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September 21 Fieldfisher: How are hyper-scalers and open computing transforming the telecoms sector? Virtual

The recent partnerships between Vodafone and AWS and AT&T and Google have the potential to transform the service offering of telcos and enable transformational services, such as augmented reality and machine learning across many industries such as healthcare, retail and manufacturing.

On the network infrastructure side, Rakuten's July 2021 acquisition of Altiosar also promises to alter market dynamics, accelerate the development of cloud-native telecoms platforms and Open RAN technology. 

Our panel of industry experts will consider these developments and issues such as how hyper scalers and open computing are increasing innovation and the roll-out of new services to subscribers and how Open RAN is opening up the network ecosystem to new entrants.


  • Joanna Newman, Principal Cloud Transformation Manager, Vodafone
  • Steve Helvie, VP Channel Development,  Open Compute Project
  • Steve Douglas, Head of 5G, Spirent
  • Eugina Jordan, VP Marketing, Parallel Wireless
  • Professor William Webb, CEO, Weightless SIG
  • Chair: Paul Graham, Head of Telecoms, Fieldfisher

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September 22-23 Scale In Poland Virtual

Objects magazine, BCA Engineering Group and the leaders of the Data Center industry, invite you to the first conference fully devoted to the subject of DC facilities in Poland. Modern data centers are objects of great business importance. Their role in the global information flow is crucial and business continuity, efficiency and effectiveness determine the future not only of business but also of global society. Find out with us and with the leaders of the DC market what the future of this market will be like.

Notable Speakers:

  • Steve Helvie, OCP VP of Channel Development
  • Łukasz Łukowski, CSMO at Stordis

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Septemebr 22 AT&T Networking Summit: Update for Open, Dis-Aggregated Networking Summit. Virtual and In-person Click here for more information or to register.
October 13 Broadband World Forum Amsterdam  
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November 25 Digital Infra Event – Colocation - The Challenges of AI and High-Density Computing Virtual  
December 9 Digital Infra Event – Are we winning the race to Net Zero Virtual  
December 16 Digital Infra Event – What Next for Data Centre Sustainability Virtual



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October 18-19, 2022 2022 OCP Global Summit San Jose, CA  
October 17-18, 2023 2023 OCP Global Summit San Jose, CA  
October 15-16, 2024 2024 OCP Global Summit San Jose, CA  

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