Webinar: Data Center NVMe SSD and EDSFF - Presented By: Facebook, SK hynix, KIOXIA, Intel, SNIA

EDSFF is a family of form factors designed from the ground up for data center SSDs. Data center NVMe SSD was started by Facebook and Microsoft collaborating on the years of learning from deploying flash at scale and contributing into an open source SSD specification. The specification details exactly how to build the SSDs that these companies source - come learn about how this is being adopted by hyperscale data centers and enterprise. The SSD companies will be showing off new products around these specifications, and independent testing and validation companies will share details about how they are helping to harden the ecosystem for interoperability and quality for these new specs.


  • OCP Foundation Introduction
  • Industry Analyst: IDC market outlook for NVMe SSDs and EDSFF adoption
  • EDSFF State of Union, specification update, SNIA/SFF - Anthony Constantine, Intel
  • NVMe SSD Spec State of the Union - Lee Prewitt, Microsoft
  • Hyperscale end user case studies and OEM vision for storage
    • Lee Prewitt, Microsoft
    • Ross Stenfort, Facebook
    • Paul Kaler, HPE
    • Bill Lynn, Dell
    • Jonathan Hinkle, Lenovo
  • Latest SSD storage company products and vision for NVMe SSD and EDSFF
    • Jonmichael Hands, Intel
    • Maulik J. Sompura, Kioxia
    • Eric Pike, Western Digital
    • Young Paik, Samsung
    • Roger Peene, Micron
    • Eric Chang, SK hynix
    • Anu Murthy, FADU
  • Independent hardware and software vendor, testing and validation infrastructure
    • Adam Guy, Microsoft
    • Nick Kriczky, Teledyne LeCroy
    • David Woolf, UNH

Thank you to our sponsors who made this event possible!
SK hynix