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The OCP Summit is the premier event uniting the most forward-thinking minds in open IT Ecosystem development. The Summit presents a unique platform for our Community from around the globe to share their insights, foster partnerships and showcase cutting-edge advancements in open hardware and software. 

The 2024 OCP Global Summit theme is "From Ideas to Impact". This encapsulates the transformative journey at the heart of the Open Compute Project. This year’s theme reflects OCP’s commitment to fostering innovation that transcends theoretical discussions and manifests into real-world solutions. As the pace of technological evolution accelerates and development cycles shorten, our industry is forced to rapidly respond to emerging trends and needs. By harnessing the collective expertise of our global community, we turn visionary ideas into groundbreaking technologies that drive openness, efficiency, sustainability, scalability and growth in the data center industry. Our focus honors the relentless pursuit of progress and the profound impact that OCP’s community-driven innovation can achieve. OCP transforms concepts into impactful advancements.




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  2022 Global Summit Recap  

OCP Summits are held twice each year - in the Spring the OCP Regional Summit is held in Europe, with a specific focus on the challenges and solutions unique to that region of the globe; while the OCP Global Summit is our largest, held in the Fall each year in San Jose, California.

At the 2024 Global Summit, industry leaders, researchers and pioneers from the open community will engage in dynamic dialogues, enlightening workshops, and interactive engineering sessions designed to expand our understanding of the progress that our Projects have made as well as the challenges and road ahead. Participants will explore emerging trends, tackle complex challenges and discover new opportunities to drive global innovation. Through this collaborative spirit, we aim to accelerate the development of efficient, scalable, and sustainable open compute solutions that power the future of technology.

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2023 Global Summit - Session Recordings and Slides

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