OCP Tech Talk Series: Cooling Environments (CE) Session 2 of 2

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Presenter (Company) Title Slides
Punith Veerlinga Shivaprasad (Shell) - presented by John Bean Immersion - Final version materials compatibility Slides
Jessica Gullbrand IC Strategic Initiative Discussion - Liquid Cooling in Edge Deployments Slides
John Bean, Rolf Brink Sustatinability Workshop for Immersion (dielectric fluids and impact of immersion) Slides
Noman Mithani (Meta), Tajesh Kasukurthy (Meta) Large Dripless Interoperable Quick Connector Slides
Cam Turner (CoolIT), Ashwin Siddarth (Motivair) Cold Plate requirements Rev 2 Slides
Glenn Charest (Meta), Nick Goenner (Safeway) ORv3 Blind Mate Liquid Cooling Interfaces Update Slides
Nalco (Jim Dillon, Craig Myers, Paul Desh, Philip Yu) Failures in Water Cooled Components in Liquid Cooling Applications Slides
Mick Jones Hardware Management Overview Slides
John Fernandes
Jordan Johnson
Rolf Brink
John Bean
John Menoche
John Gross
Cosimo Pecchioli
Jaime Comella
Liquid Cooling Hurdles - Kickoff Workshop
- What can Cooling Environments do better?
- Which communities should we collaborate with?
- What areas should we focus on?
Call to Action
- How to get involved (mailing list)
- Next Project Call Information