Project Leads
Caleb Lusk, Hamid Keyhani

Incubation Committee Representative Steve Mills

The Rack & Power Project Group is the first group to focus on rack standards that are designed for data centers, integrating the rack into the data center infrastructure, part of the Open Compute Project’s “grid to gates” philosophy, a holistic design process that considers the interdependence of everything from the power grid to the gates in the chips on each motherboard.


Specs, standards, and products that support:

  • Rack System Architectures such as the following:
    • 19” EIA Compatible
    • 21” Open Rack
  • Rack-Level Power Systems

Conversion, Storage, and Control Systems of power between the data center infrastructure and the IT gear.

  • Shelves, supports, sub-chassis, and adapters needed to implement IT gear

Regular Project Calls

This project meets on the second Wednesday of every month from 12-1pm EST

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