2023 OCP Future Technologies Symposium

The OCP Future Technologies Symposium is a bi-annual event that spotlights promising future technologies in the IT Ecosystem. It brings to the OCP Community a forward-looking funnel of technologies which focus on solving future problems facing the industry, and accelerate productization through partnerships and open source R&D.

The next OCP Future Technologies Symposium will be held on October 18, 2023 in San Jose, California, on Day 2 of the OCP Global Summit.

Call for Papers

The deadline for the Call for Papers for the 2023 OCP Future Technologies Symposium on October 18 in San Jose, CA, is now CLOSED!

Technology Demonstration Opportunity - NEW!

The OCP FTS Technologies Demonstrations is an experiential session of the Symposium, where participants have an interactive, hands-on experience with future technologies. These are innovative live models, physical prototypes, simulations,  near-to-market solutions and novel IT equipment etc. Come see the interactive experiences of cutting-edge technologies of the Tech Demos. The deadline to apply for the Tech Demos is Monday, 31 July, 2023 - 5 PM Pacific time.

Click Here for Instructions and Link to Apply

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