OCP Global Summit

March 4-5, 2020

The 2020 OCP Global Summit will be held March 4-5, 2020 at the San Jose Convention Center. The annual Summit brings together more than 3,600 key decision makers, executives, engineers, developers and suppliers. Together, they help grow, drive and support the open hardware ecosystem in, near and around the datacenter and beyond.

Our 2020 Summit Theme is Open for all.

Adoption of open source is occurring at an ever-increasing rate, and the innovations and solutions coming from open collaboration are solving today and tomorrow’s challenges better and faster when working together.
Early on, organizations were fearful of collaborating with their competitors in open source communities. Leading organizations now realize the benefits far outweigh the risks, even among the most competitive industries; they get to build their brands in a trusted, neutral and authentic way through thought leadership, collaboration and sharing of challenges and ideas, while they still retain their valuable intellectual property.
The world’s most innovative organizations - from traditional hyperscalers to colo-facilities to enterprise to government - are realizing the benefits of tested and validated technologies, and they insist on them more and more in their requirements.
Organizations of all sizes can benefit from open collaboration - from first adopters to startups looking to scale quickly, choices abound - from tapping into the circular economy at low quantities to complete integrated solutions with a roadmap for how to deploy in nearly every corner of the globe.

Like open source software, open source hardware is Open for ALL.  


The OCP Summit features:

  • keynote presentations by industry titans
  • product, innovation and future-looking announcements in the Executive and Expo Hall Tracks from Summit sponsors
  • Engineering workshops that feature in-depth discoveries from our OCP Project groups.
  • An expo hall packed with the latest OCP hardware and software offerings
  • many opportunities for attendees to network with your peers in the industry



Want to know what it's like to participate at an OCP Summit? Check out our highlight reel below!


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