A great way to leverage the OCP brand for selling and marketing your products is to have them formally recognized as OCP Accepted™ and/or OCP Inspired™. This lets potential adopters know your products have been formally reviewed by the Foundation, meet an approved OCP Specification and adhere to the OCP Tenets of Impact, Efficiency, Scale and Openness. What does it mean for a product to be OCP Accepted or OCP Inspired?

Below are the two main steps for submitting your products to become OCP Accepted™ and/or OCP Inspired™.

Step 1 · Confirm your product is based on an OCP approved Specification by checking the OCP Contribution Database. If a Specification is still in the OCP Contribution Process please reach out to the Foundation Staff or the OCP Project Leads for assistance.

OCP Accepted   OCP Inspired

Step 2: Complete the below required checklist for the product recognition:

Step 3: Sign the appropriate OCP Certification Mark Agreement to be allowed to use the above marks with your product.

Step 4: If your organization is an OCP Solution Provider and you would like to have your product listed on the OCP Marketplace, please sign the OCP Copyright License and reach out to Foundation Staff with product related info and images.

For questions about the OCP Solution Provider Program please contact solutionproviders@opencompute.org.

OCP Accepted

Products that comply 100% with an existing approved specification and the design files are open sourced and available.

OCP Inspired

Products that comply 100% with an existing approved specification and are available from an OCP Silver, Gold or Platinum Member.

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OCP Accepted™ or OCP Inspired™ Products demonstrate
Efficiency, Openness, Impact & Scale