2023 OCP Regional Summit

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Title Speakers
Full Keynote Video (See below) Video   
Welcome to the 2023 OCP Regional Summit George Tchaparian (OCP) Video Slides
Empowering Open EMEA Bijan Nowroozi (OCP), Lesya Dymyd (OCP) Video Slides
Driving Change through Collaboration: Meta’s Path to Net Zero Emissions Dharmesh "DJ" Jani (Meta) Video Slides
Will Open Source Fail? Amanda Brock (OpenUK) Video Slides
Ethernet Fabric for High Performance Computing and AI/ML workloads Ram Velaga (Broadcom) Video Slides
Quantum Computing: What, Why, and What for Dr. Angie Qarry (QDeep Tech) Video Slides
Practical Quantum Computing: Telecom Usecase Dr. Alex Jinsung Choi (Deutsche Telekom) Video Slides
Sustainable Data Centers start with Efficient Computing Madhu Rangarajan (Ampere) Video Slides
AWS Taps OCP for Edge Computing George Tchaparian (OCP), Michael Lane (AWS) Video Slides
Sustainable Data Centers and our Opportunity to Drive Net-Zero at Scale JP Clausen (Google) Video Slides
Panel: Cross-Organizational Sustainability Collaboration Priya Chhiba (Google), Jon Summers (Research Institutes of Sweden), Gerard Thibault (Kao Data), Matt Pullen (Climate Neutral Data Center Pact) Video  
Closing Remarks George Tchaparian (OCP) Video  

Future Technologies Symposium

Title Speakers
OCP FTS Kick off & Opening Keynote "The AI Revolution is Upon Us: HPC Implications" Lesya Dymyd (OCP), Allan Smith (Rise Consulting), Allan Cantle (Nallasway) Video  
Quantum-accelerated Supercomputing Laura Schulz (Leibniz Supercomputing Centre) Video Slides
Putting the "work" in network: In-network stream data analytics Monica Chiosa (ETH Zurich) Video Slides
Energy Efficient AI Hardware: neuromorphic circuits and tools Loreto Mateu (Fraunhofer) Video Slides
Could Energy Aware Runtime (EAR) be the European bet for AI/HPC Data Center energy optimization? Julita Corbalan (Barcelona Supercomputing Center/Polytechnic University of Catalonia) Video Slides
"Hot IT" a false economy? The true impact of temperature and location on efficiency Richard Kenny (Interact) Video Slides
Panel: Heat Reuse: Boiler Possibilities Allan Smith (Rise Consulting), Clément Pellegrini (Qarnot Computing), Francois Tournesac (Impleon) Video  
Cloud infrastructure: It has to work, and it has to be sustainable ... Surely this is not impossible! Kenneth Tan (Sardina Systems) Video Slides
Kickoff FTS Technology Demonstrations Lesya Dymyd (OCP) Video  
FTS Technology Demonstrations Clément Pellegrini (Qarnot Computing), Jeroen Burks (Blockheating), Kenneth Tan (Sardina Systems), David Gyulnazaryan (Impleon), Çağatay Yilmaz (Research Institutes of Sweden), Julita Corbalan (Barcelona Supercomputing Center/Polytechnic University of Catalonia), Karl Rabe (WoodenDataCenter), Alan Gibbemeyer (Telescent) Video  

Executive Talks

Title Speakers
How OCP Technology can help to deploy the Edge and Core Cloud infrastructure Johnny Wang (MiTAC Computing Technology Corp.) Video Slides
New Generation Offering - Bracing the OCP Ecosystem David Liang (Inspur Electronic Information) Video Slides
GIGA COMPUTING Technology: Spun-off for New Generation Albert Tsai (GIGABYTE) Video Slides
Directly Lower Carbon Emissions and get to Net-Zero using Cloud Native Processing Sean Varley (Ampere) Video Slides
The next generation of efficient compute for Service Providers Peter Groth (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Sean Varley (Ampere) Video Slides
Democratizing Networking Hasan Siraj (Broadcom) Video Slides
Let's put the Open back into Open System Firmware Christian Walter (9elements GmbH) Video Slides
Murata Powering Open Compute Forward Kevin Gero (Murata) Video Slides
Sustainable and Secure - It's EPYC Lynn Comp (AMD) Video Slides
Executive Talk Ben Bronson (Aviz Networks), Amit Tomer (Aviz Networks) Video Slides

SONiC Workshop

Title Speakers
How to go superSONiC with Your Network Infrastructure! Waldemar Scheck (STORDIS) Video Slides
DT Implementing SONiC Architecture within Multi VRF Datacenters Jens Jetzork (Deutsche Telekom) Video Slides
Monitoring and Telemetry Kamal Bhatt (STORDIS) Video Slides
Leveraging Silicon Enabled Observability with Open Source Collector S. Kamran Naqvi (Broadcom) Video Slides
Not again, something new? Getting started with Open networking and SONiC Volker Scheel (STORDIS) Video Slides
Gitops for Networking - Orchestration at Scale Chris Lavery (Weaveworks) Video Slides
Increasing Network Reliability using Dual TOR with Credo HiWire SWITCH AEC and Sonic Ameet Suri (Credo) Video Slides
Closing Remarks Lukas Lukowski (STORDIS) Video Slides

EW: Chiplets

Title Speakers
Building an Open Chiplet Economy Cliff Grossner (OCP) Video Slides
Chiplets for addressing Challenges and Use cases for AI and ML applications Dharmesh "DJ" Jani (Meta) Video Slides
Seeding an Open Chiplet Ecosystem Jawad Nasrullah (Palo Alto Electron) Video Slides
A Chiplet Reference Platform Utilizing OCP Bunch-of-Wires Fabian Hopsch (Fraunhofer IIS/EAS) Video Slides
Known Good Die (KGD) for Chiplet Based Heterogenous Integration Yogan Senthilkumar (Tessolve Semiconductor) Video Slides
A Chiplet based SmartNIC Platform using Bunch-of-Wires Suresh Subramaniam (Apex Semiconductors) Video Slides
Revolutionizing Interconnect Performance and Reliability Monitoring in a Chiplet based System-In-Package Walter Abramsohn (proteanTecs) Video Slides
Securing System-in-Packages with Physical Unclonable Functions (PUF) Technology Geert-Jan Schrijen (Intrinsic ID) Video Slides

EW: Deployments

Title Speakers
Is it a waste of time to try to build an efficient cloud? Kenneth Tan (Sardina Systems), Jeroen Burks (Blockheating) Video Slides
OpenBMC port to RL300 a CSP/vendor perspective Jean-Marie Verdun (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Elyès ZEKRI (Scaleway) Video Slides
Open Networking Enables Deutsche Telekom to Sail the Cloud Native Seas S. Kamran Naqvi (Broadcom), Jens Jetzork (Deutsche Telekom) Video Slides
Building a regional infrastructure as a service (IaaS) Cloud using Open Compute Platforms Christoph Streit (ScaleUp Technologies) Video Slides
Open Process: digital resiliency in the age of Splinternet Jean-Paul Smets (Rapid.Space) Video Slides
Most Sustainable OCP Modular Data Center (MDC) in Denmark Stefan Frenzel (DME), David Gyulnazaryan (Impleon) Video Slides

EW: Edge

Title Speakers
Edge data center use case for 5G ORAN Alex Chou (MiTAC) Video Slides
Direct liquid cooling for Open Edge servers - Viability study Samuli Toivola (Nokia) Video Slides
Architecture options Cloud RAN vDU Mika Hatanpaa (Nokia) Video Slides
3rd generation OpenEdge Server design Jari Ruohonen (Nokia) Video Slides
How Datacenters can be more Efficient Anand Ram (Calnex) Video Slides
Simpler PTP: Optimized Precision Time Protocol (PTP) for Datacenters Oleg Obleukhov (Meta), Ahmad Byagowi (Meta) Video Slides
A SONiC-based Open Packet Broker for 5G Monitoring Amit Tomer (Aviz Networks) Video Slides
AT&T enables Large Scale SONiC Deployment S. Kamran Naqvi (Broadcom), Lumir Honus (AT&T) Video Slides
End-2-End Open LAN Architecture Hasan Siraj (Broadcom), Taras Chornyi (PLVision) Video Slides

EW: Facility

Title Speakers
Introduction to Modular Data Centers for OCP Deployment & OCP Workstream Bret Lehman (PCX Corp), Karl Rabe (WoodenDataCenter) Video Slides
Densifying Modular Data Centers With Hybrid Cooling Karl Rabe (WoodenDataCenter) Video Slides
Modular Data Center Scope 3 Emissions Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) vs Steel Karl Rabe (WoodenDataCenter), David Gyulnazaryan (Impleon) Video Slides
Google Implementation of the Open Rack Frame V3 Specification - Deep Rack Richard Banyard (Rittal) Video Slides
Meta Open Rack Frame V3 Specification Glenn Charest (Meta), Richard Banyard (Rittal) Video Slides
Efficiency Improvements and Other Developments in ORv3 Power Solutions Harry Soin (Hyperscale), Cihan Aydin (Delta Electronics) Video Slides

EW: Hardware Management

Title Speakers
Data Center Secure Control Module (DC-SCM) 2.0 Compliance Testing with OpenBMC Kasper Wszolek (Intel) Video Slides
PCI Express HW Fault Management (RAS) Solution Implementation considerations in Meta's AI/ML Training Clusters Gada Badeer (Meta), Anil Agrawal (Meta) Video Slides
Industry SMBus to I3C Transition Readiness Proven Zbigniew Lukwinski (Intel) Video Slides
OSF for Intel Xeon-SP at Your Fingertip Christian Walter (9elements GmbH) Video Slides
Empowering the Industry with Open System Firmware Raj Kapoor (AMD) Video Slides
OCP - OSFCI @ scale - save our co-lo bills (and the planet) ! Jean-Marie Verdun (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Arun Darlie Koshy (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) Video Slides

EW: IT Ecosystem: Networking

Title Speakers
Livin’ On The Edge of Open Networking Jeff Catlin (Celestica) Video Slides
Scaling Remote direct memory access (RDMA) networks for AI Training Rohit Puri (Meta) Video Slides
Test tooling for 100% of SAI use cases Andriy Kokhan (PLVision), Vlad Laslau (Keysight Technologies) Video Slides
Extending SAI support to Linux Based Ethernet Switch for Enterprise Networking Sandeep Nagaraja (AWS), Larry Ho (Edgecore Networks), Constantin Barcaru (DXC Technologies / Luxoft) Video Slides
SONiC Lite: How to fit SONiC into a "small" box Taras Chornyi (PLVision), Andriy Kokhan (PLVision) Video Slides
Toward SONiC-based Network Infrastructure: Migration Best Practices Larry Ho (Edgecore Networks), Ben Bronson (Aviz Networks) Video Slides
Is SONiC ready for enterprise environments? Miroslav Miklus (PANTHEON.tech) Video Slides
Accelerating infrastructure with Data Processing Units (DPU) Biren Mehta (ARM) Video Slides

EW: IT Ecosystem: Server & Storage

Title Speakers
Disentangling your data center with the OpenFabrics Management Framework Christian Pinto (IBM Research Europe - Ireland) Video Slides
The Next Evolution of Meta’s Compute Server Platform with Crater Lake, Yosemite V3.5, and Open Rack V3 Ta-Yu Wu (Meta) Video Slides
AI as one of your developers - ChatGPT3 vs Datacenter NVMe® SSD requirements Dawid Juc (Solidigm), Pawel Krzyzanowski (Solidigm) Video Slides
An overview of CXL Memory expansion module Error Handling (RAS) Solution Implementation for better reliability Hiral Patel (Meta), Anil Agrawal (Meta) Video Slides
Ampere® Altra® Family Mt. Bonnell - Compelling Performance for a Carbon Neutral Future Jayesh Shah (Ampere) Video Slides
Open Accelerator Infrastructure (OAI) Workstream Update on 112Gbps Signal Integrity Assessment Vasanta Madduri (Broadcom), Sam Kocsis (Amphenol) Video Slides
High-speed IO Trends for Hyperscale: Innovation Opportunities Majid Foodeei (Kandou Bus) Video Slides
Data Center Modular Hardware System (DC-MHS) Overview & Update Dirk Blevins (Intel), Paul Artman (AMD), Rob Nance (Jabil) Video Slides

EW: Security

Title Speakers
Systemization of Knowledge: Attestation in Confidential Computing Muhammad Usama Sardar (TU Dresden) Video Slides
Secure System Design on Arm using Platform Root of Trust (PRoT) Jose Marinho (Arm LTD), Zachary Bobroff (AMI) Video Slides
An Update on Caliptra Thordur Bjornsson (Google), Piotr Kwidzinski (AMD) Video Slides
Platform Attestation via Redfish Jeff Andersen (Google) Video Slides
OCP Standards for Third Party Security Reviews of ROM and Firmware Eric Eilertson (Microsoft), Thordur Bjornsson (Google) Video Slides
OCP Flashless Boot Specification Eric Eilertson (Microsoft) Video Slides

EW: Sustainability: Cooling Environments

Title Speakers
Immersion Community Update Rolf Brink (Promersion), Peter Cooper (Submer), David Gyulnazaryan (Impleon), Harry Soin (Advanced Energy), Andy Young (Asperitas), Raul Alvarez (Borealis Data Center) Video Slides
Immersion-Hurdles update David Gyulnazaryan (Impleon), Raul Alvarez (Borealis Data Center) Video Slides
Immersion-Power Distribution Harry Soin (Advanced Energy), Oriol Chavanel (Submer Immersion Cooling Solutions) Video Slides
Immersion Fluid Specification Rolf Brink (Promersion), Peter Cooper (Submer) Video Slides
Immersion-Signal Integrity Rolf Brink (Promersion), Andy Young (Asperitas) Video Slides
Immersion-Requirements Rolf Brink (Promersion) Video Slides
Panel: Coolant Temperatures for Durable Data Center Designs Chris Malone (Meta), Kelsey Wildstone (Microsoft), Steve Mills (Meta), Paul Artman (AMD) Video Slides
Advanced Cooling Facilities Piping System Guideline - Status Update John Gross (J. M. Gross Engineering LCC), Mark Dansie (OCP) Video Slides
ACS Door HX Sub-Project Update Juan Carlos Cacho Alonso (Rittal North America) Video Slides
Compute and thermal performance of repurposed OCP hardware from air to liquid Jon Summers (Research Institutes of Sweden), Çağatay Yilmaz (Research Institutes of Sweden) Video Slides
Latest revision of the Cold Plate Cooling Loop Requirements Shahar Belkin (ZutaCore Ltd.) Video Slides
Loop Heat Pipe for Modular Data Centes David Gyulnazaryan (Impleon), Karl Rabe (WoodenDataCenter) Video Slides

EW: Sustainability: Heat Reuse/Circular

Title Speakers
Panel: Heat Reuse from an operator point of view Cosimo Pecchioli (Alfa Laval), Jaime Comella (AQ Compute), My Truong (Equinix), Dharmesh Jani (Meta) Video Slides
OCP, energy, data centres and society: new applications and metrics Petter Terenius (Lancaster University) Video Slides
Quantifying Data Center Scope 3 Carbon Emissions Brice Martinot-Lagarde (Schneider Electric) Video Slides
Sharpening Our Pencils on Carbon Measurement Erik Riedel (Flax Computing) Video Slides
Circular Economy for the Data Centre Industry (CEDaCI) - dispelling myths about and accelerating a Circular Economy for the Data Centre Industry Deborah Andrews (London South Bank University / CEDaCI project) Video Slides
Redeploying Data Center Hardware to Mitigate Hardware Scarcity Sean Magann (Sims Lifecycle Services), Chris Fox (Sims Lifecycle) Video Slides
How OCP is Disaggregating Industry Structure and Advancing Sustainability Felicia Kemmner (University of Lausanne) Video Slides
Operating on Carbon Free Energy, 24/7 Brian Denvir (Google) Video Slides