The OCP Future Technologies Initiative is currently being led by Dirk Van Slyke and Cliff Grossner


The OCP Future Technologies Initiative (FTI) is a formal effort within the Foundation to build a future-focused Community within OCP to serve as a forward-looking funnel for ideas and technologies two-to-five years into the future.

FTI brings into the OCP Community  academia,   industry researchers, startups, venture capital and analyst firms to solve future challenges facing the industry, and accelerate productization.

Focused on building pipelines of talent to work on specific problems, the OCP Future Technologies Initiative will ultimately hand off promising efforts to OCP Projects, with the ultimate goal of commercialization.


The Future Technologies Initiative will focus on specific technical areas, in alignment with the OCP Foundation Steering Committee and Foundation leadership.

Each focus area will be led by an expert in the field, and will call on volunteers and expertise from a range of member companies, academia, and related standard bodies. Current FTI workstreams include:

  • Yang Seok Ki, CTO of Memory Solutions Lab and VP at Samsung Electronics America, has been selected as Technical Chair of the Data Centric Computing workstream. 
  • Weifeng Zhang, Corporate VP, Head of Labs at Lenovo Research, has been selected as Technical Chair of the AI HW-SW Design workstream.
  • Ron Swartzentruber, Director of Engineering at Lightelligence, will lead the Short Reach Optical Interconnect workstream.

We would like to thank Murugasamy (Sammy) Nachimuthu, lead cloud solutions architect and Senior Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation, who successfully led the Cloud Service Model wworkstream to graduation from FTI, now within the Hardware Management Project.

This marks the second successful FTI workstream transition, on the heels of the transition of the Software Defined Memory workstream to create a new OCP sub-project, now called Composable Memory Systems.

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved in the OCP Future Technologies Initiative: 

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