (Meta) | Barak Gafni (Nvidia) Video  
51.2T CPO Switch Practice And Challenge Tim Lin (Micas Networks) Video Slides
From vision to execution: the story of alibaba's 51.2T switch Zhiping Yao (Alibaba) Video Slides
800G: Empowering Open Platforms for Unprecedented Speed and Agility Jeffrey Catlin (Celestica) Video Slides
Switch cable diagnostic with TDR using SAI and PAI Jiahua Wang (Broadcom) | Sidharaj Ukidve (Broadcom) | Dante Su (Broadcom) Video Slides
Dent-SAI Integration Sandeep Nagaraja (AWS) | Larry Ho (Edgecore) | Constantin Barcaru (DXC ) Video Slides
SAI APM:Advanced Performance Monitoring Jai Kumar (Broadcom) | Rita Hui (Microsoft) Video Slides
Strategies to boost switch programming Srikishen Pondicherry Shanmugam (Google) | Runming Wu (Google) | Kishore Gummadidala (Google) Video Slides
SAI for Tunnel Security with IPsec Dipankar Acharya (Arista) Video Slides
Fungible hardware tables as an ordered chain for traffic engineering and AI/ML applications Jai Kumar (Broadcom) | Shrikrishna Khare (Meta) | Midhun Somasundaran (Meta) Video Slides
NVIDIA Spectrum-X Network Platform Architecture Gilad Shainer (Nvidia) | David Iles (Nvidia) Video Slides
Source Routing for AI Fabrics Kishore Atreya (Marvell) | Prathyaya Bhandarkar (Marvell) Video Slides
Telemetry based load balancing of AI/ML workloads Bhaskar Chinni (Broadcom) | Surendra Anubolu (Broadcom) Video Slides
Alibaba's Ethernet based DC deployment for AI/ML workloads using Merchant Silicon Kamini Santhanagopalan (Broadcom) | shishao shi (Alibaba) Video Slides
Analysis of network traffic patterns for collective communication Arvind Srinivasan (Meta) | Anju John (Meta) | Matt Bergeron (Meta) Video Slides
QUIC Kernel and Device Offload Eric Spada (Broadcom) | Eric Davis (Broadcom) Video Slides
SONiC SRv6 VPN deployment for Predictable-WAN Shuai Shang (Alibaba) | Jason Bos (Cisco) Video Slides
Dual ToR Evolution: Active-Active ToR Deep Dive Ying Xie (Microsoft) | Guohan Lu (Microsoft) Video Slides
A SONiC-based Open Packet Broker for 5G Monitoring Charles Conte (Comcast) | David Iles (Nvidia) | Chidambaram Bhagavathiperumal (Aviz Networks) Video Slides
Build limitless network with Smart Switch Prince Sunny (Microsoft) | Guohan Lu (Microsoft) | Lihua Yuan (Microsoft) Video Slides

Open System Firmware (OSF) (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
Universal Payload for Optimized Firmware Handoff in Server Platforms Vincent Zimmer (Intel) | Lean Sheng Tan (9elements) | Arthur Heymans (9elements) Video Slides
Different Path: Uefipayload on Linuxboot GuangYao Cao (Lenovo) Video Slides
Enabling coreboot for Open System Firmware on Arm servers Jeff Booher-Kaeding (Arm) | David Milosevic (9elements Agency) Video Slides
Managing dependencies between BMC FW and SoC/Platform - A case study Sarathy Jayakumar (Intel) Video Slides
The state of Arm firmware standards and OSF on Ampere server platforms Peter Pouliot (Ampere) | Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud (Arm) Video Slides
Powering on AMD Next Generation Platforms with AMD OpenSIL® and OSF Boot Firmware Srini Narayana (AMI) | Raj Kapoor (AMD) Video Slides
OCP OSFCI Workshop - Zero to Hero Jean-Marie Verdun (HPE) | Arun Darlie Koshy (HPE) Video Slides
A Standards-based approach to Firmware Update of GPUs at Hyperscalers Sujoy Sen (Google) | Vishal Jain (Nvidia) | Bhushan Mehendale (Microsoft) Video Slides
Pioneering OSF Enhancement for Debugging and Usability with Intel Xeon Platform Johnny LIN (Wiwynn) Video Slides
Panel - Open System Firmware (OSF) enhancements opportunities for heterogeneous computing Murugasamy Nachimuthu (Intel) | Nill Ge (ByteDance) | Dong Wei (Arm) | Vishal Soni (Microsoft) | Jon Masters (Google) Video Slides

Security (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
Welcome to OCP Security Jeff Andersen (Google) Video  
Platform Root of Trust and Server Orchestration using DC-SCM 2.0 and DC-MHS Platform Madhan Santharam (AMI) | Justin Thaler (Jabil) | Dwarka Partani (ASPEED) Video Slides
Secure System Design on Arm using PA-RoT Zachary Bobroff (AMI) | Dong Wei (Arm) Video Slides
SPDM 1.3 and Beyond Brett Henning (Broadcom) Video Slides
Method to Secure NVMe SSD Out-Of-Band interface via SPDM Karthik Balan (Samsung) Video Slides
Composable Security Architectures: Episode II Andres Lagar-Cavilla (Google) | Varun Sampath (NVIDIA) | Bharat Pillili (Microsoft) Video Slides
Caliptra Update: Closing in on 1.0 Andres Lagar-Cavilla (Google) | Bryan Kelly (Microsoft) | Prabhu Jayanna (AMD) | Paul Chou (NVIDIA) Video Slides
Caliptra Firmware Stack Jordan Hand (Google) | Vishal Soni (Microsoft) | John Traver (AMD) Video Slides
A Standardized iRoT Interface Sridhar Valluru (Arm) Video Slides
Deep Dive into HDD Data Sanitization Arie van der Hoeven (Seagate) Video Slides
Attestation to Seamless Firmware Update History Using Standard PKI Xiaoyu Ruan (Intel) | William Stevens (Intel) Video Slides
Establishing an Ecosystem for Secure Manufacturing Matt King (NVIDIA) Video Slides
Caliptra's Unified Test Cases: Validating firmware against multiple hardware models Vishal Soni (Microsoft) | Kor Nielsen (Google) Video Slides
OCP Security Appraisal Framework & Enablement Andres Lagar-Cavilla (Google) | Bryan Kelly (Microsoft) | Amber Huffman (Google) Video Slides
Security Guardrails and Guidelines for Baseboard Management Controllers Darpana Loodu (Microsoft) | Elaine Palmer (IBM) Video Slides
Protecting Unique Device Secrets for OCP Caliptra with SRAM PUF Pim Tuyls (Intrinsic ID) Video Slides
OCP Device Ownership Transfer Chris Hillier (NVIDIA) Video Slides
Storage Security: An Open Source Key Management Block Andres Lagar-Cavilla (Google) | Bryan Kelly (Microsoft) | Chris Sabol (Google) Video Slides
Enabling Customer BMC firmware: OpenBMC on HPE ProLiant Gen11 systems Charles Kearney (HPE) | Richard McQuaide (HPE) Video Slides

Server (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
DC-MHS - 48V Support Shawn Dube (Dell) | Clifford Dubay (Intel) Video Slides
DC-MHS’s Road to Off-the-shelf/Interchangeable HPMs Tim Lambert (Dell) | Javier Lasa (Intel) | Phillip Leech (HPE) Video Slides
Design with DC-MHS Paul Artman (AMD) | Dirk Blevins (Intel) | Rob Nance (Jabil) Video Slides
Panel - DC-MHS: Updates and New Form Factors from the M-HPM Team Michael Gregoire (Dell) | Brian Aspnes (Intel) | Corey Hartman (Dell) | Matt Bowman (Meta) | Andrew Junkins (AMD) Video Slides
DC-MHS Modular Shared Infrastructure (M-SIF) - Comprehending Multi-Node/Host Gregory D Sellman (AMD) | Dirk Blevins (Intel) | Damien Chong (Meta) Video Slides
DC-MHS: Peripheral Out-of-Band Management Evolution Tim Lambert (Dell) | Mike Witkowski (HPE) | Todd Rosedahl (IBM) | Javier Lasa (Intel) Video Slides
DC-MHS, M-PESTI: What, Why and When to Use It. Jeff Kennedy (Dell) | Javier Lasa (Intel) | Eduardo Estrada (Intel) Video Slides
DC-MHS: M-CRPS base specification and test setup updates Aurelio Rodriguez Echevarria (Intel) Video Slides
Enabling DC-MHS Design for Future Datacenters with Dynamic Firmware Chitrak Gupta (AMI) | Justin Thaler (Jabil) Video Slides
Open Accelerator Infrastructure Project Overview and Workstreams Updates Song Kok Hang (Meta) | Ahmed Abou-Alfotouh (AMD) Video Slides
HPC- The Next Generation - A Sustainable - Energy Centric Architecture first - Innovation Allan Cantle (Nallasway) Video Slides
Grand Teton Systems Overview Matt Bowman (Meta) | Jeremy Baumgartner (Meta) Video Slides
Beyond UBB, Scaling Out with the OAI Expansion (EXP) Module Sam Kocsis (Amphenol) | Vasanta Madduri (Broadcom) | Song Kok Hang (Meta) Video Slides
Advantages and Disadvantages of Server Chassis having PCIe Cassette Modular Design for GPU's and Accelerator Cards Mohammad Tanveer Alam (Microsoft) | Jason Adrian (Microsoft) | Nanda Kishore (Microsoft) Video Slides
Designing standards compliant servers with Arm SystemReady and the NVIDIA Grace open ecosystem Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud (Arm) | James Bodner (Nvidia) | Tim Lewis (Insyde Software) Video Slides
OCP NIC in 2023: 800G, PCIe Gen6 & Test Integration Damien Chong (Meta) | Hemal Shah (Broadcom) | Jason Rock (Dell) Video Slides
Ensuring Predictable Thermal Performance for Higher Speed OCP 3.0 NICs Jason Rock (Dell) Video Slides
Yosemite v4, Meta's next gen modular server platform Kiran Vemuri (Meta) | Chenyu Xu (Meta) Video Slides
Addressing the need for increased performance and sustainability Lynn Comp (AMD) | Tawfik Rahal-Arabi (AMD) Video Slides

Server: Composable Memory Systems (CMS) (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
OCP CMS Sub-Project progress update and plans Anjaneya "Reddy" Chagam (Intel) | Manoj Wadekar (Meta) Video Slides
Composable Memory - Hyperscale use cases and Benchmarks Manoj Wadekar (Meta) | Samir Rajadnya (Microsoft) Video Slides
Methodology for performance benchmarking of containerized microservices using CMS memory pooling Vikrant Soman (Uber) Video Slides
OCP Composable Memory Systems (CMS) Logical and Physical Architecture overview and use case mapping Vikrant Soman (Uber) | Anjaneya "Reddy" Chagam (Intel) Video Slides
CMS Hardware Form Factors Anant Thakar (Cisco) | Kiran Vemuri (Meta) Video Slides
Capacity & TCO benefits to Applications using VMware Memory tiering Sudhir Balasubramanian (VMWare) | Arvind Jagannath (VMWare) Video Slides
Unleash the Full Potential of CXL Priya Vartak (Astera Labs) Video Slides
Disaggregated & Composable Architectures: The Importance of Extended PCIe Cabling Christopher Blackburn (TE Connectivity) | Brian Costello (TE Connectivity) Video Slides
OCP PCIe Extended Connectivity Requirements Mohamad El-Batal (Seagate) Video Slides
Multi-Rack Memory Orchestration for enabling large scale composable memory solutions - current state & OCP focus Anjaneya "Reddy" Chagam (Intel) | Manoj Wadekar (Meta) | Vikrant Soman (Uber) Video Slides
Extending PCIe Connectivity with Optics Sam Kocsis (Amphenol) | Chris Cole (II-VI) Video Slides
Hotness Tracking in Composable Memory Systems Samir Rajadnya (Microsoft) | Durgesh Srivastava (Nvidia) | Larrie Carr (Rambus) Video Slides
256-lane CXL switch and testing results Brian Pan (H3 Platform) Video Slides
Engineering CXL Memory Expander Device for Production Jonathan Zhang (Astera Labs) Video Slides
More cache for less cash: CXL Memory Bandwidth and Capacity Expansion in Software Caches Don Moon (SK hynix) | Daniel Byrne (Intel) | Sounak Gupta (Intel) Video Slides
CXL Device Telemetry: A Software Interface Proposal Steve Scargall (Memverge) Video Slides
CXL Memory Disaggregation and Tiering: Lessons Learned from Storage Andy Mills (SMART Modular Technologies) Video Slides
Panel: Composable Memory Systems using CXL Anjaneya "Reddy" Chagam (Intel) | Manoj Wadekar (Meta) | Siamak Tavallaei (Independent) | Sandeep Dattaprasad (Astera Labs) | Larrie Carr (Rambus) | Samir Rajadnya (Microsoft) Video  
Mitigating Silent Errors and Corruption within the Data Center Larrie Carr (Rambus) Video Slides

Server: Open Chiplet Economy (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
Building the Open Chiplet Economy Bapi Vinnakota (Lawrence Berkely Lab) Video Slides
Using CDXML/JEP30 Models for Chiplet Design and Verification Jawad Nasrullah (Palo Alto Electron) | Tony Mastroianni (Siemens) Video Slides
UCIe (Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express): Building an open ecosystem of chiplets for on-package innovations Debendra Das Sharma (Nereus Worldwide) Video Slides
Towards chiplet interoperability with AMBA CHI C2C Jeff Defilippi (ARM) Video Slides
Modular Chiplet Opportunities for HPC John Shalf (Lawrence Berkely Lab) Video Slides
ODSA's Bunch of Wires (BoW) PHY for Die Disaggregation Applications Elad Alon (Blue Cheetah) Video Slides
Getting Moore with Less: How Chiplets and Open Interconnect Accelerate Cloud-Optimized AI Silicon Mark Kuemerle (Marvell) | Ramin Farjadrad (Eliyan) Video Slides
Panel: Innovating in the Open Chiplet Economy (The Startups) Anu Ramamurthy (moderator) (Microchip) | James Wong (Palo Alto Electron) | Shahab Ardalan (Enosemi) | Kash Johal (YorChip) | David Ratchkov (Thrace Systems) Video Slides
Panel: The Emerging New Silicon Supply Chain for Chiplets William Chen (moderator) (ASE) | WooPoung Kim (Samsung) | Jérôme Glisse (Google) | Matt King (Nvidia) | Rajesh Vaddempudi (Tessolve) Video Slides
Panel: What is Next in Building The Open Chiplet Economy Tom Hackenberg (moderator) (Yole Group) | Jayaprakash Balachandran (d-Matrix) | Majid Foodeei (Kandou) | Andy Heinig (Fraunhofer) | Subu Iyer (UCLA) Video Slides

Storage (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
Storage Project Introduction Amber Huffman (Google) | Ross Stenfort (Meta) Video Slides
Panel - FDP Industry Update and Applications Chris Sabol (Google) | Ross Stenfort (Meta) | Wei Zhang (Meta) | Young Ahn (Meta) | Javier Gonzalez (Samsung) Video Slides
Addressing Hyperscale NVMe SSD Debugging: Challenges, Solutions and an overview of Debug Log Vineet Parekh (Meta) | Lee Prewitt (Microsoft) | Vivek Kumar (Google) Video Slides
OCP Standardization of Human Readable Debugging Information for NVMe® SSDs Lee Prewitt (Microsoft) | Michael Allison (Samsung) Video Slides
Panel: OCP Datacenter Device Specification Updates with Customer Storage Perspectives Chris Sabol (Google) | Lee Prewitt (Microsoft) | Ross Stenfort (Meta) | David Black (Dell) | Paul Kaler (HPE) Video Slides
Does Gen6x4 Make Sense for SSDs Claiming 25W Due to Standard Form Factor Recommendations Steven Wells (Micron) | Suresh Rajgopal (Micron) Video Slides
Long Term Preservation and Archive Storage Shashidhar Joshi (Microsoft) Video Slides
Standardizing Live Migration with NVM Express® Michael Allison (Google) | Amber Huffman (Microsoft) | Lee Prewitt (Samsung) Video Slides
Closure of the Storage Project Track Amber Huffman (Google) | Ross Stenfort (Meta) Video Slides

Sustainability (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
Sustainability Initiative project status: Real progress towards a transformative vision Dharmesh Jani (Meta) | Murugasamy Nachimuthu (Intel) | Eric Dahlen (Intel) | Daniel Cartagena (Intel) Video Slides
PUE - Issues and Opportunities, and DCEM workstream work for enhancements Murugasamy Nachimuthu (Intel) Video Slides
Beyond PUE- an infrastructure metric for sustainability Harish Dattatraya Dixit (Meta) | Jordan Tse (Meta) Video Slides
A balancing act between data center energy, carbon, water, and heat reuse Ewa Klimek (Roxtec) | Sean Barlett (Portacool) Video Slides
Panel: Transformational improvements in data center power efficiency and sustainability Tawfik Rahal-Arabi (Advanced Micro Devices) | Jonathan Koomey (AMD) | Brijesh Warrier (Microsoft) | Bapi Vinnakota (OCP) Video Slides
Build Sustainable Cloud Computing Software Stack for Carbon Reduction Nishi Ahuja (Intel) | Edmund Song (Intel) Video Slides
Designed for Circularity: The Future of Sustainable Storage Jonmichael Hands (Chia Network) | Louis Kotsakis (Microsoft) Video Slides
Rethink the swim lanes for sustainability - learnings from SSD evolution Yuyang Sun (Solidigm) | Timothy Rothman (Solidigm) | Michelle Friedheim (Solidigm) Video Slides
Sustainability in Data Centers - Why Now? Shruti Sethi (Microsoft) | Frances Amatruda (Meta) Video Slides
Sustainability Opportunities for Cloud Storage Shruti Sethi (Microsoft) | Swapna Yasarapu (Microsoft) Video Slides
Carbon Dioxide Removal Technologies: Is open standard an approach? Julius Kusama (Meta) Video Slides
Total Cost of Carbon Ownership for the Global Data Explosion Arie van der Hoeven (Seagate) Video Slides
PANEL: Sustainability in Digital Infrastructure: Perspectives from the Industry Rob Coyle (Moderator) (OCP) | Mohan Kumar (Intel) | Priya Chhiba (Google) | Andrea Desimone (Schneider Electric) Video Slides

Time Appliances Project (TAP) (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
A Set of Standards to deploy Sync in OCP Kishan Shenoi (Intel) Video Slides
Synchronization in the Datacenter Heiko Gerstung (Meinberg) Video Slides
Carbon & Clocks - Tick-tocking towards better Sustainability and Resilient Timing for Datacenters Francisco Girela (Safran Group) | Sam Martin (Calnex) Video Slides
Assured PNT - All what you need to know Daniel Burch (Adtran - Oscilloquartz) Video Slides
Enhanced Timekeeping with Optical Clocks Robbie Fasano (Infleqtion) Video Slides
Achieving Precise Synchronization and Advanced Performance in Open RAN and 5G Deployments through PTP implementation in SONiC and Seamless Integration of Synchronization Saurabh Kapoor (Dell) | Bhaskar Chinni (Broadcom) | Sandeep Balani (Broadcom) Video Slides
The Role of atomic clocks as a backup to OCP Timing Appliances in Distributed Databases David Chandler (Microchip) Video Slides
Wireless precise time measurement and synchronization with commodity WiFi chipsets and WiWi modules for Time Cards Aditya Arun (University of California San Diego) | Nobuyasu Shiga (NICT) Video Slides
Traceable Time Services for OpenTap Systems Robert Lindauer (Hoptroff) Video Slides
Delivering Immediate Precision Time in Financial Services David Zage (Intel) | Seth Friedman (Liquid-Markets) | Alex Stein (Liquid-Markets) Video Slides
Synchronizing the Future with Precision Time Measurement and Time-Aware GPIO on Intel Hardware Brian Wheeler (AMI) | Ahmad Byagowi (Meta) | David Zage (Intel) Video Slides
Rogue Transparent Clock (TC) detection Ahmad Byagowi (Meta) | Amit Oren (Broadcom) | Bhaskar Chinni (Broadcom) Video Slides
Synchronizing the NIC Greg Armstrong (Renesas) Video Slides
Characterizing PTM Enabled Hardware and Using Higher Stability Oscillators for NICs and CPUs Brandon Frech (Calnex) | Julian St. James (Meta) | Ali Rouhi (SiTime) Video Slides
Enabling Synchronization for Seamless Integration of Data Centers in 5G Ullas Kumar (Rakon) Video  

OCP Special Focus: Deployments (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
From DCI Evolution to Campus Revolution: STORDIS's Journey with OCP & SONiC Lukas Lukowski (STORDIS) Video Slides
Operating repurposed OCP servers using a single phase ORv2 immersion system powered by biogas driven fuel cells and ORv3 immersion developments Jon Summers (RISE) | Oriol Chavanel (Submer) Video Slides
Case Study - Practical Carbon Footprint Reduction With Hyperscale Computing Erik Riedel (Flax Computing) Video Slides
Provision Open Source Firmware system at scale Jean-Marie Verdun (HPE) | Elyès ZEKRI (Scaleway) | STEPHANE DUTILLEUL (Scaleway) Video Slides
Building a Sustainable Business Around OCP (Open Compute Project) Christoph Streit (ScaleUp Technologies) Video Slides
Adapting OCP Hardware Made it Possible to scale Yasser elgebaly (Smart Cloud Solutions) | John Barfield (Smart Cloud Solutions) Video Slides
AWS - an update on the Enterprise Edge Gateway contribution including learnings and supply chain availability Michael Lane (AWS) Video  
OCP S.A.F.E. - The Security Appraisal Framework & Enablement program - OCP Standards for Third Party Security Reviews of ROM and Firmware Bryan Kelly (Microsoft) | Amber Huffman (Google) Video Slides
From Innovation to Commercialization... a walk through of an OCP contribution to the OCP Marketplace Steve Helvie (OCP) | Rob Coyle (OCP) Video Slides

OCP Special Focus: Quantum (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
Why Quantum and OCP Cliff Grossner (OCP) Video  
Quantum Computing Market and Adoption Trends Heather West (IDC) Video Slides
Case study on the deployment of a quantum computer in a high performance computing center Christian Bassila (Anyon Systems) Video Slides
Solving with Today’s Quantum: How Annealing Quantum Computing Addresses Complex Optimization Problems Now Mark Johnson (D-Wave) Video Slides
Infleqtion: Making Quantum Matter Bob Sutor (Infleqtion) Video Slides
High Accuracy Time Synchronization for Quantum Networking Francisco Girela (SAFRAN GROUP) Video Slides
Make quantum computing useful with the world’s first performance-management software solution Pranav Santosh Mundada (Q-CTRL) Video Slides
Quantum-Safe Networks in the Making Diego Lopez (Telefonica) Video Slides
Developing Quantum Processors, Methods, and Applications on a Superconducting Circuit Testbed Ravi Naik (LBL) Video Slides
Panel: Taming the Emerging Quantum Opportunity for Open Collaboration Heather West (Moderator) (IDC) | Diego Lopez (Telefonica) | Bob Sutor (Infleqtion) | Christian Bassila (Anyon) | Pranav Santosh Mundada (Q-CTRL) Video Slides

OCP Special Focus: Optics (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
Large Scale AI Clusters: Network Architectures and Optics Andy Bechtolsheim (Arista) Video Slides
AI Networking Market Overview Sameh Boujelbene (Dell'Oro Group) Video Slides
Meta Use Cases Darron Young (Meta) Video Slides
Lightwave Fabrics: At-Scale Optical Circuit Switching for Datacenter and Machine Learning Systems Kevin Yasumura (Google) Video Slides
Microsoft Use Cases Ram Huggahalli (Microsoft) Video Slides
The Path for Next Generation Optics Nathan Tracy (OIF) Video Slides
Thermal Characterization of High-Power Pluggable Optical Modules Hasan Ali (Molex) | Joe Jacques (Cisco) Video Slides
Methods for integration and evaluation of LPO Yishen Huang (Meta) | Qing Wang (Meta) | Janet Chen (Meta) Video Slides
Enabling Multi-Vendor Interoperability at 224G to Drive 1.6T Data Center Optics Michael Klempa (AlphaWave IP) Video Slides
Challenges and opportunities for optics in AI Vlad Kozlov (Light Counting) | Manish Mehta (Broadcom) | Loi Nguyen (Marvell) | Andy Bechtolsheim (Arista) Video Slides

OCP Special Focus: Artificial Intelligence (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
The AI Datacenter Andy Bechtolsheim (Arista) Video Slides
Architecture 2.0: Data-Centric AI Gymnasium for Computer Architecture Design Vijay Janapa Reddi (Harvard University) Video Slides
AI Use Cases Vikram Kasivajhula (Google) & Manoj Wadekar (Meta) & Alex Wetmore (Microsoft) Video Slides
Hardware Architecture & Evolution Dermot O'Driscoll (ARM) & Paulius Micikevicius (Nvidia) & Song Kok Hang (AMD) & Kannan Heeranam (Intel) Video Slides
Unifying ML infrastructure for performance across AI/ML frameworks and hardware Eugne Burmako (Google) & Paul Baumstarck (Google) & Nitin Nitin (Nvidia) Video Slides
Flexible AI System Design and CXL Chris Petersen (Meta) & Prakash Chauhan (Meta) Video Slides
CXL Shared Memory Smashes Through the IO Wall for AI Clusters Charles Fan (MemVerge) Video Slides
CXL The Superhighway for AI Workloads Ahmad Danesh (Astera Labs) Video Slides
Interweaving compute and memory for Improved performance with LMM George Williams (GSI Technology) & Euicheol Lim (SK Hynix) Video Slides
Simple and Effective In-band Signals for Efficient Traffic Management in HPC and AI/ML Networks Naoshad Mehta (Google) & Jai Kumar (Broadcom) & Abhiram Ravi (Google) Video Slides

Future Technologies Initiative (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
Overview of the White paper, the Agenda and the Workstream Michael Bortz (OCP) Video Slides
NIC PhotoNICs David Piehler (Dell) Video Slides
Opportunities for Optical Computer Interconnects: A Meta Platforms Perspective Drew Alduino (Meta) Video Slides
Photonics-Based Resource Disaggregation for HPC Georgios Michelogiannakis (LBL/Stanford) Video Slides
Optical CXL Interconnect for Large Scale Memory Pooling Ron Swartzentruber (Lightelligence) Video Slides
Optical Interconnect: Pathways to an Open Infrastructure for AI Matthew Williams (Rockport Networks) Video Slides
The Long Road to Rackscale Disaggregation Bob Wheeler (LightCounting) Video Slides
Introduction to the Tech summit theme Rita Gupta (Sony) Video  
Exploring Near-Memory Processing Architecture: Design Challenges and Considerations for Programming Models Youngpyo Joo (SK hynix) Video Slides
Energy Efficient Optical Links for PCIE Jeff Hutchins (Ranovus) Video Slides
Demystifying In-band and Out-of-band Methods for Hyperscale Fleet Management George Kola (Google) | Anil Agrawal (Meta) Video Slides
Architectural Challenges and Innovation for Compute Infrastructure Co-Design Peipei Zhou (University of Pittsburgh) Video Slides
XPI: Acceleration Programming Interface Pankaj Mehra (Elephance Memory) Video Slides
Scalable Optical I/O for Disaggregated Infrastructure LK Bhupathi (Ayar Labs) Video Slides
Scale-up and Scale-out challenges for disaggregated infrastructure Siamak Tavallaei (Independent) Video Slides
A Computational Storage Journey: Motivation, Economics, and Consumability Gary Grider (Los Alamos National Laboratory) Video Slides
High Density Optical Interconnect for the ML Array Edge Karen Liu (Nubis) Video Slides
Data Center Life Cycle Manageability @ Scale Nirav Shah (Intel) | Scott Ramsey (Dell) Video  
Memory Scalability in AI co-design Danny Moore (Rambus) | Taekang Song (Rambus) Video  
A Next-Generation DPU-Accelerated Petabyte-Scale Storage Solution to Build Future Data-Centric Datacenters Jungsoo Kim (Samsung) | Dongup Kwon (Mangoboost) Video  
Multi-wavelength Technology for Scalable and Reliable Optical Compute Interconnects Brian Koch (Quintessent) Video Slides
Scalability of Memory subsystem Isaiah Weiner (Weka IO) Video  
VCSELs in co-packaged optics for SR applications Vipul Bhatt (Coherent) Video Slides
Panel: OCP framework for utilizing ML/AI for at scale fleet management Sammy Nachimuthu (Intel) | Changho Choi (Samsung) | Panos Christeas (Meta) | Robert Chappell (Microsoft) | George Kola (Google) | Rahul Khanna (Oregon State University) Video Slides
Modeling Methodology and tools for HW/SW Codesign Tushar Krishna (Georgia Institute of Tech) | Srinivas Sridharan (NVIDIA) Video Slides
Future Computational Storage Offloads to speed recovery from Ransomware, Malware and other intrusions Tim Fisher (IBM) Video Slides
High Density Low Power Micro-LED based Optical Interconnects for Chip-to-Chip Communications Chris Pfistner (Avicena) Video Slides
Heterogeneous Integration and Linear Optical Engines Radha Nagarajan (Marvell) Video Slides
Protecting data at rest with Computational Storage Scott Shadley (Solidigm) Video Slides
Panel: Polymorphic Architecture Meets Large AI Models Brian Hirano (Micron) | Weifeng Zhang (Lightelligence) | Allan Cantle (Nallasway) | Danny Moore (Rambus) | Tushar Krishna (Georgia Institute of Tech) Video  
PANEL: Data Centric Computing, Present and Future Hoshik Kim (SK hynix) | Ada Gavrilovska (Georgia Tech) | Pankaj Mehra (Elephance Memory) | Christos Kozyrakis (Stanford) Video Slides
Panel/Open session/Rump Session Michael Bortz (OCP) Video  

Future Technologies Symposium (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
2023 FTS Welcome and Kickoff Lesya Dymyd (OCP) | Allan Smith (OCP) Video  
2023 FTI Updates: AI HW-SW Codesign, Cloud Service Model, Data Centric Computing Allan Smith (OCP FTI) | Weifeng Zhang (Lightelligence) | Sammy Nachimuthu (Intel) | Yang Seok (Samsung) Video  
FTI Announcement: Optics Introduction, CSM Transition Allan Smith (OCP) Video  
Toward scalable and reliable optical compute interconnects Alan Liu (Quintessent) Video  
Unlocking the Full Device Potentials Together - presented by Samsung Sungwook Ryu (Samsung) Video Slides
DC Sustainability: High-Heat-Flux Rack Level Direct-to-Chip Two-Phase Cooling Using Sustainable Fluids Richard Bonner (Accelsius) Video Slides
DC Sustainability: Liquid Cooling for Optical Networking Equipment Behzad Mohajer (Ciena) | Peter Ajersch Video Slides
DC Sustainability: The Circular Data Centre Compass - supporting Sustainability and Circularity in the Data Centre Industry Deborah Andrews (London South Bank University / CEDaCI project) Video Slides
Importance of a Test and Measurement Partner to Accelerate Innovation - presented by Spirent Communications Kevin Chang (Spirent Communications) Video  
Other (Server & Power): A M-CRPS compatible totem-pole bridgeless PFC with re-rush current control and extreme low iTHD Sheng-Yang Yu (Texas Instruments) Video Slides
Other (Server & Power): Active Tuning Control for Practical Implementations of Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converters Rose Abramson (UC Berkeley) | Haifah Sambo () Video Slides
Other (Server & Power): A 1200-A/48-V-to-1-V Switching Bus Converter for Next-Generation Ultra-High-Power Microprocessors Yicheng Zhu (University of California- Berkeley) | Robert Pilawa-Podgurski (UC Berkeley) Video Slides
Network: Ultra low-power, high-density parallel microLED optical links Rob Kalman (Avicena Tech) Video Slides
Network: Ultra-Dense and Ultra-Low Power 16x112-Gbps Linear-Drive Silicon Photonics for ML/AI Peter Winzer (Nubis Communications) Video Slides
Guessing at the future of Generative AI Zaid Kahn (Microsoft ) | Allan Smith (OCP) Video  
AI/HPC: BBCube 3D: Heterogeneous 3D Integration to Provide TB/s Bandwidth with Lowest Bit Access Energy for AI/HPC applications Norio Chujo (Hitachi- Ltd.) Video Slides
AI/HPC: Advanced package technologies for chiplet adoption and memory integration in HPC/AI applications Yan Li (Samsung) Video Slides
AI/HPC: The Future of AI/ML Innovation is Row-Scale Disaggregation Matthew Williams (Rockport Networks) Video Slides
ERA of Core Scaling - presented by AMD Robert Hormuth (AMD) Video Slides
Quantum: Low-Loss Connections to Optical Fibers for Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuits Ryan Vallance (Senko Advanced Components) Video Slides
Quantum: Advances in the Quantum Interconnect Technology Richard Pitwon (Resolute Photonics) Video Slides
Quantum: How to build a Quantum Data Center with Virtual Quantum Processors Karl Rabe (WoodenDataCenter) Video Slides
FTS WrapUp and FTI Breakout Kickoff Lesya Dymyd (OCP) | Allan Smith (OCP) Video  
OCP Future Technology Symposium Awards Ceremony Introduction by Andy Bechtolsheim (Arista), Presented by Lesya Dymyd (OCP) | Allan Smith (OCP) Video  

Hackathon (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
Hackathon Introductions Bijan Nowroozi (OCP) Video   
Hackathon Pitch - Team 1: Project Sheikah - AI powered by locals Qi Tang (Google), Yi Han (Google), Sharu Jiang (Google), Zhendong Peng (Google)  Video   
Hackathon Pitch - Team 2: GREEN CYCLOPS, Managing natural resources using AI, Edge Computing and Advanced Communication capabilities Santiago Rodriguez (Optare Solutions), Fernando Lamela (Optare Solutions) Video  
Hackathon Pitch - Team 3: Predictive Maintenance of Hardware Vijay Pal (PalC Networks), Vignesh Kesavan (PalC Networks), Kingston Selvaraj (PalC Networks), Steven John King (PalC Networks) Video   
Hackathon Awards Bijan Nowroozi (OCP) Video   

CXL Forum (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
The Past, Present, and Future of CXL™ and Big Memory Computing Charles Fan (MemVerge) Video  
CXL™ (Compute Express Link™): Advancing coherent connectivity Mahesh Wagh (CXL Consortium (AMD)) Video  
CXL Fabric Management Standards Jeffrey Hilland (HPE) Video  
The state of CXL-based activities at OCP Siamak Tavallaei (Independent) | Dharmesh Jani (Meta) Video  
SK hynix CXL Disaggregated Memory Solution Jungmin Choi (SK hynix) Video  
CXL enabled heterogeneous active Memory Tiering Bhushan Chitlur (Intel) Video  
CXL Controller by Montage Technology Geof Findley (Montage Technology) Video  
Break Through the Memory Wall with CXL Michael Ocampo (Astera Labs) Video  
Memory Solutions with CXL Arthur Sainio (SMART Modular) Video  
A Software Stack for CXL Environments Steve Scargall (MemVerge) Video  
GenAI at UBER: Scaling Infrastructure Navneeth Kankani (Uber) | Bo Ling (Uber) | Baojun Liu (Uber) Video  
Introduction to CXL Fabrics Vincent Haché (Rambus) Video  
Broadcom Accelerates PCIe/CXL Roadmap to Enable the Open AI Ecosystem Rick Kutcipal (Broadcom) Video  
CXL Memory Expansion, Pooling, Sharing, FAM Enablement, and Switching Tam Do (Microchip) | Sanketh Srinivas (Microchip) Video  
CXL 2.0 Switch Enabling Composable Memory Architecture in AI/HPC Computing Gerry Fan (XConn Technologies) Video  
Bridging the Memory and Network Worlds with the Accelerated Compute Fabric Switch Rochan Sankar (Enfabrica) Video  
Enabling CXL within the Data Center with Arm Solutions Parag Beeraka (Arm) Video  
Memory Expansion with CXL Modules: Benefits, Use Cases, and Future Directions Poorna Kale (Micron Technology) Video  
Advantages of Optical CXL for Disaggregated Compute Architectures Ron Swartzentruber (Lightelligence) Video  
Partnership to enable copper for the next generation Artificial Intelligence Computing WaiKiong Poon (Molex) | Seunghyun Eddy Hwang (NVIDIA) Video Slides
Card Edge Interconnects - Understanding Device and Riser Card Connectivity Tradeoffs Christopher Blackburn (TE Connectivity) Video  

SONiC Workshop (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
Welcome to the SONiC Workshop hosted by The Linux Foundation Arpit Joshipura (SONiC Foundation) Video  
SONiC Foundation Updates: SONiC 2023 Unleashing the Power of Open Networking Arpit Joshipura (The Linux Foundation) & Xin Liu (Microsoft) & Yanzhao Zhang (Microsoft) Video Slides
First Telco use case disaggregated SONiC Switches in production Jamil Chawki (Orange International Networks) Video Slides
Network Fabrics for AI Workloads Senthil Kumar Ganesan (Dell Technologies) & Venkatesan Mahalingam (Dell Technologies) Video Slides
Alibaba’s Predictable Global Network Traffic Steering Service on SRv6 Yongping Tang (Alibaba) Video Slides
Alibaba next generation gateway and solution with DPU Hua Li (Alibaba) | Sanjay Thyamagundalu (AMD) Video Slides
Hitless S/W Upgrades & Non Stop Forwarding Akarsh Gupta (Google) | Bhagat Janarthanan (Google) Video Slides
Next Generation Fabric for AI/ML use cases: Disaggregated Scheduled Fabric using SONiC Prashanth Buddhala (Cisco) Video  
Revolutionizing SONiC Routing: Tackling Challenges in FRR Integration and Scaling up Routing Features Eddie Ruan (Alibaba) | Syed Hasan Raza Naqvi (Broadcom) Video Slides
Strengthen SONiC quality with SAI validation pipeline Ying Xie (Microsoft) Video  
Fully Scheduled Ethernet Fabrics for ML Workloads Mani Veerachamy (Cisco) | Prashanth Buddhala (Cisco)   Slides
2023 SONiC Hackathon Recap Xin Liu (SONiC Foundation) | Sunny Cai (Linux Foundation) Video Slides

DENT Mini Summit (Chronological order)

Title Speakers
Opening [Welcome and Vision of NoS] Arpit Joshipura (The Linux Foundation) Video  
Introduction to DENT Kevin Yao (Micas Networks) | Max Simmons (Micas Networks) Video  
Vision of DENT Jason Long (Amazon) | Sean Crandall (Amazon) Video  
DENT End-User Story Sean Crandall (Amazon) | Chetan Murthy (Amazon) Video  
DENT Features Roadmap Taskin Ucpinar (Amazon) Video  
What’s done and What’s new in DENT Upstreaming Activities Bruno Banelli (Sartura) Video  
Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) Testing in DENT Taras Chornyi (PLVision) | Manodipto Ghose (Keysight) Video  
DENT Workshop Taskin Ucpinar (Amazon) Video  
Open Source PoE & DENT Carl Roth (Amazon) | Shaw Li (Amazon) Video  
Best practices to integrate DENT community test cases into CI pipeline Mircea Dan Gheorghe (Keysight) | Manodipto Ghose (Keysight) | Chetan Murthy (Amazon) Video  
Panel: DENT BoF Jan Klare (BISDN) | Larry Ho (Edge-Core Networks) | Sandeep Nagaraja (Amazon) | Taras Chornyi (PLVision) | Manodipto Ghose (Keysight) Video  

Partner: TechArena Podcasts (Alphabetical order)

Title Description
A Sustainable Data Center Future with Meta and OCP Lead Dharmesh Jani TechArena host Allyson Klein chats with Meta and OCP lead Dharmesh Jani about his vision for sustainability innovation for the data center and how the OCP sustainability initiative came into being. Podcast
An Industry Legend Offers His View of Cooling for the AI Era Andy Bechtosheim is a legend of the computing industry. Currently at Arista Networks, Andy is arguably best known for founding Sun Microsystems but also founded Granite Systems, a gigabit ethernet startup acquired by Cisco, and of course Arista. He was also a key founder of the OCP organization. Article
Storage Innovation in the AI Era with Solidigm’s Roger Corell and Tahmid Rahman TechArena host Allyson Klein chats with Solidigm’s Roger Corell and Tahmid Rahman at the OCP Summit about their company’s heritage in the storage arena and how their SSD portfolio delivers the performance and efficiency required for the AI era. Podcast
Sustainability Advancements from OCP in 2023 with Intel, Microsoft and Schneider Electric TechArena host Allyson Klein talks to Intel’s Eric Dahlen, Microsoft’s Shurti Sethi and Schneider Electric’s Alex Rakow about the advancement of OCP’s sustainability initiative in 2023 across embodied carbon in silicon, circularity, and getting beyond PUE. Podcast
The Future of Computing Infrastructure for the AI Era with Cloudflare’s Rebecca Weekly TechArena host Allyson Klein chats with Cloudflare VP Rebecca Weekly at the OCP Summit on far ranging topics including the demands of AI on infrastructure, how Summit announcements will shape the industry, and the importance of modular and circular infrastructure oversight. Podcast
The Quest for Broad Data Center Advancement with Arm’s Eddie Ramirez TechArena host Allyson Klein chats with Arm’s Eddie Ramirez at the Open Compute Summit about the architecture’s progress in data center, growing a thriving ecosystem, and the sustainability advantages of Arm’s design making it even more attractive to data center operators. Podcast

Partner: NextGenInfra.io Event Highlights (Alphabetical order)

Title Speakers
800ZR/ZR+ OSFP for Regional Data Center Interconnects Radha Nagarajan, SVP and CTO of Optical and Cloud at Marvell, highlighted the company's new 800 Gbps ZR/ZR+ coherent pluggable module designed to enhance data center connectivity by converting a switch or router into a transport platform. The module, which leverages Marvell's capabilities at 800 gig, including the DSP, high-speed TIAs, drivers, and silicon photonics, enables a single fiber capacity of 25.6 terabits between data centers, facilitating larger data aggregation. Video
Accelerating the Chiplet Economy Bapi Vinnakota, ODSA Project Lead at Open Compute Project, highlighted the advancements in the open chiplet economy, including the development of a new language, CDXML with JEDEC, to describe chiplets globally and aid in tool flows and design searches. The project has also seen progress in interfaces, with the open chiplet economy transitioning from theory to tangible products and prototypes, as demonstrated by an experience center showcasing chiplet-based products, IP, and workflow from 11 companies. Video
AI Efficiency and Scalability Sean Varley, VP of Product Marketing at Ampere, addressed the shift in focus at the OCP Summit from traditional equipment suppliers to AI, which is becoming a significant workload in data centers. To tackle the challenges of proprietary technologies in AI deployment, Ampere announced the formation of an AI Platform Alliance, aiming to unite vendors in creating open technology platforms for AI acceleration, emphasizing efficiency and sustainability. Video
AI is Open Compute Project's Biggest Challenge Zaid Kahn, Board Chair of Open Compute Project (OCP), recognizes the challenges posed by the rapid development of AI, necessitating a rethink in system design, data center construction, and infrastructure cooling. Khan emphasizes the need for collective effort and collaboration to address these issues, and explains the role OCP plays. Video
Broadcom's new 25.6T Router Super Chip Henry Wu, Technical Director at Broadcom, unveils the Qumran3D, the industry's first 5-nanometer 25.6 terabit router chip, offering up to 66% power savings and 80% router space reduction. The device, designed to combat cybersecurity threats, supports high-speed, high-density port interfaces up to 800GE leveraging best-in-class 100Gb/s PAM-4 SerDes. The design also enables massive on chip forwarding databases, eliminating the need for companion devices. Video
CXL for AI-Powered Data Centers Siamak Tavallaei, CXL Advisor to the Board at CXL Consortium, addressed the challenges artificial intelligence and machine learning pose to system architects at the OCP Global Summit. He proposed the use of the CXL specification, UCIe as a transport for running CXL for die to die, and interconnect techniques like photonics to construct large machine learning systems, enabling larger memory blocks and interfaces with emerging memory technologies. Video
Future Tech Symposium - AI, Quantum, Sustainability Lesya Dymyd, Chair of the Future Technology Symposium at the Open Compute Project, highlighted future technologies presented by startups, R&D organizations, and academic researchers. The 2023 edition featured five technological tracks, live demos and poster sessions. The next event will next take place in Lisbon, Portugal, on April 24 and 25th, 2024. Video
New Multi-Vendor Supply Chains Steve Helvie, VP Emerging Markets at Open Compute Project (OCP), highlights some key announcements from OCP Summit 2023, including the introduction of OCP SAFE, a security appraisal framework for hardware and firmware, and the development of modular hardware systems for data center systems. Helvie also noted the growth of OCP Experience Centers, now numbering 20 worldwide, which allow members to evaluate and test hardware. Video
Pathways to Optical Innovation for AI Data Centers Nathan Tracy, President of OIF, recently discussed the organization's future plans, including the development of 200G electrical and 100G linear optics, CMIS activities, and the importance of co-packaging for AI data centers. Tracy also introduced a new project aimed at creating energy-efficient interconnects to deliver industry-standard interoperable solutions for next-generation AI data centers. Video
Power Efficiency of Next Gen CPO Data Center Switches Max Simmons, Chief Marketing Officer at Micas Networks, presented at the OCP Global Summit 2023 about the company's new switches co-packaged with optics from Broadcom, which deliver up to 30% lower power consumption. Micas Networks showcased their C-package optics technology, which is of interest to large hyperscalers for power savings in data centers, and is eager to collaborate with these companies for its implementation in the future. Video
Three Key Findings for AI Data Centers Alan Weckel, Founder and Technology Analyst at 650 Group, emphasized the need for server base refreshment to meet AI server power requirements and the growing interest in liquid cooling solutions for server heat management at a recent technology show. He also highlighted the increasing influence of AI on server and data center designs, likening its potential impact to the democratization of compute by the Open Compute Project (OCP) a decade ago, while expressing skepticism towards immersion cooling due to its data center limitations. Video
Transforming Data Centers with PCIe, CXL and Ethernet At the OCP 2023 event, Thad Omura, SVP of Business and Corporate Development at Astera Labs, discussed the company's advancements in scaling AI platforms and cloud infrastructure, including enabling PCI Express infrastructure to scale with increasing GPUs and AI accelerators. Astera Labs has also partnered with Lenovo and AMD to offer unprecedented memory capacity using their CXL memory expanders, and showcased their industry-leading ethernet retim used for active electrical cases, allowing high-speed connectivity in the rack and from switch to switch. Video