Participating in the New Open Chiplet Economy


  • Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., VP Market Intelligence & Innovation, OCP

Workshop Organizers:

  • Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., VP Market Intelligence & Innovation, OCP
  • Bapi Vinnakota, Ph.D., ODSA Project Lead, OCP

Specialized hardware is needed to meet the demands of modern workloads, and is driving an evolution in the silicon supply chain from delivering system on chip (SOC) to multivendor ecosystems building system in package (SiP)s, with “drop in Chiplets” needed for SiP construction. In effect a new Chiplet economy is emerging and will require collaboration and standardizations on multiple dimensions, ensuring that companies are able to interact in an open efficient and scalable manner. Within the Chiplet economy ecosystem organizations will take different roles, those creating Chiplets, those building SiPs using Chiplets they have sourced externally combined with internally developed Chiplets, and those that provide support for this ecosystem with design tools, test facilities, and professional services. Join this tutorial to hear from end users describe their latest use cases, SiP builders applying the latest technologies, vendors providing the latest tools for SiP production at scale, and an analyst led panel session discussing key enablers still needed to create a vibrant open Chiplet economy.

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Does the Market Want Chiplets (What is driving the demand for Chiplets)
  3. Building Chiplets and System in Package (SiP) (What Chiplets are already available)
  4. Arming the Vendors and Builders of the Chiplet Economy (Support the emerging Chiplet marketplace)
  5. Panel Session: Key enablers needed for an open Chiplet Economy: When and How?
    • Panel Members:
      • John Shalf, DoE
      • Alvin Loke, NXP
      • Kevin Yee, Samsung
      • Bapi Vinnakota, OCP
      • Travis Lanier, Ventana Systems