OCP ODSA Workshop - Prototyping Chiplet Based Open Data Accelerators


Talk Speaker Slides

Kick off / Workshop Opening Note

Bapi Vinnakota (OCP ODSA Sub-Project Lead)


TCO reduction using ODSA Accelerators

Young Paik (Samsung)


ODSA Open Data Accelerator Hardware for Fast Prototyping

Jayaprakash Balachandran / Vijayanand Vadivelu (Cisco / Tamind) Slides

Data Acceleration Challenges and Opportunities

Scott Schweitzer (Achronix) Slides

CPU Processing Closer to Storage: The Advent of Computational Storage

Scott Shadley(NGD Systems) Slides

Computational Storage: Big Confusion Around a Simple Idea

Prof. Tong Zhang (RPI , Fellow IEEE, Founder Scaleflux) Slides

FPGA Accelerated SmartSSDs 

David McIntyre (Samsung) Slides

Acceleration of Video Transcoding in the Data Center

Anand Kulkarni (Western Digital) Slides

Using Chiplets to enable a firmware app store

Prof. Manohar Rajit (Yale University) Slides

NVMe-Based Computational Storage

Stephen Bates (Eideticom) Slides

Accelerating Ceph for Object store

Ravi Swamy (Petraglide)  

End User Discussion 

Quinn Jacobson (SiPanda)  

Concluding Remarks / Wrap up

Bapi Vinnakota (OCP ODSA Sub-Project Lead)