Specifications and designs are contributed to the OCP Foundation through the OCP Projects. Please take a look at the downloads section for each project to see what specifications and designs have been contributed.

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Data Center Facility

The Datacenter Facility Project maximizes mechanical performance and thermal and electrical efficiency.

Hardware Management

The Hardware Management Project incorporates a set of existing tools and best practices for remote machine management.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

The HPC Project is focused on developing a fully open, heterogeneous computing, networking and fabric platform optimized for a multi-node processor.


The Open Computer Networking Project aims to facilitate the development of network hardware and software - together with trusted project validation and testing.

Open System Firmware (Incubation)

The Open System Firmware Project aims to create and deploy, at scale, an open source hardware platform initialization and OS load firmware optimized for web-scale cloud hardware.

Rack & Power

The focus of theRack & Power Project Group is on rack standards, integrating into the datacenter infrastructure.

Security (Incubation)

The Security Project creates designs and specifications to enable software security for all IT gear through collaboration with the wider Open Compute community.


The OCP Server Project provides standardized server system specifications for scale computing.


The Storage Project scope is on chassis and sleds, components and peripherals, networked enabled storage and compatibility solutions.


The OCP Telco Project enlists the telecom industry and suppliers who are seeking to use datacenter infrastructure to deliver IT services.