OCP Tech Talk Series: Time Appliances Project (TAP)

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Presenter (Company) Title Slides
OCP TAP Leads: Elad Wind(Nvidia), Ahmad Byagowi (Meta), Gary Giust (SiTime), Mike Lambeta (Meta) Opening: TAP Vision & Updates Slides
Kevin Stanton (Intel) Time Sync Everywhere: Wi-Fi and Compute Platform Slides
Dotan Levi (NVIDIA) Time Sync in DCs: What's Next? Slides
Julian St. James (Meta) Time Drive M.2 Slides
Anand Tam (Calnex) TAP Instrumentation Slides
Lasse Johnsen (Timebeat) Time-as-a-Service Slides
Dhiman Chowdhury (Trimble) and Christian Volt(Trimble) GNSS Receiver Slides
Ullas Jumar (Rakon) Choices for 5G DC Sync Slides
OCP TAP Leads Closing: Suggestions & Opportunities