Project Lead
Jack Redpath

The Enterprise Connectivity Solutions (ECS) Sub-Project is under the direction of the OCP Networking Project


The Enterprise Connectivity Solutions (ECS) Sub-Project focuses specifically on driving end-to-end solutions for connectivity in the enterprise market. This subproject brings solutions that span both large campus/corporate area networks, and scales down to smaller deployments such as branch office connectivity. This brings diverse connectivity types to consider: wired or wireless, from remote offices, warehouse/distribution facilities, retail locations, remote/home users, and this sub-project enables contribution in these areas. The goal of ECS is to enable collaboration across the entire ecosystem to support development, deployment, and promote wide adoption of OCP products and designs for the enterprise. The lifecycle of enterprise network designs requires reliability, flexibility, and scalability, while maintaining interoperability across a variety of hardware and software choices. Our mission is to develop best practice solutions in connectivity that drive open innovation in software and hardware disaggregation, ultimately bringing the adoption of end-to-end OCP connectivity solutions to the enterprise.

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