Project Leads
Thomas Nadeau, Bradford Stimpson

We are excited to launch Evenstar, a strategic initiative for a 5G open radio unit platform. Evenstar is a contribution from Meta with a goal of enabling an ecosystem to build a modularized, cost effective open radio platform. 

From Meta’s recent contribution of Evenstar, the OCP community will evolve the requirements with the broader ecosystem in mind.

The leadership team has been formed and we are embarking on building a community to deliver on a family of radio units with a multi-vendor supply chain. 

We invite you to join, participate and contribute to this amazing effort!


This effort is focused on bringing the extended community of operators, manufacturers, component and subsystem producers, consultants, open organizations, test and measurement vendors, certification labs, and integrators, to name a few, together to build the specifications for a truly open radio platform for 5G and beyond. By defining a common open radio unit platform with extensive modularity, a common base can be shared. This common base will allow for new opportunities such as being easy to build and deploy and customize with software/firmware/hardware etc, or even proprietary solutions onto the platform. The intent is also to enable the any to any vision of an entire ecosystem that can rapidly iterate and come up with their own recipes for technological/features, cost, specialization or other traits while maintaining basic commonality and compatibility. This will be a pipelined effort with development within this project effort and cooperation/integration of other parts of the ecosystem to achieve test, manufacturing, certification and compliance.

There will be a division of effort into possibly multiple workstreams focusing on areas that might include business requirements, specific technical design such as RF, RFIC, transceiver, firmware/software, sustainability, test and measurement, compliance and so on.

Any code, design and specifications will be published in the open through the OCP's contribution database.

OCP Strategic Initiatives - Evenstar Calendar

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