Overview of OCP Solution Provider Programs

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The OCP Solution Provider (SP) / Reseller Program is designed for organizations who manufacture, integrate and resell OCP solutions. Solution Providers help those looking to adopt OCP equipment to design, purchase and deploy OCP components or rack level solutions. When working with an OCP Solution Provider, you can expect a high level of expertise, an efficient supply chain and a high level of support services. In addition to corporate membership benefits, SP’s are eligible to have their products and solutions recognized as OCP Accepted and/or OCP Inspired and listed on the OCP Marketplace. OCP Solution Provider Benefits

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The Colo Solution Provider (SP) Program is designed to recognize those organizations with data center facilities which have met the OCP Colo Guidelines. Data center operators and data center tenants whose infrastructure is located in a colocation facility can take advantage of the efficiency gains made by deploying Open Compute technologies. Open Compute IT equipment looks very similar to traditional IT gear, but there are some differences that need to be taken into account. Some of these include:

  • Racks arrive fully loaded: OCP IT gear is pre-installed into the rack by integrators, also known as solution providers.
  • Heavy: A full OCP rack can weigh more than traditional IT equipment, so understanding facility dynamic and static floor loading limits is important.
  • No centralized UPS needed: An OCP rack can come with battery back-up included, requiring the electrical feed from the facility to have no UPS upstream.
  • High density: A full OCP rack can be dense, above the average for most colocation facilities, making supplying power and removing heat challenging.
For questions about the OCP Solution Provider or Colo Solution Provider Programs please contact solutionproviders@opencompute.org.