2019 OCP Regional Summit

 Keynotes  Speaker  Video   Slides 
Welcome to the 2019 OCP Regional Summit  Mark Roenigk (Facebook)  Video  Slides
OCP Regional Summit Highlights Rocky Bullock (OCP)  Video  Slides
2019 Project Highlights and Accomplishments  Bill Carter (OCP)  Video  Slides
Facebook Challenges and Opportunities of Architecting AI Systems at Facebook Datacenter Misha Smelyanskiy (Facebook)  Video  Slides
Open Accelerator Infrastructure Project Announcements Bill Carter (OCP)  Video  Slides
Open Domain-Specific Architecture Project Announcement Bill Carter (OCP)  Video  Slides
Open Systems Firmware 2021 Initiative Bill Carter (OCP), Ron Minnich (Google)  Video  Slides
Operationalizing a Global, Circular IT Industry is Both Our Opportunity and Imperative Ali Fenn (ITRenew)  Video  Slides
Marketplace Momentum & Next Phase Steve Helvie (OCP)  Video  Slides
EDGE Project Update and showcase of Edge New Products Bill Carter (OCP)  Video  Slides
IBM OCP Future Technologies Symposium Teaser Mark A. Lantz (IBM)  Video  Slides
OCP Regional Summit Highlights Steve Helvie (OCP)  Video  Slides


 Lightning Talks   Speaker   Video   Slides 
Open Domain-Specific Architecture (ODSA) Project Overview Bapi Vinnakota (ODSA)  Video  Slides
Open Accelerator Infrastructure (OAI) Project Overview Whitney Zhao (Facebook)  Video  Slides
Open System Firmware (OSF) Project Overview Ron Minnich (Google)  Video  Slides
openEDGE Project Overview Mike Moore (Nokia)  Video  Slides
Open RMC Project Overview John Leung (Intel)  Video  Slides
OCP NIC 3.0 Technology and Ecosystem Update Damien Chong (Facebook)  Video  Slides


Executive Tracks   Speaker   Video   Slides 
Data Center Network Next Generation  Hans-Juergen Schmidtke (Facebook)   Video  Slides
ZT Systems Open Accelerator Infrastructure (OAI) Server Solution Raymond Miles (ZT Systems)  Video  Slides
Bringing Intelligence to Storage with Samsung SmartSSD Kristian Vättö (Samsung)  Video  Slides
Empower New Data Age with new Open Compute Evolution Alan Chang (Inspur)  Video  Slides
Open up your potential with HPE ProLiant Tom Lattin (HPE)  Video  Slides
Architecting for the Zettabyte Era with Zoned Storage Hans Holmberg (Western Digital)  Video  Slides
From Bare Metal Towards OCP Solutions Menno Kortekaas (Circle B), Hancock Chang (MiTAC)  Video  Slides
SONiC Together David Iles (Mellanox)  Video  Slides
From Cloud to Edge - Bringing the CSP proven solution to Edge data center Steven Lu (Wiwynn)  Video  Slides


OCP Case Studies   Speaker   Video   Slides 
Atlancis - Using OCP For Cloud in Africa  Paul Statham (Atlancis)  Video  Slides
Building and Operating an OCP Data Center at Small Scale Jon Summers (RISE)  Video  Slides
OpenStack & OCP Mariano Cunietti (OpenStack)  Video  Slides
Approach of OCP Adoption and How to Operate our OCP Infrastructure in Yahoo! JAPAN Kazuhide Fujimi (Yahoo! Japan)  Video  Slides
Immersion Cooling for Research and Colocation - A case study in cooperation and partnership Daniel Pope (Submer Technologies)  Video  Slides
Exploring Lightning JBoF Configurations for Different Use Cases Wei Zhang (Facebook)  Video  Slides
How OCP servers help unleash stranded flash capacity Deep dive on disaggregation architecture trends and OCP solutions Anjaneya Reddy Chagam (Intel), Jay Shenoy (Hyve), Manoj Wadekar (Facebook)  Video  Slides


Engineering Workshop: Data Center Facility  Speaker   Video   Slides 
Swedish Modules - 300kw Product Submission Presentation Roberto Söderhäll (Swedish Modules, MDC Subproject Lead)  Video  Slides
OCP Critical Facilities Operations Framework Lucas Cardholm (Coromatic)  Video  Slides
The Four OCP Principles Reshaping the Data Centre Facility Stijn de Kruijf (Royal HaskoningDHV)  Video  Slides
Modular Data Center Group Update Roberto Söderhäll, Rob Coyle (MDC Subproject leads)  Video  Slides
Hydro66 OCP Ready Facility recognition process experience Andy Long (Hydro66)  Video  Slides
PCX 90kw Modular Data Center Marketplace Addition Rob Coyle (PCX)  Video  Slides
Datacenter Synergy Ecosystem Wim Buters  Video  Slides


Engineering Workshop: Networking/SONiC   Speaker   Video   Slides 
An Architecture for a Highly Available Disaggregation NOS built upon Open Networking Linux Jonathan Cumming, Pat Moore (MetaSwitch Networks)  Video  Slides
SONiC – Reliability, Manageability and Extensibility Ben Gale (Broadcom), Xin Liu, Guohan Lu (Microsoft)  Video  Slides
SONiC Ansible Test Automation Taskin Ucpina (Edgecore)  Video  Slides
MiniPack Low power 100G fabric switch architecture, mechanical & thermal cooling design Sami Khan, Jimmy Leung (Facebook)  Video  Slides
CLOS Design with Facebook Minipack Andreas La Quiante (Cumulus Networks)  Video  Slides
Devlink Linux Eran Ben Elisha (Mellanox), Bill Holland (Facebook)  Video  Slides
The Road to Minipack Operationalization Tom Harbert, Guilherme Loch Waltrick Goes (Facebook)  Video  Slides
Enabling PIM card hot swapping in SONiC for Minipack Deming Liu (Edgecore)  Video  Slides
Programmable silicon use-cases in the disaggregated network Arkadiy Shapiro (Barefoot Networks)  Video  Slides
Enabling OCP GPON Optical Line Terminals (OLT) using DmOS Ricardo Pianta (Datacom)  Video  Slides
Re-imagining the Multi-tenant DC Gateway Router using Open Whitebox Switching Andreas Falkner (Pluribus Networks)  Video  Slides
White Boxes for BNG Use Case Carsten Michel (Deutsche Telekom),Winnie Lin (Delta Electronics)  Video  Slides


Engineering Workshop: ODSA   Speaker   Video   Slides 
Executive Panel Collaborative Silicon Development  Moderator: Bapi Vinnakota (ODSA)  Video  Slides
ODSA POC Quinn Jacobson (Achronix), Jawad Nasrullah (zGlue), Jayaprakash Balachandran (Cisco)  Video  Slides
Motivation for ODSA/Fit into OCP Dharmesh Jani (Facebook)  Video  Slides
The Open Domain Specific Architechure - A Technical Introduction Bapi Vinnakota (ODSA)  Video  Slides
Bunch of Wires Interface Ramin Farjad (Aquantia), Mark Kuemerle (Global Foundries)  Video  Slides
The Chiplet Design Exchange Jawad Nasrullah (zGlue)  Video  Slides
The Impact of Domain Specific Acceleration and Chiplet Technology on the Semiconductor and Electronics Business (Avera Semi)  Video  Slides


Engineering Workshop: Open Accelerator Infrastructure (OAI)   Speaker   Video   Slides 
Open Accelerator Infrastructure Overview Siamak Tavallaei (Microsoft)  Video   Slides
OAI Panel Ola Tørudbakken (Graphcore),Siamak Tavallaei (Microsoft),Whitney Zhao (Facebook), Robert Ober (NVIDIA), Frank Helms (AMD), A.K. Roy (Intel)  Video  
OAI-UBB Universal baseboard for OCP Accelerator Module Richard Ding (Baidu), Siamak Tavallaei (Microsoft), Whitney Zhao (Facebook)  Video   Slides
OAM Reference Systems Joint Review Mark Chubb (ZT Systems), Emilie Yang (Hyve Design Solutions), Adam Tin (Inspur)  Video   Slides
Datacenter-ready Secure Control Module for OAI (OAI-SCM) Siamak Tavallaei (Microsoft)  Video   Slides
Cooling solution on OAM Reference Systems Tiffany Jin (Facebook), Cheng Chen (Facebook), Richard Ding (Baidu), Tianyi Gao (Baidu)  Video   Slides


Engineering Workshop: Open System Firmware/OpenRMC   Speaker   Video   Slides
Advancements to Improving Cloud System Up-Time with Runtime Firmware Upgrade Mallik Bulusu (Microsoft), Murugasamy Nachimuthu (Intel)  Video  Slides
Arm SBBR and ServerReady Program Dong Wei (ARM)  Video  Slides
Intel Firmware Support Package (FSP) + EDK II for Cloud Mallik Bulusu (Microsoft), Murugasamy Nachimuthu (Intel)  Video  Slides
Open System Firmware From Scratch Jonathan Zhang, David Hendricks (Facebook)  Video  Slides
Open System Firmware support for multi socket OCP platforms - coreboot POC on TiogaPass and Skylake SP Jonathan Zhang (Facebook), Anjaneya Reddy Chagam (Intel)  Video  Slides
Passing System Configuration Data from Firmware to Kernel Natarajan Sivagar (Google), Sarathy Jayakumar (Intel)  Video  Slides
OCPs Open Rack Manager Controller subproject John Leung (Intel), Han Wan (Inspur)  Video  Slides
OpenBMC Updates on current status and Telemetry framework Sagar Dharia, Neeraj Ladkani (Microsoft)  Video  Slides
Inspur RMC Solution Facilitates Datacenter Management Wilson Guo (Inspur)  Video  Slides
Platform Hardware Error Handling Requirements for Large Scale Data Center Anil Agrawal (Intel), Zhengyu Yang, David Xiao (Facebook)   Video  Slides
Server Base Manageability Guide for SBSA Compliant Arm (AARCH64) Servers Dong Wei, Supreeth Venkatesh (ARM)  Video  Slides


Engineering Workshop: openEDGE   Speaker   Video   Slides 
Driving transformation in Telcos infrastructures through OCP adoption  Pier Luigi Ventre (MTS, ONF)  Video  Slides
OCP Access Updates Jeff Catlin (Edgecore)  Video  Slides
Converged Access Specification Update Sumithra Bhojan (AT&T)  Video  Slides
openEDGE Ecosystem Opportunities Mike Moore (Nokia)  Video  Slides
openEDGE Chassis Form Factor Development Mikko Ohvo (Nokia)  Video  Slides
openEDGE on ARM Architecture Dong Wei (ARM)  Video  Slides
Ampere for the openEDGE Shannon Hollas (Ampere)  Video  Slides
openEDGE Product Plans from ASUS Nelson Wang (ASUS)  Video  Slides
openEDGE RMC Tomi Männikkö (Nokia)  Video  Slides
openeEDGE Server Tomi Männikkö (Nokia)  Video  Slides


Engineering Workshop: Rack &Power/ACS  Speaker  Video   Slides 
Rack for Telco Central Office Michel Geensen (KPN), Liang Zhang (Schnieder Electric   Video  Slides
An Introduction to ACS Liquid Cooling Cold Plate Requirements Jessica Gullbrand (Intel)  Video  Slides
OCP-ACS Door Heat Exchanger Specification Update John Fernandes (Facebook)  Video  Slides
Cooling of OCP V2 - Door HEX Step 2 Resul Antinkilic (Rittal)  Video  Slides
Eco-system Enabling of Liquid Cooling Ingredients Update Jessica Gullbrand (Intel)  Video  Slides
Immersed Computing optimised IT platforms Rolf Brink (Asperitas)  Video  Slides
Experiences with Immersion Cooling in Alibaba Datacenter Yangfan Zhong (Alibaba)  Video  Slides
Open Rack V3 Frame Spec Update Steve Mills (Facebook)  Video  Slides
Open Rack V3 Power System Hamid Keyhani (Facebook), Shaun Harris (Microsoft)  Video  Slides
Multi vendor Interop Specification Review Harry Soin (Artesyn)  Video  Slides
44OU OCP Rack Steven Moore (Rittal)  Video  Slides


Engineering Workshop: Server/Storage   Speaker   Video   Slides 
Datacenter-ready Secure Control Module (DC-SCM)  Siamak Tavallaei (Microsoft)  Video  Slides
HW-SW Co-design for future AI platforms - Large memory unified training platform (Zion) Whitney Zhao, Dheevatsa Mudigere (Facebook)  Video  Slides
Increasing network throughput and reducing CPU utilization by offloading KTLS onto crypto Nic Viljoen (Netronome)  Video  Slides
Leveraging OCP Yosemite servers to build more cost-efficient and performant AI Inferencing architectures Bapi Vinnakota (Netronome)  Video  Slides
The Intel Transparent Supply Chain Catherine Spence (Intel)  Video  Slides
Using Secure-Boot on OCP NIC controllers to prevent supply-chain and hardware cloning attacks Elad Wind, Yuval Itkin (Mellanox)  Video  Slides