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June 15

Panel: Mixing Liquids Into Your Data Center - Global Recipe for Success

At the 7x24 Exchange Event

San Antonio

This panel discussion by OCP Advanced Cooling Facility leaders will look at key issues and solution evolution associated with adding liquid cooled IT as standard practice in the life cycle of data centers. Discussion will include review of case study and deployed designs, including trade-off discussions – temperatures, dew point operation, heat rejection paths. Optimized use of liquid cooled IT maximizes efficiency, sustainability and enables reuse of heat/energy.


  • Don Mitchell (bio)Victaulic, OCP– Advanced Cooling Facilities Sub-project Co-Lead


  • John Gross (bio) - JM Gross Engineers, OCP– Advanced Cooling Facilities Sub-project Co-Lead
  • John Musilli, PMP, CDCE (bio) - Critical Project Services
  • Vali Sorell (bio) - Microsoft
June 15

Session: Open Collaboration and Vendor Agnosticism in Data Centers

At the 7x24 Exchange Event
San Antonio

When it comes to building a data center, organizations need to balance timelines and costs with their unique geographical and technological requirements. To this end, supply chains play a critical role in the success of every data center project. When supply chains are optimal and reliable, projects stay on schedule. But this is often easier said than done. During the COVID-19 pandemic in particular, many organizations saw firsthand just how fragile supply chains can quickly become—and what happens when they fall apart or run into unforeseen delays.

Rob Coyle (bio), Data Center Business Development Manager, Distech Controls

Bret Lehman (bio), PCX, OCP DCF Project Co-lead

June 23 - 24 UNIVERSO TICs DATA CENTERs. Sustainable & energy efficient the global trend. Join us this 23.06.21 with John Booth, John Laban & Roberto Sánchez. Virtual Panel: Sustainable and energy efficient data centers in LATAM. Do they have a chance? - John Laban speaking on behalf of OCP. 
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June 25 ODSA Architecture Series: Storage POC Workshop Virtual

The Open Domain-Specific Architecture is a subproject in the Open Compute Project that aims to develop an open marketplace for chiplets. The ODSA has developed a hardware platform to help system designers explore chiplet-based architectures for accelerators. The hardware platform currently integrates hardware and engineering support from Broadcom, Cisco, Facebook, Lattice, NXP, Samsung, Tamind, 3M, MACOM, Molex, Amphenol, Astera labs, Silitronics and will be hosted at Supermicro.
The next step in the development of the PoC is to explore an accelerator for a specific use case. The ODSA PoC effort aims to develop an accelerator for storage applications. Specifically, we propose to develop an accelerator for computational offload with object stores aimed at TCO reduction. When implemented as an integrated product, the accelerator will improve query performance and storage density.
The ODSA PoC workstream will hold a workshop on accelerator architectures for storage applications. This workshop is expected to be the first in a series of architecture workshops on domain-specific architectures.

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July 7 Data Center World London

Joey Arato (Facebook) speaking on behalf of OCP.
Session: Securing critical data centre systems

The Industrial Control Systems (ICS) including Cooling and Building Management Systems (BMS), Power Monitoring Systems (PMS), and Electrical Protection and Control Systems (EPC) that run our data centres are frequently designed around availability rather than security. These systems can lack the security fundamentals, such as modern communication, authentication and authorisation mechanisms that should be expected in critical equipment attached to a network. So how do we drive a marked increase in the security of these systems and environments? In this panel discussion, we showcase how combining efforts as an industry, we can drive significant improvements. We explore the initiatives spearheaded by the Open Compute Project and key industry partners to define:

  • What a baseline physical security standard looks like for a data centre
  • What types of communications standards and protocols enables secure communication for these systems
  • How to best monitor equipment for security issues

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July 14 DCD Keeping it Cool Virtual OCP ACF group participating in a panel. Click here for details. 
July 27 OCP China Day Kerry Hotel, Beijing

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Contact: dirkv@opencompute.org

August 16 Data Center World (AFCOM) Orlando, Florida

OCP Sessions:

"Case Study: Hybrid Cooling Data Centers Challenges and Lessons Learned"
Presenter: Don Mitchell
"Vendor Neutrality and Open Source: Optimizing the Data Center Design Process"
Presenter: Rob Coyle
"Session Title: Case Study: Creating Standard Security Frameworks for Improving Data Center Security Posture"
Presenter: Joey Arato

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