2024 OCP Future Technologies Symposium

The OCP Future Technologies Symposium (FTS) is intended to bring to the OCP Community a forward-looking funnel of ideas and talent, with a focus on solving future problems facing the industry, and accelerate productization through partnerships and collaborative R&D.

The primary audiences for FTS are global academic, research, startup and venture communities. All participants in FTS  are invited to show their cutting-edge technologies and ongoing research and  development projects. FTS provides  a unique opportunity to expose up-and-coming, best-in-class researchers and students to the OCP Community for purposes of impacting future product development, training, networking and recruitment.

The next OCP Future Technologies Symposium will be co-located with the OCP Global Summit and will take place on October 16, 2024 in San Jose, California. The primary topics will include: AI / High-performance computing, data center sustainability and other future technologies from adjacent communities such as quantum or power co-generation.

The Call for Papers for the October 16th Future Technologies Symposium is now closed. Click here for more information.

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