Project Lead
Bapi Vinnakota

The Open Domain-Specific Architecture (ODSA) Sub-Project is under the direction of the OCP Server Project Group.


Active Projects & Call Schedule

Project Objective Point of Contact Meeting Schedule Call Link
PHY Analysis PHY requirements, PHY analysis & cross-PHY abstraction (PIPE) Robert Wang (PIPE spec)    
BoW Interface No technology license fee, east to port inter-chiplet interface spec Bapi Vinnakota Weekly on Wednesday 9am Pacific Call Link
Prototype Product that integrates existing die from muktiple companies into one package Jayaprakash Balachandran Weekly on Tuesdays 8AM. Pacific Call Link
Chiplet Design Exchange Open chiplet physical description format Jawad Nasrullah Weekly on Thursday 1:30pm Pacific Call Link
Link and Network Layer Interface and implementations - requirements and proposals Bapi Vinnakota Weekly on Thursdays 9am Pacific Call Link
BoW Test Chip Test requirements for an open chiplet interface Bapi Vinnakota Weekly on Wednesday 10am Pacific Call Link
Chiplet Monitoring Monitoring infrastructure for chiplets TBD TBD  
Business workflow Chiplet business models Marek Hempel, Ravi Agarwal  Weekly on Friday 9am Pacific Call Link
Overall Sub-Project meeting Bapi Vinnakota Weekly on Fridays 8am Pacific Call Link

Call Calendar

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OCP Server - Open Domain-Specific Architecture Calendar

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